Friday, November 4, 2016

About God and the Devil

Ready for the cooking

Some say there is a God
And there is a Devil

Some say there is no God
There is no devil
Merely creations of imagination
Creations of a human mind
At times to exploit
Theirs is the power of lies

At times to understand
The Infinite that is beyond comprehension
Who made the stars?
And all life within
So magical
From whence comes
This infinite love
That ever flows?
These are seekers of truth

All know
There is life
There is death
There is the power for good
And a power for evil
A power with lies
A power with truth
Lies are for moments
Forever is truth

Around these thoughts of humans
Were born religions
And cults of Satan
The cults of God called themselves godly
Some of the cults of Satan in secret and dark
Also called themselves godly
When they came out to solicit
For theirs is the power of lies

How is man to know?
Who is for God?
And who for the devil?
It is simple dear friend
Just check
Who is for truth
And who for lies
If their fruit is good
or with evil has ties

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