Prophecy and Spirituality

Space and Time are aspects of the Almighty
The great thing about twitter is that if you are following some of the leading news and media, one gets to hear any important news or trends before it comes on TV and other places in print or online. From time to time, some news comes that this blog had already mentioned in advance in this blog, much in advance and at such times it is pointed out by me as a reply in twitter while quoting the link. The reason for that is that there is an intimate connection between spirituality and prophecy and this blog has much spiritual content and therefore a little prophecy too enters form time to time. It is because of this connection that that some leading ancient have been called prophets.

For example yesterday, a tweet mentioned that Australia is likely to be most affected by climate changes. That was something stated four years ago in this blog in Feb 2011 in a post on saline conditions. Some days earlier Oxfam had reported that about one percent of the wealthy persons own about 99 percent of wealth and that too had been mentioned much earlier in an older post in this blog (on back to nature).

There are other things that this blog has mentioned in advance, for example the day of birth of Prince George and that it would be a boy and more recently that he would have a sister in 2015 ( yet to happen). It was also mentioned in advance that Prince George would be a bonny baby, of a healthy weight at birth; Princess of Cambridge on the other hand shall be a sweet bundle of joy.

It was also explained in some earlier posts how this blog ends up stating things in advance. The simple answer is that a major component of this blog is linked to spirituality and an element of prophecy has always followed spirituality like a shadow follows a man. There is a perfectly valid spiritual explanation for it that would be too long to discuss here, but one thing may be answered that such prophecies apply only for significant events. As regards minor day to day events, no prophecy may apply since individual free will and choice may alter them.

Having said that, not all prophetic visions are pleasant, one major one in this blog has been of a predicted apocalypse in the period around 2025 and before 2050 (but can never be sure of exact timing that is in small error for an event of one in thousands of years). Hope mankind undertakes major reforms before that and it proves to be just one big fallacy. However in case that has worried someone, the same prophecy did also mention that it would not apply to those who can reform at the individual level too. To read more about it check this out:


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