An Omen, a Bird

Several birds live and visit the small garden around my home. It has many trees, dense bushes and a lawn. They just love that aside from the fact that I put water, bird seed, left over rice, bread crumbs etc. out for them quite regularly.

Most times the visits are from about half a dozen types of birds common in the area with the sparrows and the red tailed Bulbul being the friendliest. However, every now and then a special or different bird also makes a visit. Once in a while, a visit may be so special that it is a special message from Nature or as some say, an omen. I do not understand a lot of the language in which nature communicates with us but most definitely a lot more than my friends and most other humans simply because I have lived a more reclusive life in close companionship with nature over the last decade or more. So today, when a special sky blue love bird came to visit while I was watering the garden I took it as an omen. It was a love bird that some people keep as pets i.e. imprisoned in town and that manage to escape to freedom from time to time. My camera was not at hand to snap a picture so I have just used another sparrow image for this post.

I read that as omen because the bird came and brushed with me twice before it left and the second brush after a gap was on a thank you note, embarrassing for me to detail. Over the last year I have been involved in a project, a somewhat hectic campaign with a hope on contributing towards not just human well being but also towards a protection of environment. My part of it came to an end last night. What the final result of the campaign would be will not be known for several months but that is not important. The ancient divine song - Gita says, our job is to do the right thing only and not worry about results. That is something the Almighty Prof will decide. Nevertheless, out of love for one at times, He might send a hint and I take this visit of the sky blue love bird as that hint, an omen, that all shall be well.

In all this, my philosophy is as Saint Mother Teresa said once,
“One may not be able to change the world but one can sure throw a stone in the pond and create a few ripples”


Ashok said…
For the interested reader there is a very post on a sparrow too in this blog - from birds to telepathy - that you can find with search tool on top left
Ashok said…
The link to the sparrow post is

It it is not a hot link, just copy and paste in browser

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