Listen Hear Ye Angels Sing, A New Prince Born Today

Badge of the House of Windsor

Listen Hear ye Angels Sing
A new Prince born today
Blessed by the Himalayan peaks
Nanda and Sunanda
The Baby shall be of bonny weight
Changa hoga Munda
Of our dearest William and Kate

Births between July 20 and 25th, have a special significance to Himalayan districts blessed by the Himalayan peaks of Nanda and Sunanda as well as other regions far away that have been spiriitually connected to these districts

UPDATE JULY 23: 2013  Just caught on the news that the prince with a bonny weight ( eight and a half pounds) arrived to the world yesterday at 4.24  p. m.. Some may wonder why this blog announced the arrival of a Prince before the fact was known. It could have been a princess too but then an element of prophecy and revelation has always followed spirituality  like a shadow follows a man, and although some of this blog's content is not spiritual some is. May the New Prince be blessed.

UPDATE October 2014: 
Prince George shall have a sister early next year on this Prophecy and the Princess to come, is here:

UPDATE May 2015

The Sweet angel, Princess of Cambridge has now arrived. many blessing to her from the Himalayas and around

Image Courtsey: Wikipedia Commons


ashok said…
Changa Hoga Munda are words in a local language - The boy shall be good
keiko amano said…
How do you say, "The girl shall be good"?
ashok said…
In the same dialect it would be

Changi hogi Kudi

( Kudi rhymes with woody)

But one would have to create different verses to make that fit in, want to give that a try :)

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