Sin in Our Past

By Thomas Gainsborough, c. 1748–1750
It is natural that as one goes through life one shall do some good deeds as well as some wrong, even sinful ones. Often when we reflect on our past, we regret the wrongs we have done. However, the great spiritual works of all times assure all that even if the worst of sinners turn their course for good, they shall be speedily rescued from the mess and misery they may have created in their pasts. They must draw solace from the fact that they have realized their mistake because one can go through much of life even without realizing it.

But some ask, all that is fine but I suffered loss because of my wrong deeds and errors; what about that? Dear reader, that is gone and lost in the mists of past, why worry about it. In any case, you would not have taken the gains to a new life and beyond. What shall go with you are your wisdom, knowledge and evolution and most of it comes when we suffer loss and go through hard times, at least for ordinary humans. It is only the saints who can acquire similar knowledge through intense spiritual practices such as seclusion, renunciation and meditation . A bright future awaits you and the greatest of mystics assure us – all shall be well. Cherish and celebrate for the purpose of life after all is to evolve, nothing more, nothing less.

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