A daily prayer in verse

Blue flowers the Lord gave to  my garden
Dear Lord, please we ask of You
Every breath is thanks to You
You give without having to ask
Trees so green, sweet sun to bask
Song of birds, sweet water to drink
A sleep so sweet, that comes in a blink
Please forgive faults and wrongs we do
Grant right thinking, the right things to do

Fools say, tis selfish, this faith to cling
Ha,  sans belief  there is no peace
Peace and  happiness two sides of a thing
Love, truth and Simplicity
Sans that life full of lies and sleaze
Check this out with anyone you please.  
Happiness not just greatest of health
Tis also the greatest of wealth
Material wealth with undue increase
Misery accompanied by sigh of breath
Check this out from birth to death 

Forever remains the everlasting soul
What has gone must again be born
What is born must one day go
Dear Lord today I ask of You
A pillow to rest, a roof for the head 
Even as for animals You do
Please grant a piece of bread
Accompanied with tasty bits too 
Red flowers the Lord gave to my garden

This I pray deep from the heart
When it comes, time to depart
Whatever left behind was mostly vain 
Baggage we take, our final gain
Journey from life to life in the main
May it be easy from end to start
 free from  strife, free from pain
Dear Lord, please I ask of You
Every breath is thanks to You

Perhaps when we feel that the Lord is not doing enough for us at times, it may be a message and teaching from Him, our heavenly father, that perhaps we are doing the same with our own human children, just as the ravages of climate extremes is a message that we have failed to nurture the planet with life giving trees and care but rather just cut them down for our needs and overloading it with more than necessary coverings of choking concrete and cement, while introducing dangerous forms of nuclear energy and man-made chemical poisons to satisfy our greed.

 As for example, perhaps the powerful of the world are not doing enough for the children of an entire nation, Syria, at this very time. Perhaps political considerations are more important to some because it is not that simple solutions within reasonable efforts of  powerful leaders are not available to the world instead of diversionary time wasting arguments and talk. While they debate how millions of refugees should be cared for and who should take how many, all they really need to do is take one man, grant him asylum in a distant country with access to his foreign held funds,  so that the millions may return to their homes.  Why no action? Is it because then less arms would be sold? A solution was mentioned by this blogger in a different blog, here: 


Vinod Khurana said…
Dear Ashok, What a wonderful poem. Each word is full of meaning and wisdom, coming from a noble and grateful heart. Thank you very much for sharing.
ashok said…
Dear Vinod thanks. The compliments from a poet are meaningful. if you could suggest some correction, I would be delighted.

There was some mix up of prayer and conversations with the self but now I have used different colors to separate within the poem.
keiko amano said…

I'm unsure of Indian traditions, but I thought using a red pen to write is to warn or offend. I know you don't intend to do that, but what do you think of that practice or sentiment? Maybe I'm too conservative on this point. I'm usually opposite.
ashok said…
Keiko this poem is neither in the Indian tradition nor meant exclusively for those in India.It is meant for the world and draws upon the spiritual traditions of the world. None of the posts in this blog are exclusively or especially for Indians. They are more for the world.

However since you raise the topic of India, In India red is a color used for spiritual devotion or in other contexts or combinations to depict evil too ( e.g. red and black)

I have another blog devoted more exclusively to Indian traditions (nanitalgoddess.blogspot.com)

In the west it depends on context too, red is for love as in red rose or to draw attention, as for example if you leave a computer form incomplete a red warning line comes up- and in that sense used as a warning too - a warning that is appreciated by those who wish to make corrections for inadvertent errors, and yes certainly offensive to those who make those errors intentionally.

What did you think of the poetry? The red and blue combinations were used here because of accompanying red and blue flowers and also because they are spiritually significant colors in all traditions including Indian.

As regards my intention - it is to share a prayer to the Lord - to promote joy - and in a sense yes also to offend some out of their suffering.
ashok said…
There, the red lines are in a lovely safe green now :)

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