The American Crisis - children on the borders

American Crisis

Children scared out of their wits are fleeing their homes, even two year old children, a violence fueled by War against Drugs that appears to have been initiated and encouraged by America, not just in Central America but around the world by pressing unwilling governments such as those in India to classify cannabis as an illegal drug, a herb that has been held as divine for thousands of years. Prior to 1985 many a poor farmer under distress from debt and drought calmed himself with a drink or smoke of cannabis. Now he commits suicide instead to the howls and wails of his screaming children and wife left behind. Alcohol is not an option, it is considered a crime causing and addictive poison in many an Indian village, which in fact is true. Thank you America but the world is not surprised when you can do it to your own Veterans who defended your country and now suffer from PTSD, compel them to ruin their guts and livers for big pharma profit perhaps, and hound the likes of a proud Veteran Chris to prison for life, for trying to save his guts, liver and life for the sake of his sweet infant child by growing a few plants of cannabis in his yard.

America and its FDA need to express remorse and apologize to its own people and the world for a lie that has caused needless and huge human suffering by insisting that cannabis has no medicinal value, that it is more dangerous than opium that is in schedule II or alcohol available around the corner

Many children fleeing Central America as a result of the drug wars now die in the wilderness or by falling off the tops of trains, but some reach as far as America. They are arriving on the American southern border in thousands.

Some in America are concluding that the Obama administration is encouraging this because of its policies. However, the simple thing for any human to understand is that whatever be the encouragement, no child will leave  home and parents  to make a dangerous journey of thousands of mile, unless they are escaping something really very scary. If someone does not believe this, I would like them to offer an inducement to any child in America or most other countries to leave their home and trek across the desert and across thousands of mile for your home. If you succeed, you win the point, otherwise get real. Obama is not the Pied Piper of Hamlin. That is a fairy tale character.
What the Obama administration is really doing instead is not shooting these kids at the border as some in Texas perhaps seem to suggest or catching hold of them, loading them into a plane to throw into the amazon jungle or the pacific ocean. It seems, if a report on it was correct, that the Texan Governor seems to think citizens are in danger from five and some year old girls and boys, and is catching them by the thousands and throwing them in lock-ups. 

They flee their homes, when scared out of their wits, towards America, a journey of thousands of miles. Many die on the way. Some make it. They come from many Latin American countries except one - Uruguay. This is because it has a President called Jose Mujica who trashed the American idea of a war against drugs and won the battle with love instead (See here). The war on drugs may have increased drug trafficking, because it increases profits and deaths just as the war on terror seems to have increased terror and deaths due to it around the world. You can read a recent report about the kids arriving in USA and how they are treated after they arrive here:

Another well balanced and very well informed solid report explaining the issue is here

It must be mentioned at the outset that from every possible definition of a refugee, these unaccompanied children arriving on the US southern border are refugees and not immigrants, even though some in USA have been referring to them with the latter nomenclature

This appears to be the greatest ever tragedy in the history of mankind that exclusively and solely affects children, and because of it also the most heart-breaking, for it has been amongst humans that even the vilest of them are kind to helpless children devoid of adult protection.  The world is watching how America, that claims to be the greatest nation on earth responds to it.
 In case a reader is aware of another instance in history where a greater dislocation exclusively of children from home and country took place, please do inform through a comment so that any necessary correction may be made. Further in case a reader feels that an ill treatment and congested confinement of thousands of innocent children unprotected by guardians and/or forcing them into situations where their life is put at risk is not a gross violation of humanity please also inform as a comment so that any necessary correction may be made to the statements here.
Persons, whose hearts have hardened and who bear a hatred against a community or group often  mix up issues, for example those who hate blacks would talk of some who are criminal amongst them before damning the entire community. Some such thing is happening with these poor unaccompanied children too. Their issue is being mixed up with other issues of illegal immigrants such as gang members and of adult illegals to damn the whole lot of them including these children in distress.
In the group that arrived was a sweet little five year curly haired girl whose parents had been shot by a drug gang. They did not wake up even though she kept shaking them and crying by their side for two days because they were dead. From time to time she got up to drink water from the tap or eat sugar from a jar when hungry.  A boy from the neighborhood visited once and told her they had gone to God's home but she did not where that was. When the gang members came again to check she ran out of her home from fear. She tagged along with a seven year old boy in the neighborhood who too was running away because of the violence, for a dangerous journey of escape. Surely she would find her mama and papa then if that was to heaven, where mama would kiss her goodnight and papa would pick her up to give a hug again. They arrived nearly dead from hunger on the American border several days later. She had survived on top a train by munching on biscuits this little boy had in his pocket given by a kind old poverty stricken Mexican at a station who bade them safe journey with a flying kiss and a little water an older girl let her sip from her bottle along with her two year old little brother, all the while hanging on tight to other kids. It is thousands of others with a kind heart like the kind old Mexican pauper who guide these children on or they would never find their way, along with some not as kind ones who act as self appointed guides for groups of kids, but after taking away most of the money any of the kids have on them. At the American border an official rounded them up gruffly including this little girl and another nine year old girl, the one with the water bottle, with a two year old brother in her arms, before herding them into a windowless room. Another said she would be brought before a judge and not be given the benefit of an attorney. One asked if she knew her rights under something called POTUS. For heavens sake does your child know about judges and attorneys, law and rights, do they even care about it. What has happened to some of these Americans? A woman said these kids are like flies. The Lord alone knows if this sweet lost five year old and other children with her are like flies or this woman is a shame on humanity.
Some are painting pictures of diseases being brought in, if that was the case why are American tourists still visiting Latin America? Others are painting scenarios of the country being overrun by illegal immigrants.
Never before anywhere on earth, ever in the history of mankind has an unaccompanied  child of five been an illegal, except perhaps now to some in America and if 50, 000 or even 500 thousand children can run over a large country like America  then nothing could be more weird. Lebanon is a thousand times smaller than America in size and much poorer. It has a million refugees from Syria.

Recently Speaker John Boehner wrote a letter to the US President about it. His letter is here:

Size of USA is about 1000 times the size of Lebanon
The letter describes how the US is facing a humanitarian crisis on its southern borders with children from Latin America pouring in to escape violence in their home countries. This blogger contributed to the reply online but the reply has philosophical and historical significance. It relates with much that has been posted in this blog earlier. Hence the reply is posted here too with slight editorial improvements,

Speaker, one line in your letter says - coming to escape violence - The US can do a lot to reduce that violence too and then there would be no need for that escape. The US may have contributed to that violence in Latin America as in Afghanistan and Iraq - by having believed that a war will solve problems. Just as the war on the dictatorship of Saddam increased misery of Iraqi people several fold; the war on terror increased terrorists several fold; misery caused by drugs has increased several fold by war on drugs. America must give up its love of wars and guns in its own country and elsewhere to protect its own children as well as those of the world despite the fact that weapon sales and contributions to the Rifle Association would plummet,  because there is nothing else that is sweeter on the planet than human children. There are other organizations that are safer to collect a campaign contribution from.

Learn from Jose Mujica of Uruguay and how he won the war on drugs with love not war. This is how: ,

America is perhaps the greatest nation to appear on the face of the Earth after Rome, Moghul India and Colonial UK, but please do not do things that encourage killing of sweet children in the very least in the world and inside your own schools by loving assault weapons and permitting them in the hands of effected individuals and please love the right wars not wrong ones - How to find which is which? - The ones sponsored by love are the right ones and those sponsored by greed and pride the wrong ones. Yes you did make a mistake in Iraq but the war on drugs is a bigger mistake. You got it all wrong about drugs like cannabis and have created wars over it in the world forcing these sweet children to escape over thousands of miles from their beloved homes and most loved parents from countries where they lived in peace with these very drugs for thousands of years as everywhere else in the world in a not so distant past, even as the Afghans did for five thousand years and the Iraqis for longer. A child in my neighborhood messed up his garden when he was given a power mower.  You have done much good in the world, there is no doubt about that but is it possible you have you messed up the world too,  America? 

When sweet innocent children in distress in tens and hundreds of thousands run thousands of miles from their homes all by themselves, something that has never ever happened before in the history of mankind,  and are desecrated and defiled by a nation regarded as civilized in the thousands instead of being provided solace, with voices that ring high up in the firmament, illegals, diseased creatures,  flies, shoot them at the border, send in the border guards, send an army, present the two year old and the rest before a judge, lock them up into rooms without windows, do not give them an attorney, we do not believe in refugees, we shall call them all illegal immigrants because we do not want them, refugees are for others, they better look after them even if they are in millions, that is the law, or we shall drone the shits out of them, throw these vile flies back into the Mexican desert where they came from;  the time when the Lord pushes the button may not be very far.
Would the reaction have been as inhuman if theses children were refugees from Northern Europe? Could the American reaction  be a result of racism against the Latinos, a racism so foul and putrid that it does not even spare infants and children? This is easily checked by seeing the race of the ones making such hate statements 
Wake up America, children have arrived on your southern borders, all sweet angels. There are no tears in their eyes of these children now because they dried en-route. Some died in the journey. Those that have arrived are tired, hungry and exhausted. Please, Please do not stuff them into windowless rooms for weeks as you do with prisoners in Guantanamo bay. For heavens' sake have a heart, those that have arrived now are children not criminals. Or has your heart now hardened because you deny medical care to your own poor children who cannot afford it as provided in nearly all civilized countries on earth today and for thousands of years in the past when it was near free in any case; or because you permit assault weapons in the hands of all kinds, even to kill at time sweet little kids in school? Should we humans feel disgusted and ashamed at this behavior by us? Shame on us humans!
If you can locate the parents of some surely you must help reunite them, but if some have none please do not shoot them at the border or catch them to throw later in the pacific ocean or Amazon Jungles or even the Mexican deserts. Please welcome these desperate children with open arms and a loving hug, you are blessed in having been given this chance by the Lord for the most precious act in the universe, to love a child. You do not have to believe that God appears as a helpless child, to be loved not defiled, but do consider they are just as lovely as your own child if your ever loved one. Please do not break their hearts for heavens sake. It is much more fragile than yours.

But there is just one difficulty speaker - Greed and utter selfishness is Sweet, in this the greed of the drug companies and the gun companies, the bankers and every other kind of greed, oh so sweet! (hope it doesn't hurt later!).  Please do reflect in the very least on what has been said here and the given links that expand on it.

Just as great men face an inevitable crisis so do great nations - the effects of pride of that greatness- but as King Solomon said thousands of year ago, pride precedes a fall. and much wealth is destroyed by an excess of greed. Just as great men are protected by a few virtues so are great nations - love and humility and their leaders shall be protected by truth and mercy.. This is it, this is the only war worth winning. The others are imaginary ones that can be played on a video screen - bang, bang, bang, me Roy Rogers, me Injun Chief, like the cowboys of the wild west, to win. 
  • It is not good to carry that game out into real life because the other guy feels the pain as much as you do when you bleed, the other child feels it as much as yours when he or she bleeds. Many have been bombed out of their lives in Iraq and Syria, and Afghanistan that lived in peace for thousands of years with its staunch upright people that no nation has ever been able to conquer, including the mighty British Empire, or the Soviets of a bygone era, a nation that lived with pride and peace before others entered to try and teach them how to live in peace. How shall you conquer these people with an indomitable spirit when you are not able to take care of less than a million helpless children and attempt to brand unaccompanied infants as illegals and present them to a judge. This for children in desperate need, in part due to policies perpetuated by you, dislodged from their homes, and that one thing every human, even animals, love most - a mother.
Imagine if your child had to flee home to escape violence across thousands of miles of deserts and unknown lands! The pain that others feel is just the same as the one you do. Just right now the feet of those that arrived on your southern border are bleeding. They lost a shoe each on the way.  Get up quick, hurry,  go give them a hug and a kiss and if they burst forth into tears of relief, do not worry, that shall turn into a smile when you give them an ice cream or a burger, and a little doll for the sweet little girl.

Officers, please let go of my hands a minute, I need to fix a shoe please. It will stop the blood from making your country dirty.

Where to keep so many children?
While it seems that the unaccompanied minors are in desperate and urgent need of help, communities where it is proposed to shelter them are worried and afraid of their lives being disrupted in major ways. This is completely understandable from the point of view of an average citizen whose lives have already been taking a turn for the worse ever since the financial crisis of 2008. For example see a report on this here The need of the hour is to perhaps to come up with a completely new and innovative plan to shelter these children, plans that can not only help these children but also help create new quality jobs for others. One such plan that can be initiated on an immediate basis while it develops slowly over the subsequent years is described in the continuing post on the issue.

UPDATE JULY 23, 2014

The latest reports show that the values of Love and humanity that made America into a great nation that it is are still alive and throbbing; the voices of hate and selfishness in a minority. Long live the human side of America. See this report


Loving hearts are coming forward in America to take care of the shoe problems. Bless their souls. See this report:


ashok said…
Although this post got a lot of views so as to become the most read one this month, many views from America as the stats revealed. Links of it were communicated to President Obama, John Boehner and several others that cn play a role in the issue through twitter. However so far there are no comments. Hopefully this is because it has been realized that while some issues require debate, others such as this one require urgent action to alleviate the suffering of very young children in distress. There have been signs of some such urgent action through other media to bring a little assurance to persons seriously worried about the issue around the world, for there are humans who see an image of their own child in any child in distress anywhere.
mrsMcFierscon said…
I agree, it's a heartbreaking crisis. I don't want most of these children sent back to whatever horrific situation they were in before. The US needs to carry some responsibility, our discrete yet financial backing of the coup against Manuel Zeleya, our war on drugs which pushed Mexico into a militarized war on drugs. It's a complex scenario and it's so irritating to read the US media's approach of republican vs democrat, as if it's just some political scheme that has everything to do with the US govt red and blue, overshadowing the plights of these children.
ashok said…
Mrs McFierscon thank you. Your words are indeed very reassuring. Hope many more such voices rise so the right thing is done by these children.

Sending some back to their parents could be a good idea if the home they came from is not a broken one or another ruined by drugs or death. However, very many may not be or the children would not have left in the first place. The normal human experience is that a child is much attached to a home and parents much attached to children. Something very wrong and very awful is going on there.

People in the rest of the world get the news. they have little to do with politics, but we all worry because we have had our own children and felt very distressed at their minor travails too. Nothing like this, which would have been mind boggling had it happened to my children.

Perhaps some are finding this burdensome on the economy but a good deed does produce good results in the long run and even in the short run it could be turned out into a job creation measure. I mentioned some such thing in the post immediately after this one. The first thing that is required though is to open ones heart to these sweet little angels.

My experience of life is that children up to 5 are fully innocent, the very picture of the Lord or love and it is only later slowly that things like ego etc. begin to interfere with that godliness but slowly, and much innocence remain as long as a child is a minor.
ashok said…
Just now this article was edited removing some of its strongest parts that are not appropriate to retain if innocent children are not being ill treated and steps are being taken for their care. Some such appears to have begun it would seem from some reports now. The important thing is to treat these children with love and care until issues are examined and not the reverse, because ill treat or even a neglect of a child that is in distress and unprotected by guardians or other caring adults is a really very horrifying thought to any human with the least of humanity in their hearts.
WhisperDeCorvo said…
Why can we not set up a system like Britain did right before the second world war?
My family would happily take in a child or two and cover their costs.
As a parent my situation would have to be unspeakably dire to send my child away alone. I can only imagine the heartbreak. I'd want a family somewhere to watch my baby until I could see them again.
ashok said…
If there were more people like you Whisper with compassion in their hearts the world would be much nicer place. Unfortunately other issues like politics, hate, race etc. take precedence with some.
Kerry said…
My name is Kerry Melton. I am a San Diegan transplanted to Gettysburg Pa. I don't know where to turn to find info and I'm hoping you might be able to help.
I have been sadly watching the events unfold on the Mexican/American border. It's keeping me up at night worrying about all those children. My husband and I were been trained as special needs foster parents in WV. I also worked for years teaching special needs and kindergarten children in the Kanawha County School District in WV.. We no longer live there. We now live in Gettysburg PA ( moved here to get my son help). I'm now a stay at home mom/grandmother. My husband has been working for Verizon (not wireless) for over 20 yrs we live in a 4 bedroom (actually 5, but I converted one into my studio where I create) home that's becoming an empty nest.
I'm wondering if there are any opportunities for us to help out in anyway. To foster/sponsor some of these children who are here and need a place to land and be safe, while in our country. Every child has the right to be in a safe, dependable and nurturing environment. I have been thinking and worry about the damage that's happening to a lot of these children, being in a constant state of fear and uncertainty and being without their loved ones who have been their source of love and security. I cant understand how so many people are being hateful toward these kids. Do they forget what America was like 300 yrs ago? About who the land they live on belonged to then.

I'm also very disappointed that there isn't information out there to connect people to organizations were they can volunteer time, hone, food and love. It sounds like many of these kids are in prison situations.

My degree is in criminal Justice and I spend years working as a youth care worker and in both a lockdown facility for kids who have committed serious crimes and then as child care worker working in a shelter for run aways and over flow from the juvinille justice center. I chose that career, because I had. Son who has Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD and Bipolar. I wanted to gain the skills needed to give him the best chance possible. I did everything I could think of to make sure I did that. Even going as far as moving 300 miles from my husband living in a long distance marriage, so I could bring him back to Gettysburg. I knew the programs they had here. Where I lived (Charleston WV) there were do intensive or any real programs for children in need. My son is now 25 and on his own supporting his fiancée' and my 3 yr old grand daughter. I feel I can do the same for other children who need love and understanding.

I also worry about the care of women in custody who may be pregnant and need care and education. I am a DONA trained Doula. I was trained by DONA and worked with midwives from Women Care in Charleston WV and strongly believe no pregnant women should be living in the conditions they are now in.

I was watching Anderson Cooper the other night and he did a piece about a woman who was from Fla and is helping a bunch of these kids, but I don't know who to get into contact with to find out how to do it. If she can do test, I'm thinking there has to be things other people can do on a smaller scale.i just need to find someone who can help me find an organization who is organizing help for the refugees.

If there are any organizations, groups, or small pods of people who are helping the people get the help they need, could you point me in their direction?


Kerry Melton
Ashok said…
Kerry, The organisation known as KIND has been doing a lot of good work for these children. Please try and locate them through google search or net. You may also find them on twitter to begin with at (just copy that link in your browser to reach that and then you will find more links to proceed. Best wishes. Your sentiment are appreciated.
Kerry said…
Thank you Ashok,
I will contact them. Can you email me ifs you happen upon anyone who is in the trenches, one on one down there who is advocating and trying to get and knows not to get these kids in a better situation. I. Com uncaring with a couple chuches.. One is very large, who is asking me to let them know what I find out..
Thank you so much
Ashok said…
OK Kerry, best wishes
Ashok said…
As a result of a discussion today morning on twitter, my attention was drawn to this note of last year again and therefore i revisited it, edited a bit and shared again on Google plus and twitter because it appears to be still relevant.
Vinod Khurana said…
Dear Ashok ji,
What disturbs me most,how such an open democracy can be so inhuman. Law may be blind but it's never inhuman. What if a similar tragedy happened on their side of the border and the people had to flee on the other side to save their lives.Hope better sense prevails and UN also steps in. It's heartening to note that some good people have volunteered to adopt some of these children. May God bless these noble souls.
Ashok said…
Very well said Vinod. Some of the inhumanity of the modern world really shocks the sensibilities of many in the world. Yet there are others who come forward to help and the UN did play a great role in this case as did many NGOs including Kind. President Obama too made great initiatives to help despite opposition from within and recently the courts too have helped with the Supreme court ruling that children can not be put in detention.
Ashok said…
More recently the tragedy of children in Gaza and Syria has been heart breaking too. What is surprising is that while technology has advanced hugely in the world over the last century, human values have slid drastically and as always the most vulnerable suffer the most, little children being the most vulnerable and worst off, whereas they are the sweetest in creation with souls of angels.

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