Colors of America 2016, Bush vs. Clinton and Bernie too

NOTE: This is an old post from 2014 when Bernie Sanders was not in the race but after he came in, an update has been added on him in a new section at the end of this note.

The media is speculating that the Presidential race in USA in 2016 might be between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Since America is presently the most influential country in world affairs, the entire world is looking at this with interest. Best wishes to both although this blogger feels that a Republican may not be able to help the majority of American people at a time when inequalities have been rising for over three decades.

In an earlier post, while referring to a book ( found easily by search on Amazon) on fortunate dress colors – The CAANS System, based on some personal metaphysical (not substantiated by science but by belief and intuition) data of the person this blog had published the fortunate dress colors of Hillary Clinton. The book has terrible reviews on Amazon as can happen with things mystical but in reality has fantastic suggestions. Those reviews may be by people who fail in life while some who have conformed to the suggestions have laughed all the way to the bank or become world leaders.

To level out the playing field, at least as far as this blog is concerned, the same exercise has now been repeated for Jeb Bush. Both colors along with their precise RGB values are published below. Just to clarify, the dresses can be combined with black or white as per the book and are most effective on the upper part of the body,  e.g. a shirt or tie with white shirt of the indicated color for a man. The color the system produced for Jeb appears to be the color for a nice and friendly retiring man perhaps and not a future President.

The color shown here is the second CAANS color for Hillary, the first one was in an earlier post here: 
A Caans dress color for Jeb Bush

 A Caans dress Color for Hillary Clinton
UPDATE: April 20, 2015: Perhaps Hillary or someone on her behalf has noted the suggestion of this blog if one went by a recent picture here:    Best wishes to her.

UPDATE May 3, 2015

Bernie Sanders

Now we have Bernie Sanders in the race too. He is a staunch advocate of greater equality and the world needs that. America appears to have done exceedingly well with a conservative right wing economic philosophy until around 1980. Even though the rich got richer, the others got richer too and inequalities did not increase. However ever since 1978 things seem to have got out of hand and inequalities have been rising with the rich getting richer and the poor being pushed into hunger and homelessness. A trickle down effect appears to have reversed into a trickle up one for more than three decades now. For more on this with data, reasons and causes see this other article in a companion blog, here:

Some concerns arise from his age but that can be fixed. If he begins consumption of some of the Himalayan herbs described in this blog and begins drinking the cocktail – Pee Johnny, also described in an earlier post, we might just have a young Bernie again. Pee Johnny is half an ounce of well aged scotch whiskey, some ice and filled up to a glass with the water of a fresh green coconut. It bears that name because aside from its tonic value it is a strong diuretic. There is another equally mystical Himalayan suggestion that could help Bernie. Some astrologically and numerological determined colors for a man’s tie or jacket seem to have helped other world leaders elsewhere. The method has been summarized in a brief book called the CAANS system for dress colors available widely.  I looked that up for Bernie to find his fortunate colors. Here it is: Both are shades of blue recommended for a tie or even jackets on white shirts with RGB values determined from his birth and name data as RGB, 50, 50, 150 and 50, 50, 250. It is illustrated in the picture, and boy, oh boy, do those colors ever look Presidential!

CAANS System Dress Colors for Bernie Sanders

 May the best man or lady win
May the Best candidate win, who can contribute to greater peace and happiness in America and the world, to the majority 99.9 percent, not just the elite 0.1, as some might have been doing for the last thirty years resulting in just 85 individuals owning as much wealth as that of half the humans on the planet according to a report by Oxfam International (see here). 
An open letter to Bernie sanders here from Mystic Himalayas

UPDATE JUNE, 29, 2015

I watch all the personalities mentioned in this post from time to time whenever they happen to come on media and recently I was pleasantly surprised to note that while Bernie looks the same as always, Hillary Clinton has begun to look far younger than her years. I am wondering if she has taken up the Himalayan secrets of becoming younger again as mentioned in this note. I know from past knowledge that she loves eastern food and is open to mystic and herbal knowledge. My best wishes to her once again. May the best person win. Was just wondering what Bill would be called this time if they do since Hillary would bt POTUS. He shall be FGOTUS (First Gentleman)


This is a very old post that this blogger had forgotten about. He was reminded of it today when a tweeter commented on the color of Bernie' tie and realized that Donald Trump is missing from this post. This blogger apologizes for the oversight and the deficiency is now made up by reporting his mystic colors similarly. They are light pastel shades of blue and green suitable for garments on the upper part of the body, tie on white shirt, or full shirts in the color. On a white shirt a tie of this color would create more harmony than contrast but Trump has been seen in a picture with a white bow tie on white shirt so he does use the concept.

CAANS color of the real Donald Trump
UPDATE May 29, 2016

After the last update a link was tweeted to Donald Trump. He has been seen with that color in tie since

UPDATE JULY 27, 2016 - Dr. Jill Stein

As of today Dr. Jill Stein has become a viable candidate for POTUS too. Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race and his supporters are going over to Jill of the Green party because she has a  very similar platform and agenda as Bernie. Time has come to ascertain her CAANS color too, a link would be tweeted to her. It tuned out to be a most unusual and single color for her a very light grayish shade almost white but it does match her hair color. The precise color is defined by its RGB values. It is recommended she wear dresses in that color for maximum charisma in public as other successful leaders have done. It was ascertained based on a birthdate found on the internet, May 14.
Dr. Jill Stein, CAANS dress color
UPDATE August 2016

Since this post noticed Jill in approximately this color top here in several pictures with a contrasting shawl or jacket. Looks excellent on her. Perhaps she might consider a similar change for her twitter profile image. Will tweet her this suggestion in any case.


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