The Gentle shall inherit the Earth

We could divide all humans that live on our planet in three broad categories. Humans are not frozen into these categories but may move from one to another during a single life time. First are the rich and powerful. They are small in numbers but control and influence our world in major ways. Second are a group of humans who are neither exceptionally rich nor exceptionally powerful but they have enough financial means to acquire nutritious food for themselves and their family most times, comfortable dwellings to live in open surroundings filled with sunshine, fresh air and soothing greenery. Perhaps they may not have enough money to get a new Benz or a Ferrari but enough to get most things humans need to live and get along with. Then there is a third group of humans that is struggling to meet their daily needs, who have to frequently compromise on nutrition in food, The worst of this third category may even have to go hungry from time to time. There number on earth is not just in millions but billions at the present time. The combined wealth of three and a half billion of them is less than the wealth of just a hundred of the wealth of the humans described in an older post on - how the wealth of the world is distributed here.

It is from amongst the second and middle category that the happiest and gentlest of humans are perhaps most likely to be found. The rich and powerful have too much to worry about and may create too much bad karma in order to acquire their wealth and power first and later to preserve and maintain it (leaving aside some saintly persons who rose from humble beginnings and retained their saintliness and some other rare cases that inherit that wealth or win a lottery yet retain their humility and simplicity as for example Queen Elizabeth and some other much loved European Royalty).

When the rich and powerful take a holiday from their strenuous schedules, it is too structured to be fun. They are hardly in a position to say, “This spot is so peaceful, I just love the lake and the weeping willows by the edge, lets hang on here for another week.” On the other hand those from the struggling category have to struggle too much to acquire their daily bread. Happiness as available for free on the planet to all life may therefore escape both kinds.The few blessed and rare souls as mentioned in the previous paragraph however do not take off for a holiday but may go regularly to the same holiday home for generations, as for example Queen Victoria and even her descendents to the Balmoral Castle.

One may then try to see how those in the middle are doing. Not all who are in the middle category attain happiness even though they may have enough money for food etc. Some of them have compromised their happiness out of various desires like greed, lust, ego, worthless ambition that they shall discard only when their souls are withdrawn from their bodies by the Lord one day sooner or later to free them from their misery.  They do work that they hate and have to commute too much on stress highway on a daily basis just to get on with their lives. At the present time many millions of them are compelled to live as an insect – a bee - in a dwelling stacked one above the other and side by side like a beehive, that a seller or renter conned them into saying that it is luxury or secure apartments with a million dollar view, or in a group of homes pushing into each other so as to block the sun and a wiff of fresh air from front, behind, left and one more side, in a city with much concrete and little greenery, where the air is laced with smog, smoke and too many farts (if you pardon the language) rather than the gentle song of birds and the scent of trees of the forest and wild flowers. The reason for being blunt about the state of such humans, very many millions of them is so that they may work to change the state they have got into, the first chance they get. These last from amongst the middle category are the condemned ones who deserve full sympathy of other humans even the poor because the poor may not have enough bread but they often have more peace and joy when they find that bread and laugh heartily later. There are older articles on some of these in this blog here or the joy of a rustic life

It is only  a few from the middle category, the gentle ones who have the freedom of mind and occupation to enjoy the many wonders of the beautiful side of our lovely planet, who are too meek to have too much ambition or to struggle for what they think rightly or wrongly should belong to them but rather content themselves with whatever comes with ease and joyous effort even if it is just a little, just enough to get by and a gift for the little girl who lives down the lane. It is they who have inherited the earth along with a few others from the rich and powerful category as described in the exceptions of this category and a few others that are poor and might live in a mud hut yet do not have to struggle for their daily needs as described in the links of the previous paragraph.

In conclusion, it is neither the possession of wealth and status nor even a lack of it that wins happiness and evolution for a soul but simplicity and humility along with love and compassion for all life including the green side of it, the meekness to be contented with what life gives without a struggle and a fight, those whose hearts have not yet hardened from the many knocks none but they themselves gave to it perhaps because of their lusting, anger, stupid pride, constant quarrels, arguments etc. with those near enough to them to permit it,  who have retained the love, compassion and wisdom to do their bit to improve their own lives and the world around them in whatever way the Lord made them capable for it, that helps a human to come out a winner and inherit the earth.


ashok said…
As usual for posting in this blog, I put out a few ideas initially and then work on them over the next day or so to edit. Putting it out early before finalizing helps some feedback to pour in from friends and reflection while it is being worked on. This post has undergone the same process but it is about done now.

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