Secret of two Paths of Life, the Bright and the Dark

When one bases one’s life on greed, lies, hate and other forms of evil, then extent of punishment of such persons and when it should begin is decided by Universal Consciousness in keeping with the personality and deeds of such persons.  

When one bases one’s life on love, truth and simplicity and other forms of goodness then the extent of reward of such persons and when it should begin is decided by Universal consciousness in keeping with the personality and deeds of such persons.

However, the punishment is one of love like that from a loving parent to a child, for reform and education, never for retribution as human ones at times tend to be.

There is a gullible and foolish person who looks at evil ones and thinks, “look they are enjoying great wealth and power, let me also become like them and enjoy what this world has to offer, this talk of God and goodness is stupid talk designed by clever humans to enslave and exploit the rest,” for it is from among evil ones that most of the wealthy and powerful of the world come. What makes it easier for these persons to sustain their belief is that much evil functions in our world under the disguise and cover of religion just as many foul smelling persons hide under cover of nice floral deodorants.

However, this ignorant person does not realize that while evil persons may enjoy much wealth and power for a while, they have little peace and much fear through much of their lives. When the time of their punishment comes, the suffering is deep indeed. It could be in a dark prison cell in the here and now or if it were to happen when their present body is ready for a change to a new one, it could be in raging fires of universe or deep dark bottomless pits some call hell for such places exist in our Infinite universe. Nevertheless it is true that such evil persons may enjoy periods of mirth and laughter, loud shouting, clapping and screaming in drunken stupor, the fruit of their evil. The universal consciousness permits it, perhaps with a heavy heart for its beloved children gone astray.

Persons, who base their life in goodness, live in peace and happiness much of their lives. If their personality requires it, the universe may grant much wealth to such persons, such as to her Majesty, the Queen of England or such persons may be simple farmers dwelling in green and beautiful country sides. They spend their lives in peace and happiness in company of loved ones and wild flowers. When the time comes for them to change their present body, the Universal hand guides them to still more beautiful realms of the universe some call heaven.  Nevertheless, it is true that such persons undergo periods of hardship for just as a loving parent puts a beloved child through a period of tough education, so does the Universe.


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