Did you forget to change your pillow covers lately

As I changed the pillow covers on my bed today, the thought struck that I may as well share a useful tip with readers, something we all know but forget so often. I also I took a picture of my bed as shown above for this brief post.

All of us know the importance of cleanliness and this begins with our selves and then proceeds to our surroundings. Cleanliness is the beginning of a good quality of life, it is also the beginning of yoga next to basic morality of truth and non-violence ( see here)

A Dust Mite
One item of cleanliness is to change our bathing towels and bed linen regularly. However, due to the rush of life, many of us forget to do that every now and then. That cannot be the best thing for one’s sleep, dreams and health. While one may wait a few days more to change bed sheets, do not forget to change pillow covers more often. They are a small light item of bed linen therefore one can easily afford extra sets that can be washed more frequently. That is what is next to your face, eyes, nose, and lips all through the night. While you might be immune to dust mites, they are horrible looking creatures if you see them under a microscope, best to live without them climbing into your nose and eyes while you sleep. For the same reason while one may compromise by using colored bed sheets instead of white, it is best to stick to white pillow covers.It is also a good idea to sun the pillows without covers in full sun (both sides) whenever the opportunity permits.

In my life I have had to interact with poorer sections of society also and when I told the wife of a laborer a similar thing once, she said, "Sir, we are very poor, how can we afford another set of pillow covers." But she had some old torn sheets in her lodgings so I cut up one, in twice the size of a pillow covers, folded them and said there you have one now, just sew the edges together, I am sure you can afford a sewing needle and thread."

For the picture today, I have used a new set of pillow covers because tonight is celebrated as the first auspicious night in nine auspicious nights of the goddess in a year in South Asia called Navratri. May the Mother Goddess, Mother Universe and Mother Earth bless all readers of this blog and may your dreams be sweet so that you wake up all fresh to the song of birds and enjoy the magic of new beginnings.



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