Thirty Unusual Years of Human Civilization and the Apocalypse
In many ways, the last thirty years  have been some of the most unusual ones in human history. Three major changes have taken place in this period, one positive and two negative.

On the positive side, human civilization has seen an unprecedented rise of communications from mobile devices to the internet. Neither good nor evil can be hidden any longer as it could be in the past and communication between humans and most countries now proceeds at the rate of thought. This does not mean that evil is being eradicated yet.  It is merely being exposed. Rather it seems, evil is also making use of these tools while it becomes more and more shameless.

The other two changes in human civilization are on the negative side. The first of these is an unprecedented rise in human populations to what some fear is fast heading towards unsustainable levels. The other is  rise of greed and practices emerging from it leading to an unprecedented rise in economic inequalities (see) so that the wealth of the world is being controlled by fewer and fewer individuals. Increasing number of humans are ending up on homeless streets, refugee camps or urban slums. Many more are being forced into scaled up beehives and anthill like homes advertised as attractive high rise apartments by the builder. The roads that a large proportion of humans have to traverse just get on with their daily lives are getting more crowded than ant tracks and while the ant tracks are cut in green surroundings, these are through more buildings. One cannot blame unfortunate humans for being so stressed with the experience that they begin shouting or pounding at each other at the least provocation on such rage filled roads, when just fifty years ago they would smile and raise their hands in a kindly gesture at a similar incident.

Not just the food and water of many humans is now polluted but even the very air they breathe hurts the eyes and throat while it digs a grave in their hearts. Many wars and guns may be traced to greed of arms industry as can environmental degradation to greed of corporations and those who manage them. Developing countries where legal systems are not strong are seeing a huge rise in corruption while in developed countries the corporate lobby manages to cast the law in their favor, for example an uncontrolled rise in banker bonuses and corporate compensations or the ever greening of essential medicines through convenient patent laws bringing in obscene profits for some of the drug industry., while the unfortunate person who consumes these is at times pushed into the poorhouse. A CEO of a Swiss drug company, Novarotis, was planning on a 78 million dollar when leaving the firm as his severance package, a share of the booty fair in the eyes of the company.
To top these unusual factors in the history of humans on the planet there is one more - nuclear devices- the capacity to blow up the world many times over in human hands that are moved more by greed, anger and pride rather than love, truth and simplicity.
While these sad developments are taking place around the world, it is not that simple solutions are not available. Many have been suggested in this blog for some of the biggest problems facing mankind. The solutions are almost as simple as telling a naked couple about to fornicate that they can avoid trouble simply by putting their clothes on again. But does anyone want to hear? Beyond a point lust is near impossible to control for many. One may as well shout at a wall. One can pelt a fornicating dog in heat with stones but he will just not let go. However while the Lord has put automatic safety valves to lust there seem to be none to greed and greedy minds are just as blind to reason as lustful ones are.

Yesterday while discussing the sad tale of two cities of South Asia – Lahore and Delhi in a companion blog (see), this author looked of the causes and expressed hopes that they could be reversed by dealing with these causes.  While a friend commented that with flow of information taking place in the world negative trends would soon be arrested another friend and fellow blogger responded in the comments that there is no way that greed would lessen in the near future and that change would come only after an apocalypse when only a few humans, the chosen ones, would remain to carry forth the flag, something that spiritual masters have also said from time to time.

Beyond a certain point when evil increases beyond sustainable levels, an apocalypse seems to be the only mechanism left in the hands of the Universal Intelligence to rectify the situation, for while humans try, it is eventually the Universe that takes appropriate action for major changes. An earlier post in this blog (see) had indicated that the unprecedented rise of human population is also a sign that such a time is near and then went on to predict the likely period as somewhere between 2030 and 2050.However the war in Syria and the responses that it fetching seem to indicate that such a time may come much sooner even.

The clock has begun to tick. When will it be?

A Rational Interpretation of Scriptures and the last days

Oil on Canvas- Dark Clouds of Armageddon by Ashok  M.

As a person from a scientific background with interests in mysticism, whenever this blogger read the works of ancient mystics, the tendency was to first respect the wisdom of ancient mystics, now claimed by various religions of the world and look for a rational meaning in their words, often expressed metaphorically, while rejecting the interpretations and explanations of those in the interim.. That has been the philosophy of this blog from the start.

It has been my experience that many give such words a fantastic interpretation to begin with and then deride and mock them. For example, when one reads a statement – It was a time when giants walked the earth – some assume the giants were fifty feet tall and then relegate the story to a fairy tale collection. However, if it is taken as seven or eight feet tall humans then such races have existed as well as dwarfs as the human species has evolved on the planet.

Consider God, a friend thought he was a shiny guy in white robes with a long white beard and then said that God does not exist. On the other hand reading meaning into the words that god is everywhere; this blogger has understood God to imply the entire formless and infinite universe and everything else besides. This everything else includes things we know little about yet such as dark matter and non physical things that can give rise to a consciousness and free will to life, or in other words a soul that is beyond the mere physical body.

While reading the statement – In the beginning darkness was separated from light  - a fellow blogger mocked at it but I have found in that a profound meaning of photons separating from anti photons at the beginning of creation. While reading the statement that God created life, this blog did not assume that it was in a pottery studio but rather an unfolding of life in the universe as described in a companion blog - – all created by the Universe or God and the fundamental laws that hold it together such as gravity. The creation of Eve from Adam makes perfect genetic sense it is the male who contains both the X and Y chromosomes unlike females that have only the Y this separation of males from females takes place not just at the human level but rather at the micro-biological level too because sexual reproduction appears in order to maintain genetic integrity in a species as explained in the referred blog..

My friend further mocked at a mention of hell and heaven because he was thinking of hell as full of horned imps grilling people on a bonfire. I on the other hand see hell and heaven all around me if I turn my gaze towards Gaza, Syria or in contrast Ikaria, a Greek island; and yes, there is more because as per the other blog mentioned earlier, the universe is teeming with life bearing planets, some hell like and others like heaven, True that laws of physics make it impossible for physical bodies to travel to such other planets but there is nothing stopping thought, soul and consciousness from doing so.

This brings us to resurrection and the last days and the original theme of this article. For me a resurrection is a time when most all human souls from the past shall reincarnate over a short period of a life time, souls that have been in limbo, perhaps for thousands of years if we look at our own clocks but even moments if one looked at those of Einstein. It would be a terrible time of crowding, this time of resurrection, the earth would team with billions of humans. That time has come. It is upon us now with a seven billion strong human population on earth having erupted suddenly for the first time on the planet; their lord is rearing his head in Armageddon and surrounding countries of Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia; when it seems necessary to some to pick up and incarcerate some others without trial, when civilized nations recommend torture through rectal rupture and feeding,  when some humans are publicly displayed while their heads are severed of their torsos, when humans proudly invent machines that can destroy entire nations at the press of a button while merry making takes place in Swiss and other banks with their frolicking bonus grabbing executives and in a bunga bunga party near Rome; when maimed and tortured children bombed out of their homes by the thousands are not permitted to flee by land or by sea, when thousands of terrified children even infants fleeing horror and violence driven by greed for more illegal drug profits elsewhere are picked and locked up instead of being hugged as the sweetest of all creation on Earth, when it becomes inappropriate or even illegal to arrange medical care for the poor and suffering or provide food to the hungry and homeless,

But then somethings are better said in metaphors than rational speech for the one who has eyes cannot see and the one who has ears cannot hear but one with none shall both see and hear, one who has withdrawn his senses as a tortoise draws in his limbs, when the armies from different parts of the world  begin to gather in Armageddon, then the time may have come when a phase of human civilization has  brought itself to the edge of an abyss. And, that shall bring us to the last days and the final judgment and one may return to the first section of this blog post for that. For sure a few humans would survive and goodness, satyuga of Sanskrit speaking mystics, prevail before greed, violence and evil slowly but surely surfaces once again on the planet, perhaps in a thousand years. It is then the angels shall gather around a crystal mountain and sing - holy, holy, holy. The Lord shall perchance bind the devil for a thousand years only for the cycle to repeat once more. There shall be a season for evil to rule and a season for truth to prevail, In the days of truth, remnants of evil shall hide in forests and caves and be led by the forest demons, in the days when evil prevails remnants of truth shall take similarly to isolated corners of the planets, forests and remote mountain abodes or
locked up in an embassy in London a capital much loved by Mammon, and shall be led by mystics nourished by nothing more than love, truth and simplicity - the powers of Infinity.  There shall be a season to cry and a season to laugh, for what is to come has been so before and there shall be nothing new under the sun.

UPDATE: See also the ice age, after the apocalypse?

Also worth reading on the subject Last Days by Ronnie Hixon

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who warned of coming Apocalypse
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