Hidden Benefits of Physical Exercise


Modern life style, especially in cities has become such that one can get by with little physical exercise. It was never so in the past. About half a century ago, some walking, in the very least, was part of daily human routine. That is how the human body has evolved over thousands of years.  A life without physical exercise is unnatural to the human body. It may have sad consequences on human well being and the fact that some do not realize it is because they have got used to their new sadder compromised state of being and do not notice.

Just a simple exercise of half an hour a day for five or six days a week and some more that involves bending or stretching can improve matters a lot. About an hour a day for five or six days is better with some days involving more - two or three hours - gardening or a hike in the countryside is great. Consider activities like fixing, cleaning, gardening, planting trees. One ends up doing productive labor too. It is also good if a bit of exercise is vigorous exercise that gets a person sweating and breathing rapidly, for example, a bit of jogging on level ground included within a walk. However do remember that too much of a good thing can be bad too, therefore choose your physical exertion wisely in keeping with your age, never putting your body into much strain because then one may end up with harm instead of good.

Walking is one of the best and most natural of exercises and walking through green areas is far better than walking through built up spaces.  Swimming and cycling are good too. One needs to add to that some exercise that requires bending and stretching. Racket games, dancing, yoga, gardening etc. can easily provide that. This note is a brief one and cannot go into details but you shall find a wealth of information on the subject easily whenever you wish to. Getting some instructions from a coach/physical trainer would be good just as long as you do not get over-enthusiastic about it like him and over do it.

The first benefit of exercise is an improvement of breathing and the physical apparatus connected to breathing. Many physical processes of the body are connected with it. Next are improvements in virtually every part of your body. All know that the human body adapts to physical activity in a way so as to increase ability and stamina. It is because of this that limbs of a paralyzed person shrink while those of a body builder expand.

Obese and overweight persons can lose weight provided they take care not to increase carbohydrate content of their diets while underweight persons will put on weight just as long as they increase their carbohydrate intake i.e. bread and fats like butter as well as proteins, fruits and vegetables. All in all, those who do regular physical exercise become better looking, more able and happier persons. So far what we have described is something that is more or less well known to most educated persons. For a more detailed treatment of the subject from a medical point of view check out:

Now let us hear of some hidden benefits of exercise to mind, body and soul not so widely known

Hidden Benefits;

Body: The first thing that happens to a person after physical activity is to become thirstier than usual. Intake of more water cleanses and rejuvenates every cell of the body. Some persons knowing the benefit of fluids try to increase drinks without thirst, pushing water down their throats, even when not thirsty. In this latter case, instead of benefit they may end up with harm.

Mind: A person who has tired his body a bit through physical exercise or work sleeps better. This alone helps to improve clarity of thought and memory aside from the direct benefit of exercise to the same.

Soul: When one sleeps better, one dreams better, and that is when sub-conscious emotional dilemmas of the soul are resolved. As we go through life we suffer anger, hurt, fear etc. but suppress these at the time mostly so as to get on with our lives. Nevertheless these emotions remaine stored up inside and contribute to our personality. It is during dreams that a mind gets to deal with them because then the gates to the subconscious mind open up. There is an older note on that in this blog. The net result is that emotional baggage of the soul is reduced, bit by bit, to refresh the inner core of a being

Do note that if you have not been exercising for long and begin now, the benefits may not show right away. The body needs some time to reset. There may appear to be a few set backs in the first few weeks or so. However within a few weeks, the body will adjust into a new superior state of being. The author’s Best wishes are with you in that.


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