Loving Relationships are Precious, do not neglect them

We encounter many persons in our journey through life. Of the many, we shall discover that it is only a few that are truly sincere and loving ones. The reference here is not to romantic or sexual relationships, because that has distinct differences and requires its own special treatment, but other kind of relationships.

You would realize on little reflection and age that of the many you encounter in life, only a few from among them - brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends - were of the sincere loving kind, people who were delighted at your happiness and saddened when you were sad, those who were good human beings, so that poor human qualities did not cause difficulties in the interaction.These few are less than the fingers on your hand so that it is easy to keep track of them if you wished to. These few are your true soul mates in the journey through life and they are precious. Often we do not realize how precious, so we neglect them. That is a grave mistake. The best approach is to cherish these relationships, be grateful for them and not neglect them, because when we neglect such relationships they are frequently lost to us for life and we miss the joy they would have added to our lives. It is like attending a feast that has numerous dishes, the feast of life, but you miss to eat the good ones and return after consuming poorer side dishes. One need not strain or stress oneself if life has decided to put distance between you and such persons but at the same time,
“Do not ignore or neglect loving relationships. They are a precious gift unto you in life”


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