Why God allowed human feces to stink

Even the feces of Kings smells bad. All must be humble

Did you ever wonder?
Surely it was not a blunder
Why the Lord gave humans
A horrible lump of shit
Stinks enough to make us sick
The Lord who made the stars
Added to the rose a lovely scent
When it came to humans
He filled them with stench

Aside for the fact that some may not pick it up to eat
The reason for that
Is not far to seek
It is a daily reminder
For mighty and the meek
Who feel they are great
Much pride is fake
Some of us is not a cake
Let that pride crumble
Like the wise
Do be humble.


Sea Dimon said…
Not all feces stinks. Two days before my beloved father in law passed away, he didn't make it to the bathroom on time. His pride wouldn't allow him to ask for help. His feces dropped down his legs. He was scheduled to have an ex ray within the hour. His two children, sons, were not available. I certainly was not above posturing myself at his feet with a basin of warm water to wash this man's legs and feet. Much like Jesus did for his deciples. It was a humbling experience. That's what we do for others who cannot do themselves. A very small example of caring and showing respect for another human being. In that respect, feces NEVER stinks.
Ashok Babaji said…
Absolutely Sea Dimon. You could not have put it better. True stink or ugliness does not lie in physical appearance and properties but in the heart and that is where one finds some that have a scent far lovelier than roses that spreads far and wide. Mother Teresa was one such well known for it, but there are millions of others across the planet with that beauty in their hearts.

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