Little angels have arrived in America, what now?


Child migrants from Central America


Little angels arriving on the American southern border in the thousands

It must be mentioned at the outset that from every possible definition of a refugee, these unaccompanied children arriving on the US southern border are refugees and not immigrants, even though some in USA have been referring to them with the latter nomenclature. It may be mentioned that if a group of humans crossing an international border are refugees or immigrants is not determined by individuals but is an International determination. The UNHCR has concluded that a majority are refugees. The distinction is important because different laws apply to different groups. According to these children are fleeing from a situation that is twice as dangerous as Iraq , 2008-12. A report on these children by UNHCR is here  For a formal definition of a refugee please see

Very many persons around the world, because they love children, are viewing with much concern children arriving in America, especially because these children are unaccompanied and without the protection of adults. The general expectation was that they would be in safe hands in America because America is a civilized country that places human values on a high pedestal. However, some of the reports and reactions emerging from America are not just worrisome but shocking. The world is trying to understand why it so, and if it is because of a racial bias of a North European origin directed against those of a Latin and other origins. It was never realized that racial bias, if any, could be so shamelessly loathsome so as to be directed even against unprotected and distressed children, even infants detached from their parents; it is hard to imagine if a similar reaction would have emerged if these children were of North European origin instead of a Latin one.There can be not much greater inhumanity against a group than against thousands of unprotected children some as young as three, something that is a matter concerning unprotected children exclusively, arising from the largest single refugee movement of exclusively children in all of mankind's history.

In case a reader is aware of another instance in history where a greater dislocation exclusively of children from home and country took please do inform through a comment so that any necessary correction may be made. Further in case a reader feels that an ill treatment and congested confinement of thousands of innocent children unprotected by guardians and/or forcing them into situations where their life is put at risk is not a gross violation of humanity please also inform as a comment so that any necessary correction may be made to the statements here.
Whatever be the case unaccompanied children six years or under need to be moved into emergency care immediately, in view of the trauma they may have suffered before arrival and continuing because of the absence of parents, because of even the slightest shred of humanity amongst mankind, along with somewhat older minor siblings who may be accompanying these infants so as not to separate them, until a parent can be found if still alive. 
Children in the age group of six to thirteen also require sensitive handling and care on an urgent basis so that the trauma they have escaped and the treatment they receive on arrival in their nearest country of escape – America – do not result in a compromised human. It is only when it comes to older children i.e. those between thirteen and eighteen that the authorities may consider the application of a process that seeks to determine if a child is in fact a refugee or perhaps an illegal immigrant. Unfortunately it seems that such a process is presently being applied to even two year old children. A different treatment of children based on different age groups is not unnatural but has been the way of humans and even animals all through their history on the planet. It is a natural necessity and the way of life. Now for America to deviate from it is to deviate from the very definition of what is regarded not just as a human but even what constitutes being a human.
It was mentioned that what a blessing it is that little angels driven out of their countries due to violence caused by the American idea for a war on drugs and other such things are arriving in thousands at the American southern border. More on some of the issue  was in my earlier blog post:.
Some in America are concluding that the Obama administration is encouraging this because of its policies. However, the simple thing for any human to understand is that whatever be the encouragement, no child will leave  home and parents  to make a dangerous journey of thousands of mile, unless they are escaping something really very scary. If someone does not believe this, I would like them to offer an inducement to any child in America or most other countries to leave their home and trek across the desert for your home. If you succeed, you win the point, otherwise get real. Obama is not the Pied Piper of Hamlin. That is a fairy tale character.

These children flee their home, country and parents because they have been scared out of their wits so that they may escape a gruesome fate of violence fueled by the blinding greed of drug profits, a greed just as blinding as those of the bankers that forced many to homeless street in 2008, but the bankers regard those who rob public money or a bank with a gun as stupid because it is so much easier to rob a bank with a bonus, however the drug gangs love guns just as much as the American Rifle Association and like to spread them around just as freely.  It will take some time for Latin American countries to discard this idea filled with violence and guns and learn how to win the war on drugs with love instead as Jose Mujica has done in his country of Uruguay. Until then more and more little angels shall continue to arrive on American shores. America would be compelled by law, love or good sense to take care of these little angels, if the Texan Governor does not get hold of them first. The question is how?
Not to provide solace to these children under distress and ill treat them in any way such as locking them up or worse seems to be a voilation not just against humanity but also everything that defines civilized human behavior, leave alone a grave spiritual offense

When a huge number of wedding guests arrived to our home once we set up tents out in the garden and for a while that is what might have to be done for little sweet angels too, something like a refugee camp with newly recruited care givers. The camp can then be converted into a boarding school for the children gradually. One might eventually need 50 such boarding schools with five thousand capacity each to house 250,000 children. Segregation of children in different age groups while not separating siblings would be required within the camps for appropriate care. If some in America think it is a difficult thing to do,  they could always ask a Lebanese to help. They have set up a camp for over a million Syrian refugees recently even though they, Lebanon, are is size a thousand times smaller and much much poorer. However, one can do better than that by combining it with other job generating measures that the economy needs.

While it seems that the unaccompanied minors are in desperate and urgent need of help, communities where it is proposed to shelter them are worried and afraid of their lives being disrupted in major ways. This is completely understandable from the point of view of an average citizen whose lives have already been taking a turn for the worse ever since the financial crisis of 2008. For example see a report on this here The need of the hour is to perhaps come up with a completely new and innovative plan to shelter these children, plans that can not only help these children but also help create new quality jobs for others. One such plan that can be initiated on an immediate basis while it develops slowly over the subsequent years is described in small print below, so as not to distract from the primary discussion of the issue here. Some have racial fears, real or imagined, they are absurd because even one million more Latinos will not alter the racial complexion by one fourth of one percent.

This blogger is just thinking out loud but as a first thought if he had been asked to draw up a plan for fifty thousand children with prospects of many more to come, he would have requested fifty different states to set up fifty such camps on a 50 acre plot at the edge of a 2000 acre vacant land with possibilities of irrigation. Why 2000 acres? That would just be explained since this idea could develop into a job creation measure and an aid to the economy rather than a financial burden.The 50 acre camp can then be converted gradually into a boarding school for children, initially with a thousand children each with possibilities of expansion to 5000 students each. The remaining 1950 acre may then be used to set up a Postmodern village which is a job creation measure described in other posts of this blog and a companion blog. A comprehensive description is given here.
The village and the school would then be able to provide logistical support to each other. These 50 schools would be able to house 250,000 children eventually. That number should take care of the influx because sooner or later Latin American countries would learn that it is love not guns that win a war and then violence would stop. No child would leave then, for does any child leave his home and parents to travel across a thousand miles of wilderness unless the wits and shits are literally scared out of him? This article merely presents one hurried idea.There are many brilliant minds in America to come up with better ones. The idea was just to present one, so that none might say there is none.

Unaccompanied children pushed out of their countries by violence arriving in America

Ultimate Solution

While this note focuses on the short term ramifications of the issue, the longer term solution is for the US to work with the Central American and Mexican governments towards an improved law and order situation. One thing that would help is the legalization of drugs to the extent possible beginning with cannabis as in Uruguay. This would lead to the end of illegal drug trade and the drug wars. Another thing that would help is not to support any political leader perceived as corrupt even if he is an American Sycophant. Just as an honest employee in any organization is far more useful than another with lower integrity but greater sycophancy, honest leaders would in reality be in the overall interest of USA even if they do not tow the US line in all things.


It seems the Himalayan fear as mentioned earlier in the note and the Himalayan blunder is already taking place. The trap appears to have been set with perfection, with Congress having no part in it and possible historical blame falling solely on Obama's shoulders. A recent report shows that President Obama is thinking of this issue as an immigrant issue and changes in law there. The cacophony of noises in America have perhaps misled Obama to think as such. The fact is that these children are refugees by all existing definitions of a refugee and an international law for refugees is already in place to which America is a leading supporter and signatory. 

A Historical ramification of this may be that from now on all countries shall be able to deport/stop refugees quoting America and Obama as an example, and why not, if it can be done to kids, why not the rest. Lebanon and Turkey may proceed to expel millions hosted so far by them near their borders. Others may follow. An International chaos may be caused - all thanks to America that so far had helped frame laws for refugees as applicable to other countries.

Quote from “Obama is really proposing: to send young children back, alone, to a conflict zone that is twice as dangerous as Iraq was from 2008 to 2012.”  


A group of these children were packed off to an American town, but it seems the mayor organized  people to drive them out while spreading the rumor that they were full of diseases and drugs. Towns people came out in huge numbers and shouted out these kids angrily as the children cowered from fear,  howled and cried.  A little girl of five kept screaming, mummy, mummy and pulled at her hair. The other children also howled as huge tears streamed down their faces, all the while an angry American, gesturing menacingly, kept shouting - go back, go back you illegal bastards, as others joined in the angry shouts.  A report is here:

Needless to say, this has added to the trauma of these already traumatized children who do not have the benefit of care by their parents or guardians. The handling of the issue continues to aggravate a grave humanitarian crisis. If the proposal as given in this blog post had been followed none of this would have happened.  

More on the issue can also be found here:

Love Wins Eventually

Jungle Geraniums in the author's garden
Against the backdrop of the sorry picture painted above numerous rays of hope are emanating from all over America. Although very many challenges and difficulties remain on this issue, many have come forward with offers of help even as authorities are waking up to the challenge and the realization that it is sweet children in desperate need  they are dealing with and not a bunch of freeloading illegal immigrants.  One such report is here: 

It shows that utter selfishness and callousness has not been able to win over the indomitable human spirit charged with love. It was to this end this blogger wrote on twitter, blogs and online spaces furiously over the last week to everyone that mattered, from Speaker Boehner to KIND; from President Obama to UNHCR and everyone else besides, ever since the matter came to his attention.  May the Lord bless all children of the world and may the Lord bless those who come forward to lend a helping hand to the guardian angels of these children.

UPDATE JULY 10, 2014
The UN has endorsed the stand of this blog right from the start. According to it: 
"U.S. and Mexico should recognize that this is a refugee situation, which implies that they shouldn't be automatically sent to their home countries but rather receive international protection."
For a full report see:

UPDATE JULY 11, 2014

“What the United States is seeing on its borders now is not an immigration crisis. It is a refugee crisis’ New York Times,



keiko amano said…

I've shared this blog on FB. Thank you for your great job. This is the first time I saw the definition of what refugees are. Thank you for clarification.

I'm always so impressed with Americans. Some harsh words are spoken sometimes to protect the US, but there is always others rise above it.
ashok said…
Thank you for sharing Keiko and for your nice comments. Yes I worked quite hard on this on several forums and places on the net and hope that some of my words had a positive effect. I have at few other times before whenever widespread distress of large numbers of children came to my notice. As we grow up we develop so many different aspects to our personality not all nice but children are innocent and therefore the nicest beings on our planet. Their distress needs our full attention and care in my view.

Thanks for appreciating the effort.
keiko amano said…
Your words about children touched me deeply. I know exactly where your energy in writing, editing, and twittering the post is coming from.

With much appreciation.
ashok said…
Thank you Keiko.
ashok said…
It appears that the concerns of this bloggers and others has paid off. The UN has now endorsed the stand taken by this blogger from the start - that these children are refugees and in need of international protection - as given in the latest update at the end of the post
raymond said…
I agree, these children need to be protected from our U.S. government.
Ashok said…
Thanks Raymond. It has been very painful to see children in desperate need being ill treated.

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