Therapeutic Enhanced Atmosphere Bars - Atmospheric TEA Bar/Lounge

Oxygen in the atmosphere comes mainly from photosynthesis in excess of decay of the products of photosynthesis. The precise proportions of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere depend on several environmental and cosmic factors. It has varied with time on earth and must be different on different planets  in the universe bearing liquid surface water and an atmosphere. What precise combination is best for oxygen and carbon breathing life in general and human life in particular is a matter for debate and study. We presently manage with around 21 percent oxygen, the rest being mainly nitrogen. Carbon dioxide in the present day atmosphere even after much use of fossil fuels is around .04% only.

With modern technology it is a fairly simple matter to produce controlled atmospheric mixes different from the normal atmosphere in small enclosed spaces such as bars, meditation rooms and restaurants. The setting up of such spaces for use over limited periods may be of great benefit in case it produces health benefits without the use of drugs. Although there is much research and information already available for certain altered compositions of carbon dioxide and oxygen we breathe, there is a need for more new research to ascertain the precise effects with new compositions that appear promising.

The set up for altered atmosphere is not difficult to design using feedback loops. It seems Oxygen bars exist where guests pay about one U.S. dollar per minute to inhale a percentage of oxygen greater than the normal atmospheric content of 21 % oxygen. Levels of up to 100 percent oxygen are used in some short term treatments but in some cases can also be very harmful. Perhaps for a routine or longer term therapy it may not be safe to exceed twice the amount of oxygen in normal atmosphere i.e. 42 percent but this needs further study. As regards carbon dioxide, original medical mixes contained as much 30 percent carbon dioxide (Please read here) Modern mixes used in certain medical procedures appear to be a mix of 5 percent Carbon Dioxide and 95 percent oxygen. However for frequent use exceeding 2 percent carbon dioxide may not be safe but this matter too needs further study. As regards Nitrogen, it is an inert gas but it may play the same role in keeping the air passages functioning as inert cellulose and roughage does in the digestive passages. The fourth major component of atmosphere water vapor appears to be most beneficial at its sea level values of around one percent in keeping the air passages moist. Based on these initial recommendations a starting mix to explore for an enhanced atmosphere bar could be:

Oxygen: 28 percent
Carbon dioxide: 1 Percent
Water Vapor: 1 percent
Nitrogen: 70 percent

Or a richer oxygen mix may go for 33% oxygen, 66% nitrogen, 0.5 percent water vapor, 0.5 percent carbon dioxide. However as mentioned further studies are required to discover the most beneficial mixes. It may be mentioned that since it is impossible to research on an infinite number of possible combinations, the practical approach is to fix attention on a few mixes determined heuristically and guessed at. Two such have been mentioned in this article that appear promising.

The term Atmospheric TEA Bar/Lounge is abbreviation for  Therapeutic Enhanced Atmposphere Bar, Lounge, Restaurant or Chamber as the case may be. Ideal drinks to serve in such bars would be no more than mild wines or beers, herbal and floral teas and Lovegan Foods (see) that exclude meat but include milk and egg products. In case an Entrepreneur out there is interested in implementing this idea please feel free to do so but do give credit to this blog and blogger.

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