The Color of President Obama’s Tie

A Color for President Obama's tie

President Obama has been on an inspiring and delightful visit to India for the last three days. As this blogger watched his numerous appearances on TV it was noticed that the color of his tie was a shade of blue every time. The first lady by his side wore very many floral printed dresses looking extremely elegant and pretty. The thought then occurred to this blogger to fine tune this shade of blue tie for him. A small book on dress colors called the CAANS System suggests fortunate dress colors for different persons based on some astrological and numerological principles. Although this author does not fully understands how but on a heuristic basis it appears to work well for many famous as well as ordinary persons. There are some earlier posts in this blog based on that. For men the latest edition of the book suggests two colors for upper garments especially ties worn on white shirts under blue or black jackets. The colors are defined by RGB values. The methodology applied to President Obama resulted in two shades for the tie, one green with RGB values 125, 200, 150 and the second blue with RGB values 125, 200, 250. The shade of blue is slightly different from the shade he was wearing on his visit. It is as shown. it is a gift from this blogger for his wonderful visit to India.

The CAANS system applies to both men and women and the most fortunate dress colors for The First lady Michelle Obama as determined by this system are as below

Dress Colors for First Lady Michelle Obama by CAANS System of dress colors


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