Life is Beautiful if You so Choose

"A human has to choose either happiness or success as the first priority of life, it is either one or the other, the choice is yours"   author
My last post about the apocalypse would have been ignored by some whereas it would have got some concerned. However my own attitude to the issue is that there is nothing to worry. Life is limited for all and far more important than the number of its days are how they are spent and with a hope of continued better days ahead even in new lives if one accepts the fact of an after life in new bodies and situations. To a large extent life can be beautiful if we so choose.

When one pursues success, happiness recedes; when one pursues happiness, any necessary success follows

The first step to making one's life beautiful is to give up the pursuit of wealth and success as a major priority of life that many have done in this apocalyptic age. I myself prefer to try for happiness instead. When one aims for happiness which includes adding happiness in the lives of others in any reasonable way, whatever wealth or success is necessary in keeping with one's personality and needs tags along i.e. is granted by the universe without stress or turmoil. However, when one aims for success and wealth as the first priority then happiness is often the first casualty. Moreover one cannot eat and enjoy success and dollars far in excess of those required for grocery shopping, a pretty abode and decent clothing as one can enjoy peace and happiness.

Making a plain abode pretty does not cost more than a bit of paint, cleaning as well as growing flowers, pretty trees and flowering creepers that many, including this blogger, do for free around their homes; all followed by a song, and sharing a glass of wine accompanied with tasty bits with a friend or a beloved with a loving and cheerful heart. It merely requires a loving heart that too comes for free just as sunshine does. Funny, that the most precious things in life are free and clean air that many modern humans miss comes easily the moment one sheds off greed and moves out of a city  into the countryside.

There is an older post on nine worthy aspirations for life here and another one on sun inspired yoga here that anyone aiming for a beautiful life may wish to check out. With love, blessing and best wishes for every reader of this blog who aspires for beauty and happiness in life besides love and heartfelt wish for those who are trying for wealth and success instead that the Universe may protect them from stress, harm and agony that comes the moment one sheds compassion, ethics and morality in whatever may be the pursuits, worthy or unworthy, because:
"In all things, means are far important than the results. Worthy means to whatever end lead to happiness and light but unworthy ones lead to an intensely dark bottomless pit, how so ever laudable the goal."
Quote is due to this blogger 

A must read lighthearted poem in this blog about someone who became a successful billionaire 



Vinod Khurana said…
Wonderful writeup with useful practical advice.When means are correct, one is at peace with himself, and when one does good to others, he is at peace with the world.
Perfect recipe for a happy & beautiful life. Giving up wealth and living for others is an extremely tough decision but the joy that follows is abundant and immeasurable.
Love the green shrubbery around your cottage.
Ashok said…
Thanks Vinod for adding valuable words to emphazize the nessasge.
Ashok said…
Thanks Ramu, your confirmations adds value because other visitors read both the post and the comments when they visit, and several do so now.

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