A Baby Basket

My younger daughter, Keya was born in 1982 and in the first few months she slept in a little cane basket. She is a practicing medical doctor in USA now and is also expecting her first child in a few months. I still had her baby basket in storage and she wanted to see a picture of it. So today I took it out. it was very dusty. It was taken to the back garden and given a good wash. The attached picture is one of it drying in the sun in the back yard of my home here in Jaipur. Now I am in the process of getting some new linen made for the new baby.

Update: August 2013: In the meantime the old linen  that occupied this basket has long been discarded. Therefore new linen is being prepared for the new arrival from the finest and purest cotton fabrics and fluffed cotton ( for the pillow and mattress) available in the market. The second picture shows some that is ready.
New linen for a baby basket


keiko amano said…

So, the baby is going to be your first grand child. I can't wait to see a photo of your baby. Do you know boy or girl? My daughter opted not to know until she was born.
ashok said…
No my daughter says she does not want to know so we shall have to wait and see although my guess is a boy, but not sure.

In a way she would be my second grand child because I regard, Golu, the son of Shyamu whom i regard as a son, as my first grand child.
Vincent said…
Hi Ashok, I just read your post on "Age and Pleasure", before you pulled it. I was going to comment about “a pleasure inappropriate for his or her age.” But perhaps you have changed your mind.
ashok said…
Vincent, yes that post needed a bit of change. I did that and have reposted it. Look forward to your comment.
keiko amano said…
Oh, your daughter also doesn't want to know boy or girl. That's interesting. I agree with them. Something is best if we can do without a help of high technology.
ashok said…
Yes that is what she said Keiko, that she wanted to have the child in a traditional way as it always used to be even though being a doctor and working in a hospital it is easy for her to find out if she wishes to. She is expecting around end of September or beginning October

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