True Success – The Good and the Bad

The path that leads to the gate in the author's home
At the root, humans are basically a species of good beings All begin their lives by loving their mothers or care giver with utmost tenderness. They nevertheless do much wrong through the course of their life times (this author is included, hence the knowledge). This is because of lack of wisdom or a limited wisdom and habits that develop out of that and manifest according to circumstances. By far the biggest lack of wisdom is to think that all actions, good or bad shall not be brought to account at some stage sooner or later. A good person on the other hand, knowing that there is a Universal Eye that notes all, does good not for the reward but because it feels good and right to do that.

The practice of love and compassion, truth and simplicity helps one to overcome shortcomings and drives one towards wisdom and good habits. The reverse helps to enhance one's foolishness and drives one closer to the intensely dark, virtually bottomless pit of misery. A life is worthy and successful to the extent that it has increased wisdom during the course of its lifetime. It has evolved to a better state for a better new life ahead. Any other measure of success such as name, fame, wealth, power etc. is an illusion that is snatched away from him sooner or later, as are things in a dream. There is no doubt to this statement because it has happened to every human that walked upon the face of this earth from the beginning of time.

This does not imply that one should not enjoy the good things like fame, money etc. provided they arrive through good means that do not create stress or call for making compromises to the principles of love, truth and simplicity, or as a gift unasked from the Universe, this last really being how all good things come even though human ego makes them believe otherwise, because better it is to enjoy a good dream rather than suffer a nightmare. However it does imply that errors would be made the moment its transient nature ignored or it is given so much importance that they make a human disregard other human lives and compromise the very purpose of life. It is the desire of worldly gains and anger born from frustrations on this path that blinds one human from the suffering caused to fellow humans. It can assume grossly wicked proportions and thus also be termed as the path of the devil.

Such errors are the cause of huge wealth inequalities on the planet, wars, homelessness, and much other suffering and misery of large sections of humanity on the planet even the sweetest of all humans - children, for God manifests himself most clearly in children; and hunger that can only be the result of human exploitation because the Lord has made enough food available for animals, insects and the lowliest of creatures too. He does not stop a hand for taking it to the mouth but in some cases or for some grace period, for a chance to atone, He also does not banish the hand that snatches it away. The Universal hand permits the sufferers to suffer perhaps because of their unfortunate karma, a karma like the perpetuators and their sympathizers and collaborators are now generating because of their deeds that have caused the suffering or inaction to undo it when it was within their rights, obligations and abundant means to do so. The latter create such karma for unfolding in future, on another night, another life, if not within this very dream taking a bad turn all of a sudden, when the soul sleeps and the senses awaken.


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