Cold Drinks for Long Life and Good Health


In the northern Hemisphere, summer has started in some places and in others it is knocking on the door. During such times the human body thirsts for cold drinks and there are very many popular ones in the market. The trouble is that the popular ones are not good for health and moves are afoot to ban them in parts of the world.

The source of ill health from cold drinks is the use of chemicals in their preparation including sugar which too is a chemical. However with a little innovation cold drinks can be a source of good health, a health tonic rather than harmful. All that is required is to use extracts of natural healthy herbs in place of chemicals. Then they can be carbonated and marketed similarly. Here are some suggestions for an enterprising manufacturer out there as to what can be used

Sweetener: Stevia leaves
Acidity: Natural sources of citric and ascorbic acid such as dried lemons and/or the myroblan amala
Stimulant: green or black tea

For more suggestions an interested manufacturer can search through this blog on herbs and flowers for drinks or contact this blogger, initially as a comment here.

In the meantime there are numerous healthy drinks you can make easily at home on your own. Check out this older post for that:


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