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The Evolving Soul

The Turquoise lake of Nainital in Central Himalayas, childhood hometown of author

The Himalayan mountain ranges are full of snow capped peaks, majestic panoramas, lush green forests, lichen covered pine trees, lakes, rivers, springs, wild strawberry patches, wild roses and scented wild flower valleys. These have been a favorite haunt of spiritual mystics since ancient times. Among their many spiritual discoveries is one that although humans die after a certain number of years, in reality they never die because they possess an eternal soul. It is merely the physical body that dies. When a soul discards a body after death, it finds another to continue its endless journey through the universe. The new bodies need not be human. It could be that of an animal, a demon or a god born on Earth or elsewhere in the universe where such life forms exist.

What is the purpose of it all? It was concluded in an earlier post that the purpose of life and soul within is to evolve, and it is the state of the soul at the time of death that determines what the next body will be like. I tend to agree with all of this since it agrees with my own experience as well as my own meditative forays into the Himalayas. The name of one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas, named after a Himalayan goddess (Jai Ma Sunanda! Jai Ma Nanda!) was revealed by me in recent times.There is more about it in another blog on Nainital, a beautiful lake district in the Central Himalayas.

Looking at humans around me, it seems that while physical bodies of all are still human, the soul of some has already evolved to godly levels while conversely some have sunk to the level of animals or demons, and it is merely a fact of existence that the altered soul is obliged to carry on with the body it was given at birth until death drives them apart. Some are animals now hiding in human bodies. Today morning, the newspaper described a famous BBC personality that had gone around screwing hundreds of dead bodies in London hospitals, even children and the very old. It is an example of a demonic soul in a human body.

Some of my most recent posts described how terrified children were fleeing from violence in their home countries in Latin America and landing up on American shores. While some Americans were taking good care of these sweet little angels in distress, there were others including important people like governors who were looking at the situation as a pain in a rear part of their anatomy and considering shooting these children or catching hold of them and locking them up until they could be picked up and fed to animals in the Amazonian Jungle or something to that effect but politically more correct. It goes without saying that the soul of these latter has already sunk to inhuman levels, some demonic some like pigs. Excessive levels of pride, greed, lust or anger can easily do that to a human soul if it does not go insane prior to that. On the other hand things like, love, truth and simplicity can carry an ordinary human soul to what one might call godly or Angel like because of its superior evolved state.

Returning to our original point about the soul of a human, a very personal question remains as to what a human may do to help his or her soul evolve. While enhancing virtues like love, truth and simplicity and things like meditation, mantra, yoga etc. remain as available tools for self improvement but unless the ground is ready it is difficult to embark on a course of self improvement. There is something simpler any human can do for the purpose, if they so desire. It prepares the environment for self improvement and even makes it automatic in very many cases.

One simple way for a soul to make evolution easy or in the very least remain human is to reserve some  attention, time and effort to lend a helping hand to the world around them, it could be the environment, animals in need or other humans in distress in whatever little or substantial way they can. Every privilege comes with attendant obligations for it to last and the fact that humans are the most evolved of life forms on the planet cast a burden and responsibility on a human too. There are so many areas of life and world where any human can contribute to. However, to specialize, one may choose just a single area, a single animal, a single issue like compromised foods etc. There are souls that have already become godly in trying to save the tiger or a shark or protect the purity of the food or water humans consume. One may also diversify choosing one, two or three areas as it appeals to ones heart. Such a service can only be intermittent and sporadic for most humans, as and when they find time from their primary profession that most humans are obliged to pursue to make a living; and it may be as an individual, a group or as a volunteer of a non-profit organization engaged in service.

Needless to say there are some who do not care. These latter are hundred percent sure that they shall be able to operate their bank accounts after a few years from the next world. For others, the concern as to what they might do to help their souls evolve may remain unless their hearts are so pure that they are automatically led by a compulsion of the heart to service as very many humans are.

Read about the Purpose of Life here:

 A personal note about author:

Looking at my personal life, the areas of life that has concerned me most is the depletion of trees and green over on the planet. Of human distress, what has moved me most has been the distress of poor due to exploitative economic practices fueled by greed, but most of all the distress of children suffering from hunger or violence caused by wars such as those in Iraq and Syria or most recently even drug wars in Latin America. Such concerns have been there with me actively and consciously for more than three decades now. In the days when internet was not available, there was snail mail, print media or even telegrams that permitted a citizen to lobby for a cause. Years ago, in the early nineties, while living in Canada, this author was moved by distress of children affected by the Bosnian war. He appealed to both the White House and the Canadian PM through telegrams. There was a swift and substantial response from the then Canadian PM - Kim Campbell. She also sent a detailed reply by post later detailing actions taken. However, as mentioned earlier such forays into service have been sporadic as and when time was found from my main profession. Humans unlike the gods are obliged to follow an occupation to make a living but fortunately for me that too was service oriented being an educational one. I have lived in several parts of the world for numerous years. Therefore my concerns have been have been global in nature. Such concerns are reflected in this blog from time to time.

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Little angels have arrived in America, what now?


Child migrants from Central America


Little angels arriving on the American southern border in the thousands

It must be mentioned at the outset that from every possible definition of a refugee, these unaccompanied children arriving on the US southern border are refugees and not immigrants, even though some in USA have been referring to them with the latter nomenclature. It may be mentioned that if a group of humans crossing an international border are refugees or immigrants is not determined by individuals but is an International determination. The UNHCR has concluded that a majority are refugees. The distinction is important because different laws apply to different groups. According to these children are fleeing from a situation that is twice as dangerous as Iraq , 2008-12. A report on these children by UNHCR is here  For a formal definition of a refugee please see

Very many persons around the world, because they love children, are viewing with much concern children arriving in America, especially because these children are unaccompanied and without the protection of adults. The general expectation was that they would be in safe hands in America because America is a civilized country that places human values on a high pedestal. However, some of the reports and reactions emerging from America are not just worrisome but shocking. The world is trying to understand why it so, and if it is because of a racial bias of a North European origin directed against those of a Latin and other origins. It was never realized that racial bias, if any, could be so shamelessly loathsome so as to be directed even against unprotected and distressed children, even infants detached from their parents; it is hard to imagine if a similar reaction would have emerged if these children were of North European origin instead of a Latin one.There can be not much greater inhumanity against a group than against thousands of unprotected children some as young as three, something that is a matter concerning unprotected children exclusively, arising from the largest single refugee movement of exclusively children in all of mankind's history.

In case a reader is aware of another instance in history where a greater dislocation exclusively of children from home and country took please do inform through a comment so that any necessary correction may be made. Further in case a reader feels that an ill treatment and congested confinement of thousands of innocent children unprotected by guardians and/or forcing them into situations where their life is put at risk is not a gross violation of humanity please also inform as a comment so that any necessary correction may be made to the statements here.
Whatever be the case unaccompanied children six years or under need to be moved into emergency care immediately, in view of the trauma they may have suffered before arrival and continuing because of the absence of parents, because of even the slightest shred of humanity amongst mankind, along with somewhat older minor siblings who may be accompanying these infants so as not to separate them, until a parent can be found if still alive. 
Children in the age group of six to thirteen also require sensitive handling and care on an urgent basis so that the trauma they have escaped and the treatment they receive on arrival in their nearest country of escape – America – do not result in a compromised human. It is only when it comes to older children i.e. those between thirteen and eighteen that the authorities may consider the application of a process that seeks to determine if a child is in fact a refugee or perhaps an illegal immigrant. Unfortunately it seems that such a process is presently being applied to even two year old children. A different treatment of children based on different age groups is not unnatural but has been the way of humans and even animals all through their history on the planet. It is a natural necessity and the way of life. Now for America to deviate from it is to deviate from the very definition of what is regarded not just as a human but even what constitutes being a human.
It was mentioned that what a blessing it is that little angels driven out of their countries due to violence caused by the American idea for a war on drugs and other such things are arriving in thousands at the American southern border. More on some of the issue  was in my earlier blog post:.
Some in America are concluding that the Obama administration is encouraging this because of its policies. However, the simple thing for any human to understand is that whatever be the encouragement, no child will leave  home and parents  to make a dangerous journey of thousands of mile, unless they are escaping something really very scary. If someone does not believe this, I would like them to offer an inducement to any child in America or most other countries to leave their home and trek across the desert for your home. If you succeed, you win the point, otherwise get real. Obama is not the Pied Piper of Hamlin. That is a fairy tale character.

These children flee their home, country and parents because they have been scared out of their wits so that they may escape a gruesome fate of violence fueled by the blinding greed of drug profits, a greed just as blinding as those of the bankers that forced many to homeless street in 2008, but the bankers regard those who rob public money or a bank with a gun as stupid because it is so much easier to rob a bank with a bonus, however the drug gangs love guns just as much as the American Rifle Association and like to spread them around just as freely.  It will take some time for Latin American countries to discard this idea filled with violence and guns and learn how to win the war on drugs with love instead as Jose Mujica has done in his country of Uruguay. Until then more and more little angels shall continue to arrive on American shores. America would be compelled by law, love or good sense to take care of these little angels, if the Texan Governor does not get hold of them first. The question is how?
Not to provide solace to these children under distress and ill treat them in any way such as locking them up or worse seems to be a voilation not just against humanity but also everything that defines civilized human behavior, leave alone a grave spiritual offense

When a huge number of wedding guests arrived to our home once we set up tents out in the garden and for a while that is what might have to be done for little sweet angels too, something like a refugee camp with newly recruited care givers. The camp can then be converted into a boarding school for the children gradually. One might eventually need 50 such boarding schools with five thousand capacity each to house 250,000 children. Segregation of children in different age groups while not separating siblings would be required within the camps for appropriate care. If some in America think it is a difficult thing to do,  they could always ask a Lebanese to help. They have set up a camp for over a million Syrian refugees recently even though they, Lebanon, are is size a thousand times smaller and much much poorer. However, one can do better than that by combining it with other job generating measures that the economy needs.

While it seems that the unaccompanied minors are in desperate and urgent need of help, communities where it is proposed to shelter them are worried and afraid of their lives being disrupted in major ways. This is completely understandable from the point of view of an average citizen whose lives have already been taking a turn for the worse ever since the financial crisis of 2008. For example see a report on this here The need of the hour is to perhaps come up with a completely new and innovative plan to shelter these children, plans that can not only help these children but also help create new quality jobs for others. One such plan that can be initiated on an immediate basis while it develops slowly over the subsequent years is described in small print below, so as not to distract from the primary discussion of the issue here. Some have racial fears, real or imagined, they are absurd because even one million more Latinos will not alter the racial complexion by one fourth of one percent.

This blogger is just thinking out loud but as a first thought if he had been asked to draw up a plan for fifty thousand children with prospects of many more to come, he would have requested fifty different states to set up fifty such camps on a 50 acre plot at the edge of a 2000 acre vacant land with possibilities of irrigation. Why 2000 acres? That would just be explained since this idea could develop into a job creation measure and an aid to the economy rather than a financial burden.The 50 acre camp can then be converted gradually into a boarding school for children, initially with a thousand children each with possibilities of expansion to 5000 students each. The remaining 1950 acre may then be used to set up a Postmodern village which is a job creation measure described in other posts of this blog and a companion blog. A comprehensive description is given here.
The village and the school would then be able to provide logistical support to each other. These 50 schools would be able to house 250,000 children eventually. That number should take care of the influx because sooner or later Latin American countries would learn that it is love not guns that win a war and then violence would stop. No child would leave then, for does any child leave his home and parents to travel across a thousand miles of wilderness unless the wits and shits are literally scared out of him? This article merely presents one hurried idea.There are many brilliant minds in America to come up with better ones. The idea was just to present one, so that none might say there is none.

Unaccompanied children pushed out of their countries by violence arriving in America

Ultimate Solution

While this note focuses on the short term ramifications of the issue, the longer term solution is for the US to work with the Central American and Mexican governments towards an improved law and order situation. One thing that would help is the legalization of drugs to the extent possible beginning with cannabis as in Uruguay. This would lead to the end of illegal drug trade and the drug wars. Another thing that would help is not to support any political leader perceived as corrupt even if he is an American Sycophant. Just as an honest employee in any organization is far more useful than another with lower integrity but greater sycophancy, honest leaders would in reality be in the overall interest of USA even if they do not tow the US line in all things.


It seems the Himalayan fear as mentioned earlier in the note and the Himalayan blunder is already taking place. The trap appears to have been set with perfection, with Congress having no part in it and possible historical blame falling solely on Obama's shoulders. A recent report shows that President Obama is thinking of this issue as an immigrant issue and changes in law there. The cacophony of noises in America have perhaps misled Obama to think as such. The fact is that these children are refugees by all existing definitions of a refugee and an international law for refugees is already in place to which America is a leading supporter and signatory. 

A Historical ramification of this may be that from now on all countries shall be able to deport/stop refugees quoting America and Obama as an example, and why not, if it can be done to kids, why not the rest. Lebanon and Turkey may proceed to expel millions hosted so far by them near their borders. Others may follow. An International chaos may be caused - all thanks to America that so far had helped frame laws for refugees as applicable to other countries.

Quote from “Obama is really proposing: to send young children back, alone, to a conflict zone that is twice as dangerous as Iraq was from 2008 to 2012.”  


A group of these children were packed off to an American town, but it seems the mayor organized  people to drive them out while spreading the rumor that they were full of diseases and drugs. Towns people came out in huge numbers and shouted out these kids angrily as the children cowered from fear,  howled and cried.  A little girl of five kept screaming, mummy, mummy and pulled at her hair. The other children also howled as huge tears streamed down their faces, all the while an angry American, gesturing menacingly, kept shouting - go back, go back you illegal bastards, as others joined in the angry shouts.  A report is here:

Needless to say, this has added to the trauma of these already traumatized children who do not have the benefit of care by their parents or guardians. The handling of the issue continues to aggravate a grave humanitarian crisis. If the proposal as given in this blog post had been followed none of this would have happened.  

More on the issue can also be found here:

Love Wins Eventually

Jungle Geraniums in the author's garden
Against the backdrop of the sorry picture painted above numerous rays of hope are emanating from all over America. Although very many challenges and difficulties remain on this issue, many have come forward with offers of help even as authorities are waking up to the challenge and the realization that it is sweet children in desperate need  they are dealing with and not a bunch of freeloading illegal immigrants.  One such report is here: 

It shows that utter selfishness and callousness has not been able to win over the indomitable human spirit charged with love. It was to this end this blogger wrote on twitter, blogs and online spaces furiously over the last week to everyone that mattered, from Speaker Boehner to KIND; from President Obama to UNHCR and everyone else besides, ever since the matter came to his attention.  May the Lord bless all children of the world and may the Lord bless those who come forward to lend a helping hand to the guardian angels of these children.

UPDATE JULY 10, 2014
The UN has endorsed the stand of this blog right from the start. According to it: 
"U.S. and Mexico should recognize that this is a refugee situation, which implies that they shouldn't be automatically sent to their home countries but rather receive international protection."
For a full report see:

UPDATE JULY 11, 2014

“What the United States is seeing on its borders now is not an immigration crisis. It is a refugee crisis’ New York Times,


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The American Crisis - children on the borders

American Crisis

Children scared out of their wits are fleeing their homes, even two year old children, a violence fueled by War against Drugs that appears to have been initiated and encouraged by America, not just in Central America but around the world by pressing unwilling governments such as those in India to classify cannabis as an illegal drug, a herb that has been held as divine for thousands of years. Prior to 1985 many a poor farmer under distress from debt and drought calmed himself with a drink or smoke of cannabis. Now he commits suicide instead to the howls and wails of his screaming children and wife left behind. Alcohol is not an option, it is considered a crime causing and addictive poison in many an Indian village, which in fact is true. Thank you America but the world is not surprised when you can do it to your own Veterans who defended your country and now suffer from PTSD, compel them to ruin their guts and livers for big pharma profit perhaps, and hound the likes of a proud Veteran Chris to prison for life, for trying to save his guts, liver and life for the sake of his sweet infant child by growing a few plants of cannabis in his yard.

America and its FDA need to express remorse and apologize to its own people and the world for a lie that has caused needless and huge human suffering by insisting that cannabis has no medicinal value, that it is more dangerous than opium that is in schedule II or alcohol available around the corner

Many children fleeing Central America as a result of the drug wars now die in the wilderness or by falling off the tops of trains, but some reach as far as America. They are arriving on the American southern border in thousands.

Some in America are concluding that the Obama administration is encouraging this because of its policies. However, the simple thing for any human to understand is that whatever be the encouragement, no child will leave  home and parents  to make a dangerous journey of thousands of mile, unless they are escaping something really very scary. If someone does not believe this, I would like them to offer an inducement to any child in America or most other countries to leave their home and trek across the desert and across thousands of mile for your home. If you succeed, you win the point, otherwise get real. Obama is not the Pied Piper of Hamlin. That is a fairy tale character.
What the Obama administration is really doing instead is not shooting these kids at the border as some in Texas perhaps seem to suggest or catching hold of them, loading them into a plane to throw into the amazon jungle or the pacific ocean. It seems, if a report on it was correct, that the Texan Governor seems to think citizens are in danger from five and some year old girls and boys, and is catching them by the thousands and throwing them in lock-ups. 

They flee their homes, when scared out of their wits, towards America, a journey of thousands of miles. Many die on the way. Some make it. They come from many Latin American countries except one - Uruguay. This is because it has a President called Jose Mujica who trashed the American idea of a war against drugs and won the battle with love instead (See here). The war on drugs may have increased drug trafficking, because it increases profits and deaths just as the war on terror seems to have increased terror and deaths due to it around the world. You can read a recent report about the kids arriving in USA and how they are treated after they arrive here:

Another well balanced and very well informed solid report explaining the issue is here

It must be mentioned at the outset that from every possible definition of a refugee, these unaccompanied children arriving on the US southern border are refugees and not immigrants, even though some in USA have been referring to them with the latter nomenclature

This appears to be the greatest ever tragedy in the history of mankind that exclusively and solely affects children, and because of it also the most heart-breaking, for it has been amongst humans that even the vilest of them are kind to helpless children devoid of adult protection.  The world is watching how America, that claims to be the greatest nation on earth responds to it.
 In case a reader is aware of another instance in history where a greater dislocation exclusively of children from home and country took place, please do inform through a comment so that any necessary correction may be made. Further in case a reader feels that an ill treatment and congested confinement of thousands of innocent children unprotected by guardians and/or forcing them into situations where their life is put at risk is not a gross violation of humanity please also inform as a comment so that any necessary correction may be made to the statements here.
Persons, whose hearts have hardened and who bear a hatred against a community or group often  mix up issues, for example those who hate blacks would talk of some who are criminal amongst them before damning the entire community. Some such thing is happening with these poor unaccompanied children too. Their issue is being mixed up with other issues of illegal immigrants such as gang members and of adult illegals to damn the whole lot of them including these children in distress.
In the group that arrived was a sweet little five year curly haired girl whose parents had been shot by a drug gang. They did not wake up even though she kept shaking them and crying by their side for two days because they were dead. From time to time she got up to drink water from the tap or eat sugar from a jar when hungry.  A boy from the neighborhood visited once and told her they had gone to God's home but she did not where that was. When the gang members came again to check she ran out of her home from fear. She tagged along with a seven year old boy in the neighborhood who too was running away because of the violence, for a dangerous journey of escape. Surely she would find her mama and papa then if that was to heaven, where mama would kiss her goodnight and papa would pick her up to give a hug again. They arrived nearly dead from hunger on the American border several days later. She had survived on top a train by munching on biscuits this little boy had in his pocket given by a kind old poverty stricken Mexican at a station who bade them safe journey with a flying kiss and a little water an older girl let her sip from her bottle along with her two year old little brother, all the while hanging on tight to other kids. It is thousands of others with a kind heart like the kind old Mexican pauper who guide these children on or they would never find their way, along with some not as kind ones who act as self appointed guides for groups of kids, but after taking away most of the money any of the kids have on them. At the American border an official rounded them up gruffly including this little girl and another nine year old girl, the one with the water bottle, with a two year old brother in her arms, before herding them into a windowless room. Another said she would be brought before a judge and not be given the benefit of an attorney. One asked if she knew her rights under something called POTUS. For heavens sake does your child know about judges and attorneys, law and rights, do they even care about it. What has happened to some of these Americans? A woman said these kids are like flies. The Lord alone knows if this sweet lost five year old and other children with her are like flies or this woman is a shame on humanity.
Some are painting pictures of diseases being brought in, if that was the case why are American tourists still visiting Latin America? Others are painting scenarios of the country being overrun by illegal immigrants.
Never before anywhere on earth, ever in the history of mankind has an unaccompanied  child of five been an illegal, except perhaps now to some in America and if 50, 000 or even 500 thousand children can run over a large country like America  then nothing could be more weird. Lebanon is a thousand times smaller than America in size and much poorer. It has a million refugees from Syria.

Recently Speaker John Boehner wrote a letter to the US President about it. His letter is here:

Size of USA is about 1000 times the size of Lebanon
The letter describes how the US is facing a humanitarian crisis on its southern borders with children from Latin America pouring in to escape violence in their home countries. This blogger contributed to the reply online but the reply has philosophical and historical significance. It relates with much that has been posted in this blog earlier. Hence the reply is posted here too with slight editorial improvements,

Speaker, one line in your letter says - coming to escape violence - The US can do a lot to reduce that violence too and then there would be no need for that escape. The US may have contributed to that violence in Latin America as in Afghanistan and Iraq - by having believed that a war will solve problems. Just as the war on the dictatorship of Saddam increased misery of Iraqi people several fold; the war on terror increased terrorists several fold; misery caused by drugs has increased several fold by war on drugs. America must give up its love of wars and guns in its own country and elsewhere to protect its own children as well as those of the world despite the fact that weapon sales and contributions to the Rifle Association would plummet,  because there is nothing else that is sweeter on the planet than human children. There are other organizations that are safer to collect a campaign contribution from.

Learn from Jose Mujica of Uruguay and how he won the war on drugs with love not war. This is how: ,

America is perhaps the greatest nation to appear on the face of the Earth after Rome, Moghul India and Colonial UK, but please do not do things that encourage killing of sweet children in the very least in the world and inside your own schools by loving assault weapons and permitting them in the hands of effected individuals and please love the right wars not wrong ones - How to find which is which? - The ones sponsored by love are the right ones and those sponsored by greed and pride the wrong ones. Yes you did make a mistake in Iraq but the war on drugs is a bigger mistake. You got it all wrong about drugs like cannabis and have created wars over it in the world forcing these sweet children to escape over thousands of miles from their beloved homes and most loved parents from countries where they lived in peace with these very drugs for thousands of years as everywhere else in the world in a not so distant past, even as the Afghans did for five thousand years and the Iraqis for longer. A child in my neighborhood messed up his garden when he was given a power mower.  You have done much good in the world, there is no doubt about that but is it possible you have you messed up the world too,  America? 

When sweet innocent children in distress in tens and hundreds of thousands run thousands of miles from their homes all by themselves, something that has never ever happened before in the history of mankind,  and are desecrated and defiled by a nation regarded as civilized in the thousands instead of being provided solace, with voices that ring high up in the firmament, illegals, diseased creatures,  flies, shoot them at the border, send in the border guards, send an army, present the two year old and the rest before a judge, lock them up into rooms without windows, do not give them an attorney, we do not believe in refugees, we shall call them all illegal immigrants because we do not want them, refugees are for others, they better look after them even if they are in millions, that is the law, or we shall drone the shits out of them, throw these vile flies back into the Mexican desert where they came from;  the time when the Lord pushes the button may not be very far.
Would the reaction have been as inhuman if theses children were refugees from Northern Europe? Could the American reaction  be a result of racism against the Latinos, a racism so foul and putrid that it does not even spare infants and children? This is easily checked by seeing the race of the ones making such hate statements 
Wake up America, children have arrived on your southern borders, all sweet angels. There are no tears in their eyes of these children now because they dried en-route. Some died in the journey. Those that have arrived are tired, hungry and exhausted. Please, Please do not stuff them into windowless rooms for weeks as you do with prisoners in Guantanamo bay. For heavens' sake have a heart, those that have arrived now are children not criminals. Or has your heart now hardened because you deny medical care to your own poor children who cannot afford it as provided in nearly all civilized countries on earth today and for thousands of years in the past when it was near free in any case; or because you permit assault weapons in the hands of all kinds, even to kill at time sweet little kids in school? Should we humans feel disgusted and ashamed at this behavior by us? Shame on us humans!
If you can locate the parents of some surely you must help reunite them, but if some have none please do not shoot them at the border or catch them to throw later in the pacific ocean or Amazon Jungles or even the Mexican deserts. Please welcome these desperate children with open arms and a loving hug, you are blessed in having been given this chance by the Lord for the most precious act in the universe, to love a child. You do not have to believe that God appears as a helpless child, to be loved not defiled, but do consider they are just as lovely as your own child if your ever loved one. Please do not break their hearts for heavens sake. It is much more fragile than yours.

But there is just one difficulty speaker - Greed and utter selfishness is Sweet, in this the greed of the drug companies and the gun companies, the bankers and every other kind of greed, oh so sweet! (hope it doesn't hurt later!).  Please do reflect in the very least on what has been said here and the given links that expand on it.

Just as great men face an inevitable crisis so do great nations - the effects of pride of that greatness- but as King Solomon said thousands of year ago, pride precedes a fall. and much wealth is destroyed by an excess of greed. Just as great men are protected by a few virtues so are great nations - love and humility and their leaders shall be protected by truth and mercy.. This is it, this is the only war worth winning. The others are imaginary ones that can be played on a video screen - bang, bang, bang, me Roy Rogers, me Injun Chief, like the cowboys of the wild west, to win. 
  • It is not good to carry that game out into real life because the other guy feels the pain as much as you do when you bleed, the other child feels it as much as yours when he or she bleeds. Many have been bombed out of their lives in Iraq and Syria, and Afghanistan that lived in peace for thousands of years with its staunch upright people that no nation has ever been able to conquer, including the mighty British Empire, or the Soviets of a bygone era, a nation that lived with pride and peace before others entered to try and teach them how to live in peace. How shall you conquer these people with an indomitable spirit when you are not able to take care of less than a million helpless children and attempt to brand unaccompanied infants as illegals and present them to a judge. This for children in desperate need, in part due to policies perpetuated by you, dislodged from their homes, and that one thing every human, even animals, love most - a mother.
Imagine if your child had to flee home to escape violence across thousands of miles of deserts and unknown lands! The pain that others feel is just the same as the one you do. Just right now the feet of those that arrived on your southern border are bleeding. They lost a shoe each on the way.  Get up quick, hurry,  go give them a hug and a kiss and if they burst forth into tears of relief, do not worry, that shall turn into a smile when you give them an ice cream or a burger, and a little doll for the sweet little girl.

Officers, please let go of my hands a minute, I need to fix a shoe please. It will stop the blood from making your country dirty.

Where to keep so many children?
While it seems that the unaccompanied minors are in desperate and urgent need of help, communities where it is proposed to shelter them are worried and afraid of their lives being disrupted in major ways. This is completely understandable from the point of view of an average citizen whose lives have already been taking a turn for the worse ever since the financial crisis of 2008. For example see a report on this here The need of the hour is to perhaps to come up with a completely new and innovative plan to shelter these children, plans that can not only help these children but also help create new quality jobs for others. One such plan that can be initiated on an immediate basis while it develops slowly over the subsequent years is described in the continuing post on the issue.

UPDATE JULY 23, 2014

The latest reports show that the values of Love and humanity that made America into a great nation that it is are still alive and throbbing; the voices of hate and selfishness in a minority. Long live the human side of America. See this report


Loving hearts are coming forward in America to take care of the shoe problems. Bless their souls. See this report:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Gentle shall inherit the Earth

We could divide all humans that live on our planet in three broad categories. Humans are not frozen into these categories but may move from one to another during a single life time. First are the rich and powerful. They are small in numbers but control and influence our world in major ways. Second are a group of humans who are neither exceptionally rich nor exceptionally powerful but they have enough financial means to acquire nutritious food for themselves and their family most times, comfortable dwellings to live in open surroundings filled with sunshine, fresh air and soothing greenery. Perhaps they may not have enough money to get a new Benz or a Ferrari but enough to get most things humans need to live and get along with. Then there is a third group of humans that is struggling to meet their daily needs, who have to frequently compromise on nutrition in food, The worst of this third category may even have to go hungry from time to time. There number on earth is not just in millions but billions at the present time. The combined wealth of three and a half billion of them is less than the wealth of just a hundred of the wealth of the humans described in an older post on - how the wealth of the world is distributed here.

It is from amongst the second and middle category that the happiest and gentlest of humans are perhaps most likely to be found. The rich and powerful have too much to worry about and may create too much bad karma in order to acquire their wealth and power first and later to preserve and maintain it (leaving aside some saintly persons who rose from humble beginnings and retained their saintliness and some other rare cases that inherit that wealth or win a lottery yet retain their humility and simplicity as for example Queen Elizabeth and some other much loved European Royalty).

When the rich and powerful take a holiday from their strenuous schedules, it is too structured to be fun. They are hardly in a position to say, “This spot is so peaceful, I just love the lake and the weeping willows by the edge, lets hang on here for another week.” On the other hand those from the struggling category have to struggle too much to acquire their daily bread. Happiness as available for free on the planet to all life may therefore escape both kinds.The few blessed and rare souls as mentioned in the previous paragraph however do not take off for a holiday but may go regularly to the same holiday home for generations, as for example Queen Victoria and even her descendents to the Balmoral Castle.

One may then try to see how those in the middle are doing. Not all who are in the middle category attain happiness even though they may have enough money for food etc. Some of them have compromised their happiness out of various desires like greed, lust, ego, worthless ambition that they shall discard only when their souls are withdrawn from their bodies by the Lord one day sooner or later to free them from their misery.  They do work that they hate and have to commute too much on stress highway on a daily basis just to get on with their lives. At the present time many millions of them are compelled to live as an insect – a bee - in a dwelling stacked one above the other and side by side like a beehive, that a seller or renter conned them into saying that it is luxury or secure apartments with a million dollar view, or in a group of homes pushing into each other so as to block the sun and a wiff of fresh air from front, behind, left and one more side, in a city with much concrete and little greenery, where the air is laced with smog, smoke and too many farts (if you pardon the language) rather than the gentle song of birds and the scent of trees of the forest and wild flowers. The reason for being blunt about the state of such humans, very many millions of them is so that they may work to change the state they have got into, the first chance they get. These last from amongst the middle category are the condemned ones who deserve full sympathy of other humans even the poor because the poor may not have enough bread but they often have more peace and joy when they find that bread and laugh heartily later. There are older articles on some of these in this blog here or the joy of a rustic life

It is only  a few from the middle category, the gentle ones who have the freedom of mind and occupation to enjoy the many wonders of the beautiful side of our lovely planet, who are too meek to have too much ambition or to struggle for what they think rightly or wrongly should belong to them but rather content themselves with whatever comes with ease and joyous effort even if it is just a little, just enough to get by and a gift for the little girl who lives down the lane. It is they who have inherited the earth along with a few others from the rich and powerful category as described in the exceptions of this category and a few others that are poor and might live in a mud hut yet do not have to struggle for their daily needs as described in the links of the previous paragraph.

In conclusion, it is neither the possession of wealth and status nor even a lack of it that wins happiness and evolution for a soul but simplicity and humility along with love and compassion for all life including the green side of it, the meekness to be contented with what life gives without a struggle and a fight, those whose hearts have not yet hardened from the many knocks none but they themselves gave to it perhaps because of their lusting, anger, stupid pride, constant quarrels, arguments etc. with those near enough to them to permit it,  who have retained the love, compassion and wisdom to do their bit to improve their own lives and the world around them in whatever way the Lord made them capable for it, that helps a human to come out a winner and inherit the earth.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Shyam Sherbet – Drink of the Gods

Shyam Sherbet
There is an older post in this blog about drinks that make life healthier and more delightful here. However, when it comes to summer, one needs a nice soothing cold drink all through the day and night. It is because of this that commercial aerated drinks are such a hit. However, commercial drinks contain a lot of chemicals, some with known health issues and others about which not much is known, but one may not be fully assured about the latter because they are not natural substances. Food for life comes form life and whatever comes from a lab is suspect, at least to this blogger.

In Middle East and Asia where it is hotter, a cooling summer drink called a sherbet is frequently consumed.  There are very many kinds of it. If it contains the right ingredients, it can be a great health booster too aside from the fact that a nice sherbet is simply delightful. Made at home, it does not cost much and one can be sure of what goes into it. May I share with you the recipe of a Sherbet we make in our home during summers. It has been developed from traditional ingredients by me and my godson Shyamu and hence I have just named it Shyamu Sherbet because a recipe does need a name.

There are four simple stages to the preparation of this sherbet requiring a total of about half an hour of work.

First Stage, preparing the Stock: Begin with a liter of good quality drinking water. If one can find some from a Himalayan spring nothing like it but in case not, make do with the best available drinking water. To this water, add half a cup of fennel seeds, a quarter cup of cinnamon sticks, six crushed pods and seeds of green cardamom and ten to twenty almonds with their shells but crushed into pulp with a hammer. Now bring the water to boil in a stainless steel or enameled pot. And let boil for ten minutes. The woody broken almond shells are boiled with the kernels. They are strained out later.

Second Stage, adding the floral and herbal bouquet: the second stage requires four more ingredients. The ones we use are half a cup of dried scented red roses, half a cup of dried Palash flowers, two heaping tablespoons full of tea and another two heaping tablespoons full of dried holy basil leaves.  Add these to the boiling pot. Boil for another two minutes and turn off the heat.

Depending on where you live, you might have difficulties in finding all of the four ingredients of this second stage. However, you need not worry because you can skip some of them or use replacements from dried flowers used as tea in your area. Failing even that, replace with an equivalent amount of raisins. Holy basil leaves are now available in USA too in Ayurveda stores. Its Sanskrit name is Tulsi. There is an older post on the Palash tree in this blog if you wish to know more about it.

Third Stage, the sweetening: Now let your pot rest for about an hour and then strain the contents through a fine strainer or muslin into a second pot. Add half a kilogram of honey if available, otherwise sugar will be acceptable and bring to boil again until the sugar dissolves. Incase you are not comfortable with sugar, replace this with a natural sweetener – Stevia. There is an older post in this blog about that too. Once sugar is dissolved turn off the heat and let the mixture cool. It is also possible to use a mix of different sweeteners depending upon what is available to you easily. 

Fourth Stage, flavoring and scenting: This final stage too requires four more ingredients that are easily available anywhere. These are 2500 mg of vitamin C tablets crushed to a powder, a level tea spoon of citric acid powder, and some essence and red food color to sense. You could skip the red color but we do add some every time. If you can find vitamin C tablets from Rose hips all the more better. For essence prefer a dash of rose essence and another of almond essence if available to you.  Stir thoroughly and if some of this does not dissolve fully do not worry.

There is nothing rigid about the ingredients and if you wish to experiment with other ingredients or skip some that you can not find it is OK, but use replacements with caution because many end up with the sherbet of the devil instead of the sherbet of the gods by adding some nasty new ingredient like lemon or orange juice that is not compatible with the present mixture. Now bottle the syrup quickly and store in fridge. Consume over a couple of weeks since we do not have a preservative in it and in case any fungal or other growth takes place throw it away. We have never had fungus develop with these ingredients but some developed when some red dried flowers called Karkari, very popular in Egypt, and very delicious with a deep crimson color of their own, were used in the recipe.

The way to consume the sherbet is to add a little in a tall glass, some crushed ice or ice cubes and pour nice drinking water over it to fill the glass. Adjust sweetness to your taste. Stir lightly and your sweet elixir is ready. We have this sherbet at any time of the day and nowadays when it is so hot, instead of fruit juice at breakfast.

One can add a little alcohol to it - vodka - for a party punch instead of making the same old punch with cranberry, orange juice etc. It will be nicer and if the punch is allowed to rest for eight hours or so before the party taking care not to shake or disturb after the initial stirring upon adding the vodka. It will then have the same taste and effect as a good young wine.
My god grandson, Golu, wants to know why it tastes much better than coke or fresh fruit juice at our usual breakfast of eggs and toast, and my answer is the same every time – because it has the best of ingredients that mother earth gave.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rule of Ninety – A step towards reducing wealth and income inequalities

Corporate Taxes: Rule of Ninety

It is neither natural nor practical to have an equality of wealth and income for all in any society as perhaps some idealistic philosophers  may dream of at times. It is inequalities that motivate humans to work and also because inequality within limits is a natural thing. However, massive inequalities in any society are equally unnatural and damaging. Whereas it is natural for trees in a forest to be of different heights, it is not natural to have a few trees that are a million feet tall either. Unfortunately something like that has happened as regards human wealth and income distribution is concerned and these inequalities have been growing in recent decades.

An earlier article described how less than one hundred humans on the planet possess a wealth equal to half of the seven billion humans on the planet, with the rest being owned by a very small percentage All this takes place in the backdrop of societies where huge numbers of humans are deprived even of basic necessities such as food and shelter. Whereas, it may be easy to categorize these homeless as lazy bums or deficient humans, it may be pointed out that many of them are children or the aged and in reality there can be no other deficient human than one who reconciles to the hunger and homelessness of a human child by this excuse.

It goes without saying that such inequalities are not sustainable and before humans erupt into returning to communism or something worse, as they have done from time to time through human history, something must be done to reduce inequalities and restore balance. Some of the measures that are most often thrown around to solve this problem are an increase of minimum wage or an increase of taxes on the rich. Both these measures do only a little to address inequalities and in some cases can even have a negative impact on business and economy. For example, a prescribed minimum wage may make a struggling business collapse or prevent a new one from being launched. Other measures need to be considered.

This author had earlier proposed a rule of ten that is to do with fixing a ratio of the maximum to minimum wage within a company. It has been considered enthusiastically in some European countries with modifications such as 12 (Switzerland), 20 (France and Spain), 24, 30 etc. A description of that rule can be found elsewhere. The present note is concerned with another rule connected to controlling unbridled corporate profits because these too are source of wealth inequalities. It is described now as the Rule of Ninety.

The Rule of Ninety suggests that the rate of corporate tax be proportional to the net profit of a company rising from very small levels for small or struggling businesses to very large levels for the largest of companies (large in terms of profits made). The effect of this rule would be to encourage small businesses to grow while halting the progress of very large ones from becoming too big to fail or becoming a giant and controlling monopoly. It shall most definitely make wealth distribution more even than at present.

On the whole corporate taxes around the world are in the 20-40 percent range and the present rule would  lead to lower taxes for most businesses with the largest and highest profit making companies making up for the slack. With modern information processing, it is easy to make this rule operational. The maximum profit in a country can be declared and finalized during the first quarter following a financial year, even with an audit and prescribed statistical adjustments for any uncertainty. It is the only piece of information required to determine corporate tax rates for all companies in any given country. The taxes may then be deposited during the next quarter.


Corporate tax =0.9  x R  x Net Profit


R = Net profit in a financial year /maximum annual net profit of a company in the country


A minimum threshold of ten percent (or another number decided so that total corporate tax collections remain unchanged) may be imposed for companies making very small annual profits, if considered desirable.

It may be pointed out that both the rule of ten and rule of ninety have invoked ratios. This is because when it is a ratio that we are trying to fix - a ratio of wealth and incomes – there is no other way it can be done based on mathematical logic. Any other method is merely a diversionary tactic with perhaps a vested interest of perpetuating the inequality. If it was not so inequalities would not have increased over the past few decades.  Ninety percent appears huge but note that it is only a handful of companies in any country that would pay corporate tax at this rate, and only in years when they make massive profits. Most others would pay a much smaller tax.
The present formula may be viewed as one in which the tax rate is proportional to the net profits in a continuous fashion as opposed to a discrete manner. Many mathematical variations of it are possible. Here the simplest one is described 

The rule as proposed here is only a first attempt and its full impact may be debated or studied further by others. It may be tweaked on further study even as the rule of ten was. There is nothing sacrosanct about the chosen numbers. They may be adjusted with further study even to make a change more gradual, if felt necessary.

NOTE: A mathematical analysis of the present formula will reveal that as net profit of a company rises, its income after tax will rise at first but only up to a point. If its profits begin to exceed around half the maximum profit then income will begin to fall. Thus it would not be advantageous for the largest companies to increase net profit beyond a point. Excess profiteering may then be prevented by companies in a position to do so. Certain very popular products produced by very large companies may become half the price. The demand for its product would tend to go up and the company would be obliged to bring down the price further in a chain reaction that would immensely benefit the consumer.

An Improved Version:

A major limitations of the rule of ninety described hitherto is the inherent uncertainty and delay built into it. First of all companies would not know in advance what the maximum net profit of a company in the country will be in any given year and therefore they will not be able to precisely plan operations. The second is the delay caused in paying taxes because one would have to wait for this announcement after the completion of the financial year. Both limitations are overcome if the government announces in advance a maximum net profit of a virtual company, based on past data and policy, to be used in the formula.

A second advantage of this advance decision is that by this method a government can firmly cap the size of its big corporations such as big banks because in case a company produces a substantially larger net profit than the prescribed maximum its net income would become negative after tax. It would have to sell some of its assets to pay the tax. Further, since the income after tax of a company falls after about half the announced maximum is reached, most companies would attempt to limit their operations within that limit. Some may launch a new company for increased demand but since the new company would have to be an independent one offering potential competiton that too would help to curb the development of monopolies.

What Modern Corporations Maximize

UPDATE June 19, 2014: The idea expressed in this blog post looked promising therefore a refined version of this note was posted for a more scholarly audience at

The Rule of Ninety can prevent gross exploitation of the world by a corporation and the Rule of Ten prevents  (here) gross exploitation of the employees within a corporation. Both rules together make a hundred percent better world.

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