Heart-closed and Heart-open persons

May the Lord bless this sweet child
There is an earlier post and a story about two kinds of persons in the world, the palms down and palms up people. Humans can be classified into two types based on numerous other criteria. One more is the heart-open and heart-closed persons. It is easy to pick up the hearts open persons as those who love little children - babies and infants. The moment they see them, their love begins to flow outwards towards them.  The reference here is not to one’s own children and not to all children because even among infants are unfortunate depressed ones that do not always inspire love.

On the other hand, the heart-closed persons have their emotions turned inwards and generally ignore little children when they see them. Perchance they were to pick up a baby, the baby will start crying immediately for babies can sense love and put-on much better than grown ups who can who be conned easily with synthetic words and gestures.

The heart-open persons lead happier, more meaningful lives for they are the compassionate among humans. The heart closed persons are generally angry, miserable and unhappy persons. They may pursue wealth as a means to attain that happiness but their misery usually increases the more wealth they attain.

But all is not lost for the heart closed persons, with effort one can change and the way to that is to think less of ones own needs and desires and instead think of doing good to others and how they can add happiness in lives of others. There is just no other way to attain a happy state for while wealth comes from the material mammon, happiness is an inner non-material gift of the Universe and the Universe does return what we put into it, often in great measure. Bit by bit, as one reduces one’s selfishness, a persons inner being will transform into a heart-open person. Love for all life, especially children, the sweetest in creation shall emerge naturally. Joy shall fill their hearts, while peace and bliss shall begin to occupy their minds instead of the earlier misery and anger.
May the Universe, the Lord, speed all on this wonderful journey.


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