What is Sun Inspired Yoga

Sun Inspired Yoga

Sun inspired yoga is to wake up to the song of birds, to greet and thank the early morning sun that sustains all life. It is to help protect all life, all green things and everything that walks on legs, even those without legs. It is to oppose those who tend to damage life and perpetuate violence for the sake of their greed or madness but not with hatred, rather with love and understanding, because hatred can never be conquered with hatred, it may however be banished with love, yet it is to shun those who tend to fill life with negativities and contentions.

It is to commune with and meditate in the sunshine, green forests and flower filled valleys, beside lakes and rivers of pure blue waters and snow capped peaks. It is to fill one's life with love, laughter and a song even as the Almighty fills one’s heart with joy and steps breaking out in a dance. But that is a bit too general and somewhat poetic you might say, dear reader, and ask, what are the specific things to do, what road to take towards the sun, or the few steps to climb, in order to become a sun inspired yogi? Then you might read this

Walking towards the sun and happiness


Ashok said…
A rather colorful metaphor used in the first draft of this post has been changed with the word 'shun' now :)

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