The Evolving Soul

The Turquoise lake of Nainital in Central Himalayas, childhood hometown of author

The Himalayan mountain ranges are full of snow capped peaks, majestic panoramas, lush green forests, lichen covered pine trees, lakes, rivers, springs, wild strawberry patches, wild roses and scented wild flower valleys. These have been a favorite haunt of spiritual mystics since ancient times. Among their many spiritual discoveries is one that although humans die after a certain number of years, in reality they never die because they possess an eternal soul. It is merely the physical body that dies. When a soul discards a body after death, it finds another to continue its endless journey through the universe. The new bodies need not be human. It could be that of an animal, a demon or a god born on Earth or elsewhere in the universe where such life forms exist.

What is the purpose of it all? It was concluded in an earlier post that the purpose of life and soul within is to evolve, and it is the state of the soul at the time of death that determines what the next body will be like. I tend to agree with all of this since it agrees with my own experience as well as my own meditative forays into the Himalayas. The name of one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas, named after a Himalayan goddess (Jai Ma Sunanda! Jai Ma Nanda!) was revealed by me in recent times.There is more about it in another blog on Nainital, a beautiful lake district in the Central Himalayas.

Looking at humans around me, it seems that while physical bodies of all are still human, the soul of some has already evolved to godly levels while conversely some have sunk to the level of animals or demons, and it is merely a fact of existence that the altered soul is obliged to carry on with the body it was given at birth until death drives them apart. Some are animals now hiding in human bodies. Today morning, the newspaper described a famous BBC personality that had gone around screwing hundreds of dead bodies in London hospitals, even children and the very old. It is an example of a demonic soul in a human body.

Some of my most recent posts described how terrified children were fleeing from violence in their home countries in Latin America and landing up on American shores. While some Americans were taking good care of these sweet little angels in distress, there were others including important people like governors who were looking at the situation as a pain in a rear part of their anatomy and considering shooting these children or catching hold of them and locking them up until they could be picked up and fed to animals in the Amazonian Jungle or something to that effect but politically more correct. It goes without saying that the soul of these latter has already sunk to inhuman levels, some demonic some like pigs. Excessive levels of pride, greed, lust or anger can easily do that to a human soul if it does not go insane prior to that. On the other hand things like, love, truth and simplicity can carry an ordinary human soul to what one might call godly or Angel like because of its superior evolved state.

Returning to our original point about the soul of a human, a very personal question remains as to what a human may do to help his or her soul evolve. While enhancing virtues like love, truth and simplicity and things like meditation, mantra, yoga etc. remain as available tools for self improvement but unless the ground is ready it is difficult to embark on a course of self improvement. There is something simpler any human can do for the purpose, if they so desire. It prepares the environment for self improvement and even makes it automatic in very many cases.

One simple way for a soul to make evolution easy or in the very least remain human is to reserve some  attention, time and effort to lend a helping hand to the world around them, it could be the environment, animals in need or other humans in distress in whatever little or substantial way they can. Every privilege comes with attendant obligations for it to last and the fact that humans are the most evolved of life forms on the planet cast a burden and responsibility on a human too. There are so many areas of life and world where any human can contribute to. However, to specialize, one may choose just a single area, a single animal, a single issue like compromised foods etc. There are souls that have already become godly in trying to save the tiger or a shark or protect the purity of the food or water humans consume. One may also diversify choosing one, two or three areas as it appeals to ones heart. Such a service can only be intermittent and sporadic for most humans, as and when they find time from their primary profession that most humans are obliged to pursue to make a living; and it may be as an individual, a group or as a volunteer of a non-profit organization engaged in service.

Needless to say there are some who do not care. These latter are hundred percent sure that they shall be able to operate their bank accounts after a few years from the next world. For others, the concern as to what they might do to help their souls evolve may remain unless their hearts are so pure that they are automatically led by a compulsion of the heart to service as very many humans are.

Read about the Purpose of Life here:

 A personal note about author:

Looking at my personal life, the areas of life that has concerned me most is the depletion of trees and green over on the planet. Of human distress, what has moved me most has been the distress of poor due to exploitative economic practices fueled by greed, but most of all the distress of children suffering from hunger or violence caused by wars such as those in Iraq and Syria or most recently even drug wars in Latin America. Such concerns have been there with me actively and consciously for more than three decades now. In the days when internet was not available, there was snail mail, print media or even telegrams that permitted a citizen to lobby for a cause. Years ago, in the early nineties, while living in Canada, this author was moved by distress of children affected by the Bosnian war. He appealed to both the White House and the Canadian PM through telegrams. There was a swift and substantial response from the then Canadian PM - Kim Campbell. She also sent a detailed reply by post later detailing actions taken. However, as mentioned earlier such forays into service have been sporadic as and when time was found from my main profession. Humans unlike the gods are obliged to follow an occupation to make a living but fortunately for me that too was service oriented being an educational one. I have lived in several parts of the world for numerous years. Therefore my concerns have been have been global in nature. Such concerns are reflected in this blog from time to time.


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Ashok said…
meigancam I looked up your site and it does have very nice recipes if the meat is replaced by things like cotage cheese, tofu or hummus. Your salad with potatoes comes out quite nice with hummus.
Ashok said…
The background image of this page was changed several times but finally I found the present one that I quite like and will stick with. A fellow blogger and friend, Keiko Amano has a fine eye for aesthetics and detail, perhaps when she visit again she shall describe how it is.
keiko amano said…
I was just about to mention how beautiful the snow-capped mountains are in this background. Is that Himalaya? Thank you for compliment, Ashok.
Ashok said…
Thanks Keiko. Yes I thought they are very beautiful too. You deserve the compliment because of your fine aesthetic sense.

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