Good health and fighting Alzheimer’s disease naturally

Copra and Almonds
From time to time this blog has indicated natural foods that are a gift from the Mother Goddess, our planet being one glorious aspect of her. There are posts on the health benefits of tree foods, almonds and coconuts in this blog if you search through. The following recipe combines the benefits into a healthy delicious treat. Here is a very simple recipe of coconut and almonds that in my belief has three glorious health benefits. These are

  1. Regular consumption of this chutney/sauce will fight and perhaps reverse Alzheimer’s Disease in some cases. It would take about three weeks of daily consumptions for a noticeable change.
  2. Vegetarians who consume this chutney regularly will not suffer any weakness that some vegetarians especially new ones face when they give up on meat.
  3. Students who consume this chutney regularly for a month or two before examinations will improve memory and recall. Therefore they will do better in examinations.

In general this chutney shall be beneficial for all persons of all ages and to top it all it tastes and smells wonderful.  The ingredients are:

  1. One whole copra (dried coconut)
  2. Twenty almonds
  3. Four tablespoons of coconut oil

In addition any or all of the following  may be used to season the sauce -

a bit of salt to taste, a tea spoon of sugar or honey, half a tea spoon of mustard seeds or a tea spoon of mustard sauce, a tea spoon of vinegar, a green chili. You may use none or all the seasonings as you like.

Preparation: Break the copra in inch size bits and soak overnight along with the almonds in clean water. To prepare the sauce run the coconut, skinned almonds (they skin easily after soaking), and the coconut oil through a blender. Add a little water so that the sauce is the consistency of a thick mayonnaise sauce but still grainy. Now mix in your seasonings. If you are using a green chili then chop into small pieces and add before blending. Transfer to a serving bowl. The chutney is ready to serve four persons. It is good with any vegetarian meal as a side dish or sauce. It will store for up to 24 to 30 hours in a fridge and then begin to go bad; therefore it has to be made fresh every two days or even better every day. Incase you are making this for a single person then you may halve the quantities as suggested. One may use a fresh coconut instead of copra but that is less convenient and less available for daily use. The photo accompanying this post was just snapped by me in the kitchen a few minutes before this article.

Warning: Please do not get greedy and eat more than the indicated amounts and no more than once a day. Strong foods tend to harm rather than help if consumed in excess.

A combination of almonds and coconut is a combination of the best of bounties of green mountains and green ocean coasts. Little wonder then that it is such a powerful food.

UPDATE OCT 10: A discussion in the comments has resulted in a name for this chutney. It is now called Mother's Bounty Chutney

UPDATE 2014: Two other herbs that are an aid to Alzheimer may be the herbs - Ashwagandha and Brahmi.  Ashwagandha is best consumed as a powder of the dry root, a tea spoon mixed in a cup of water, adding the powder on top of water or it collects like corn flour in the cup. It promotes deep sleep too and is therefore best before bed time.

UPDATE 2015: Increasing proportion of almonds in winter and the proportion of coconut in summer in the recipe appears to increase benefits, see:

UPDATE, June 2015, Use of Cannabis

Modern studies indicate that use of cannabis shows promise in the control and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, for example see,

As is common with modern studies, this study is based on the isolated compounds of cannabis. While this may be OK for research, this blogger believes that use of isolated compounds can cause side effects and it is better to use the compounds as a group as found in the natural plant. Those who wish to try this, where legal may wish to check out a recipe for a traditional cannabis drink in milk that includes almonds too here,


keiko amano said…

I eat five almonds daily. I'll find shredded coconut for baking purpose and eat a little bit a day because I do not like to cook the chatney
ashok said…
Yes this works to five almonds a day in the recipe. Shredded coconut has some benefit too provided it is not the dessicated kind widely available in stores. Some benefits come from the coconut oil in the recipe too. Soaking the almonds imporves there effect on memory improvement otherwise dry almonds are fine for their other benefits.

Yes it is quite possible to have all the ingredients separately and derive the same benefits.I have them separate at times too but you know how it is with teeth as one ages therefore the chutney is nicer. It is especially great with steamed rice mile, my usual lunch.

Are you posting this from California or Japan Keiko?
Vincent said…
Evidence for these claims?
keiko amano said…
I'm in Japan, Ashok.

Hi Vincent. I like your new profile photo. What a good looking British gentleman!
ashok said…
Some more info on this is available as mentioned in the coconut post and almond post in this blog. You can begin there. There is a lot of suggestions for further reading too, if you are interested, including links to several books by worlds leading experts

Look for more it yourself by researching on net Vincent in case you are interested, you will find quite a bit of info. Use Google, it is easy, with combinations of words like almonds, health and coconut, health, Alzheimer's Disease. there is quite a bit out there from reliable educated sources.

I do not have the time for compiling them. This blog is not meant to support claims with evidence. It is to share information that the author believes is useful, and that is likely to add Joy, relief and solace in the life of persons scattered across the globe if possible,not to prove anything.

However all references would tell you about the benefits of almonds and coconuts separately. This combination of the two is my own new delightful recipe.

If you have any evidence to the contrary I and my readers would love to hear it.

There is something else that was not mentioned in the post, this recipe also helps reduce bitterness that some have with life, returning them to great joy as they rightly deserve but by mistake chose wrong paths.
ashok said…
Yes Keiko, you had mentioned that you would be moving to japan on facebook. Hope your apartment is in good shape and hope the Cherry tree is healthy after the pruning that you did last time.
Vincent said…
I didn't mean to disparage the remedy, Ashok, was just curious. Actually, evidence for any cure at all is expensive to obtain. I mainly wondered if there was one particular source for this idea that there's something which can fight and even reverse Alzheimer's disease, for if the benefits can be demonstrated then millions would adopt it. When I suffered from CFS, over many years, I tried all kinds of things. A daily dosage Aloe Vera was one, and then there were things like acupuncture, homoeopathy and so on. I even tried Ayurvedic herbs as prescribed by someone trained in India.

When desperate one is led by hope to all kinds of things. After all these failed trials, I look back with a certain scepticism.

In the European Union it's illegal to make unsupported claims of cure for any medicine or food supplement, when advertising and selling such a product.

Of course you aren't selling anything, just giving the benefit of your research and wisdom free, for which many may be grateful.
ashok said…
Thanks for your nice comments Vincent. As you know being a scientist I am critical of any wild claims myself.

I do not sell anything, nor claim that these things will definitely help. In fact each person, biological system is different. However, I have put up this recipe boldly because I know in general it will help. Nuts are believed to be good and persons in South India have consumed coconut for thousands of years while others in the mountain almonds for similar period.

There has been exciting new research to point out the influence of coconut oil on Alzheimer that is why the recipe has oil in it. As I mentioned you can find leads to it in my coconut post. There is also ancient Ayurvedic principles that indicate different components of natural foods balance each other therefore having that along with coconut meat is great.

As regards almonds, there effect on Memory is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe. My mother fed me five soaked almonds every day before exams and I have included that prescription in my decade old book "How to succeed in exams"

Many schools across the world have taken the suggestions of that book to heart and supposedly improved results.

Since my recipe was for older persons grinding has been introduced because of denture and teeth problems for older persons. For other grinding coverts it inot a sauce or side dish to brighten up a meal

I have consumed this recipe for several months and noted the benefits myself. I was led to it because I too had begun to suffer memory losses but those have disappeared now. I did notice though that the consumption has to be regular. There is a scientific explanation of how coconut oil can help energise brain cells through ketones when glucose does not. all that is in books by Dr. Fife the world's leading expert on coconut mentioned in the coconut post.

As you may realise from this comment a lot of thought goes into the matter before I put a post out although all cannot be reported due to time limitations. I am constrained to pursue other activities for a living too while this one is purely philanthropic.

ashok said…
Vincent there is a far more important reason why I do not argue or reference my blog posts much - these fall in my area of human and general interest - not expertise. It is for the health experts to do that if they wish.

When reporting in my areas of scientific expertise I do reference. argue etc. but then those reports are made to scientific journals not in a blog. These can be found listed at this link
keiko amano said…

My weeping cherry tree is dead.
ashok said…
Very sorry to hear that Keiko. I feared that. It is for this reason I inquired. Anyway everything that is born must go one day. Perhaps it is time to plant a new cherry tree in its place but this may not be the best time of the year for that.
ashok said…
Vincent has a cherry tree at home too I think, but that is a kind of cherry that is not good to eat but can make wine.
ashok said…
I had an old silver oak tree at home here that was much loved. When it died we were all very sad but a new one has come in its place. it is a very handsome tree that birds love.
Anonymous said…
Hello, this looks like a good recipe. It is bound to be good for mind and body because of its good ingredients. Tree nuts are some of the healthiest foods that cause no violence to plant or animals for production. Does it have a name. If it is your recipe how about giving one?
ashok said…
Thanks Sam. You may simply call it coconut and almond chutney but if you wish a specific name, how is this -Mother's Bounty Chutney, Mother here referring to Mother Earth.
Vincent said…
The news on the radio has just announced a breakthrough in research to find a cure for Alzheimer's.

See this article.
Vincent said…
I dug up my cherry tree two or three years ago, Ashok. It was a very poor use of the limited garden space. I know you are a campaigner for trees, but there's no shortage of them here. High Wycombe became the centre of Britain's furniture industry for this very reason!
ashok said…
Yes Vincent I heard the news too. The world looks through to a breakthrough in this. Presently the research is on a related brain condition in mice and the drug used has very sad side effects like diabetes etc. Sad to hear that your cherry tree has gone too. Yes I realise England has a lot of trees but this is one area where I hink the more the merrier :) The planet in general has lost a huge percentage of its trees and forests over the last century and much more work is required to restore that. it will help climate too. It is OK to use some for building,furniture and fuel as long as the trees are replaced.
ashok said…
The present article advocates use of tree foods. Greater dependence on them may encourage the planting of more such. With present population increase humans it would be nice if humans switched to more tree foods. That will take the pressure off cutting forests for farms.
Rebb said…
Hi Ashok, Your recipe has reminded me of when I would prepare trail mix at home using a recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It includes shredded coconut, raisins, oats, various nuts, and olive oil ( I think I'm leaving an ingredient out), then into the oven. Come to think of it, when I make it again, I will try using coconut oil. I was cooking with coconut oil for a while there and then I stopped for some reason.

Reading your blog also reminded me that Trader Joes Stores sell Almond Butter, similar to peanut butter but made with almonds. After reading your blog I went and bought a jar. I need a toaster now because I want to have it with toast. I love almonds, but I need to be gentle with my teeth as well. Thanks for the reminders and information.
ashok said…
Olive oil is a very healthy oil too but the present recipe is best with coconut oil. I use olive oil with pasta and for salads there really is no other choice I think.

The present recipe does not require any cooking. Hope you try it sometimes. it is just wonderful with a vegetarian meal especially one that includes rice.
David Tal said…
This article is really what I'm looking for it,It has full of information about eating a healthy foods to prevent Dementia and Alzheimer disease. Thanks for sharing this.

Alzheimer specialist
ashok said…
My Pleasure David Tal. Do share more of your experiences on this if and when you get the time.
ashok said…
I followed your link to Google plus and found that you have are an expert with wide experience in this area David. Best wishes for the very important and useful work you are doing.
crystal conner said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ashok said…
This last comment by crystal looked like an ad for magical remedy sort that this blog does not support and therefore it was deleted.
Ashok said…
Added an update today that explains how to adjust the recipe with the seasons for greater benefits.

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