Elections 2016 in America – A Perspective from the Himalayas

Every four years, Americans gather to choose a new President. The choice they may make not only affects the lives of Americans but of all - humans, animals, plants and trees- on our lovely blue planet, Mother Earth, for at the present time America is the largest economy and also the strongest military force on the planet. It has an influence that stretches far across its borders as did that of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland before World War II.

Since its inception, about ten years ago, the focus of this blog has been on sharing thoughts with the world in a way so that our cherished planet becomes a better place for all and lives of individuals within it improve, most of all children and next the poor, vulnerable and old, for it is they who need most comfort and peace.

For the most part, this blog has stayed away from politics and when it has expressed thoughts on it, they have been in a non-partisan way for this author is independent with no specific allegiance to any political ideology or part of the world except for inescapable facts of birth and living. This blogger takes not even a penny for his sustenance from any source, human, organization or country and depends only on what the Lord provides unasked with gratefulness and joy just like his college class fellow Maharishi Alok described in a companion blog. His primary allegiance is to values of love, truth and simplicity for these raise a human life from the mundane joys and sorrows of daily living on Earth to the divine. Nevertheless, from time to time, albeit not often,  this blog has also expressed political opinion in keeping with the above stated goals.

Thus early posts in this blog have expressed admiration for Barack Obama and it is precisely for similar reasons that the Nobel Committee awarded him with the Nobel Peace Prize. A more recent post from within last year expressed disappointment in him and the reasons for that are explained in that post. This blogger is sure that the Nobel peace Prize committee is similarly disappointed. A visible symbol of that is the disgraceful Guantanamo Bay prison, a blot and shame on humanity that still remains open.

This author also expressed admiration for Jose Mujica of Uruguay and  Shri Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India for he too stands precisely for the values of this blog, at least in his personal leanings although within the huge and diverse system he has to operate in, he is not always able to act that way. Nevertheless, his actions have resulted in India becoming the fastest growing economy in the world in a manner unlike USA or UK where the rich grow richer and the rest poorer as has happened over the last forty years. This has been elaborated in a note on Inequality in a companion blog.

Of the candidates that emerged in the American elections last year this author expressed enthusiastic support for Bernie Sanders for he spoke precisely of the same values this blog and blogger stands for. This blogger engaged heavily in his support for a year, on twitter, not in this blog since as mentioned it is a largely non-political one. But Alas Bernie turned out to be a mirage. As is the case with many a politician today, his goodness was confined more to his words than actions. He withdrew from the race in support of another. His fruit was to support another reminding of the words of a prophet long ago,

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?
The other candidate this author expressed support for since early in the election cycle was Donald Trump (see a note on that in the companion blog) for in him although the future is not fully certain there was a certainty of change and a break from what prevails. The present sort of thing where inequality has been rising for years and increasing number of children being bombed out of their homes and lives from countries spread across parts of Africa and from Libya to Afghanistan through Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Yemen is not acceptable to this blogger even in dreams of future lives leave alone this one and a perpetuation of that system is what Hillary Clinton represents. Nevertheless, the elite, the so called 1% has benefited from the existing system. The establishment as well as the ownership of much media is in their hands. A lot of them have been working together to secure a win for Hillary Clinton.

As regards Hillary Clinton, it is in her looks and mannerisms, qualities that one inherits at birth, representative of the quality of soul within, one finds much sweetness and simplicity. It has been the reason for her success in life so far. She has chosen dress colors as suggested in earlier posts of this blog in her campaign.

But alas a soul does not remain as at birth through life.  It seems, because of events beyond her control she has been pushed into a life that none may wish for and while the body remains the same, the soul within can change hugely. Early on in the election cycle in consultation with his Himalayan Mentor, this author sent her a series of tweets conveying that she can find peace by withdrawing from the race and worldly ambition at this grandmotherly stage of her life. But as said, a time can come in lives when they lose control of their own souls reminding of the old adage, it is impossible to serve both God an Mammon at one and the same time with seriousness and dedication.

In the end the universe shall decide the outcome of Elections 2016 as it does for all significant events in the Universe and it shall be such as to be the best possible for the Universe. The lives of souls within may improve or worsen, each according to its own Karma. May the Lord increase peace and Joy for all life that dwells within the Universe.


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