“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
Meister Eckhart

There is a reason to be thankful
Every moment we breathe
Magic in a new day
A night to rest and sleep
Times of hardship with much to learn
To make days that follow sweet


Anonymous said…
That´s a wonderful quote and so true. I am thankful for every moment I live, everything the universe gave me and for every experience I made. Life is wonderful and we should be thankful for everything we learn on this beautiful planet. Everyday I learn so much about humans, living in general, the world, the universe....My horoscope on for this month tells me, that these are good times to develope myself. I am really looking forward to that and am thankful for any advancement of myself. :)

Kind regards, Carol
Ashok said…
Thanks a lot Carol. your words are appreciated. Do keep visiting and sharing your thoughts.
Ashok said…
Dear Carol

While astrology and other signs in Nature give an indication of one's karma/fate for those who know how to interpret them with the help of their intuition and not just the mind, bigger then it all is the Will of the Universe that can override even the bad times and change them to good when It deems fit as He surely shall for all loving and compassionate souls such as you

Best wishes
Vinod Khurana said…

So much to be thankful for
no words are enough
where to begin?
If you'll read my heart
it'll say everything!

With warm regards
Ashok said…
Thank you for your nice words Vinod. Best wishes.

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