Health Byte- A season for almonds and a season for copra

An earlier post in this blog has a delicious recipe called Mother’s Bounty Chutney made with copra (dried coconut) and almonds. It was pointed out that it has three health benefits, first it makes up for weakness that vegetarians or vegans may suffer from not eating meat while protecting them and the planet from harm caused by it (lovegans on the other hand do not suffer any deficiency because they consume eggs and milk products too); for students, it sharpens memory and for older people it discourages forgetfulness and Alzheimer.

Both coconut and almonds provide such benefit but there is a season in which coconut is more beneficial and another when almonds are better. To determine which is which, keep a bottle of coconut oil at home. When the coconut oil is solid it is  a season for almonds and when the coconut oil melts it is a season for coconut, for as King Solomon the wise put it, there is a season to everything under the sun,
A season to sow and a season to reap, a season to laugh and a season to weep.

A gift from the Almond Growers Association and the Coconut Marketing Federation shall be gratefully accepted for increasing their sales :)


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