Climate Change and Jolly Old Grandma

The Fairy Tale Art of Carl Larsson

Did you hear that Jolly old grandma was developing bags under her eyes and she worried and made a fuss that her bags were getting larger and it would be her end. At the same time cancers were developing on her left, right and center and expanding slowly but surely, yet grandma worried no end about the bags under her eyes and had little attention left for the cancers, that one day would engulf her and put an end to her worries in the not too distant future.

Is our lovely dear old earth, or the humans that walk upon it, behaving like that grandma? It is making a huge hue and cry about carbon emissions that not all agree are a serious problem, some even mentioning that it is good for plants and the planet as a whole and that stronger greenhouse gases such as water vapor are a necessity for the planet and have been around for as long as life has in proportions that are hugely larger so that perhaps not even the feedback loops of NASA can deal with them, while cancers like inequality affecting large numbers, deforestation and unprecedented human population increases, desperate and devastated child refugees driven out of their homes by violence in the millions, nuclear warheads around every corner of the planet, all this like never before seen on the planet, stalk the earth.

A scientist had found that there was a perfect correlation between global temperature rise and the average size of chicken burgers being sold, much better than with carbon emission levels. A one inch increase in size led to an increase of one degree rise and that an international conference at Lima or Paris ( a visit to the Louvre never fails to delight the soul) must be called to limit the increase to two inches so that the temperature rise is limited to two degrees but our jolly old grandma was not bothered. She insisted she too had studied a bit of fudge-fudge nudge-nudge statistical correlations at school and that there was an even better statistical correlation between the size of her eye bags and global temperature increase and challenged all and sundry to prove that she was wrong as he said,

"You damn fool, go into the forest and see how much cooler it is in there, are you surprised then that there is global warming now that you have cut most down. Just plant more trees and all shall be well, and as regards those damn correlations, make a new one of global warming with forest cover on the planet and you shall find it fits like a T."


keiko amano said…
Dear Ashok,

I just wanted to share this with you:


Ashok said…
Thanks Keiko, Good to see you back participating in the blog. Will look that up soon.
Ashok said…
The Indian economy has improved a lot over the last 15 years or so and continues and there is much peace in the country with the Grace of the Lord, yet there are still many problems and India has a long way to go.

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