Friday, September 30, 2016

Did you forget to change your pillow covers lately

As I changed the pillow covers on my bed today, the thought struck that I may as well share a useful tip with readers, something we all know but forget so often. I also I took a picture of my bed as shown above for this brief post.

All of us know the importance of cleanliness and this begins with our selves and then proceeds to our surroundings. Cleanliness is the beginning of a good quality of life, it is also the beginning of yoga next to basic morality of truth and non-violence ( see here)

A Dust Mite
One item of cleanliness is to change our bathing towels and bed linen regularly. However, due to the rush of life, many of us forget to do that every now and then. That cannot be the best thing for one’s sleep, dreams and health. While one may wait a few days more to change bed sheets, do not forget to change pillow covers more often. They are a small light item of bed linen therefore one can easily afford extra sets that can be washed more frequently. That is what is next to your face, eyes, nose, and lips all through the night. While you might be immune to dust mites, they are horrible looking creatures if you see them under a microscope, best to live without them climbing into your nose and eyes while you sleep. For the same reason while one may compromise by using colored bed sheets instead of white, it is best to stick to white pillow covers.It is also a good idea to sun the pillows without covers in full sun (both sides) whenever the opportunity permits.

In my life I have had to interact with poorer sections of society also and when I told the wife of a laborer a similar thing once, she said, "Sir, we are very poor, how can we afford another set of pillow covers." But she had some old torn sheets in her lodgings so I cut up one, in twice the size of a pillow covers, folded them and said there you have one now, just sew the edges together, I am sure you can afford a sewing needle and thread."

For the picture today, I have used a new set of pillow covers because tonight is celebrated as the first auspicious night in nine auspicious nights of the goddess in a year in South Asia called Navratri. May the Mother Goddess, Mother Universe and Mother Earth bless all readers of this blog and may your dreams be sweet so that you wake up all fresh to the song of birds and enjoy the magic of new beginnings.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Secluded Corners of the Garden

Some earlier posts have mentioned that while times of peace and happiness in life are times to enjoy and appreciate life, hard times are for learning; that is when a soul may evolve most if the message is handled properly. It is lesson time at school and the students who pay attention to the teacher, in this case, Father Universe go on to excel in life. However, that is not the only way to evolve. Knowledge and wisdom may also be attained in  quiet communion with nature. That is how many saints have begun going on to deeper practices involving seclusion, renunciation and meditation. It can also be found through compassionate service to poor, children and other vulnerable life.

Dear friends do spend some time alone in natural surroundings and experience the results for your self.  It is the most joyous way available for humans to evolve. If you are an urban person and have some space for a garden then one can develop natural green spots there too for a daily exposure aside from trips to the forest; this would enhance peace. Today morning I snapped a picture of just one such spot in my small urban back yard as shown in the picture. The picture below is an earlier one that shows tops of food producing trees from a section of my front yard. Unfortunately though this year, it all had to be pruned down heavily as becomes a necessity from time to time in small urban home gardens, a task that I had delayed for several years due to my love for trees and green,  but it is coming back.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sin in Our Past

By Thomas Gainsborough, c. 1748–1750
It is natural that as one goes through life one shall do some good deeds as well as some wrong, even sinful ones. Often when we reflect on our past, we regret the wrongs we have done. However, the great spiritual works of all times assure all that even if the worst of sinners turn their course for good, they shall be speedily rescued from the mess and misery they may have created in their pasts. They must draw solace from the fact that they have realized their mistake because one can go through much of life even without realizing it.

But some ask, all that is fine but I suffered loss because of my wrong deeds and errors; what about that? Dear reader, that is gone and lost in the mists of past, why worry about it. In any case, you would not have taken the gains to a new life and beyond. What shall go with you are your wisdom, knowledge and evolution and most of it comes when we suffer loss and go through hard times, at least for ordinary humans. It is only the saints who can acquire similar knowledge through intense spiritual practices such as seclusion, renunciation and meditation . A bright future awaits you and the greatest of mystics assure us – all shall be well. Cherish and celebrate for the purpose of life after all is to evolve, nothing more, nothing less.

A discussion on the purpose of life is here:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Heart-closed and Heart-open persons

May the Lord bless this sweet child
There is an earlier post and a story about two kinds of persons in the world, the palms down and palms up people. Humans can be classified into two types based on numerous other criteria. One more is the heart-open and heart-closed persons. It is easy to pick up the hearts open persons as those who love little children - babies and infants. The moment they see them, their love begins to flow outwards towards them.  The reference here is not to one’s own children and not to all children because even among infants are unfortunate depressed ones that do not always inspire love.

On the other hand, the heart-closed persons have their emotions turned inwards and generally ignore little children when they see them. Perchance they were to pick up a baby, the baby will start crying immediately for babies can sense love and put-on much better than grown ups who can who be conned easily with synthetic words and gestures.

The heart-open persons lead happier, more meaningful lives for they are the compassionate among humans. The heart closed persons are generally angry, miserable and unhappy persons. They may pursue wealth as a means to attain that happiness but their misery usually increases the more wealth they attain.

But all is not lost for the heart closed persons, with effort one can change and the way to that is to think less of ones own needs and desires and instead think of doing good to others and how they can add happiness in lives of others. There is just no other way to attain a happy state for while wealth comes from the material mammon, happiness is an inner non-material gift of the Universe and the Universe does return what we put into it, often in great measure. Bit by bit, as one reduces one’s selfishness, a persons inner being will transform into a heart-open person. Love for all life, especially children, the sweetest in creation shall emerge naturally. Joy shall fill their hearts, while peace and bliss shall begin to occupy their minds instead of the earlier misery and anger.
May the Universe, the Lord, speed all on this wonderful journey.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


 “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
Meister Eckhart

There is a reason to be thankful
Every moment we breathe
Magic in a new day
A night to rest and sleep
Times of hardship with much to learn
To make days that follow sweet