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God’s own Pharmacy in your Garden – Phyllanthus

Phyllanthus in the garden, God's own Pharmacy

For long I have held the belief that every plant except for a few that are poisonous have some medicinal or food value, at times for humans and at other times for animals or insects. Mother earth takes care of all her children, human or animal. Plants that come to grow around your home and living area on their own are likely to have a special medicinal value for you personally, especially if you love nature. Some of the plants that come up in our garden are regarded as irritating weeds and we tend to pull them out. One such comes up often in my garden and I have been pulling it out for years although at the back of my mind has been the feeling that it is most likely a very useful medicinal one but not knowing its name it was hard to find that out.

So today morning finding time on my hands, I began searching google images for common garden weeds and it was not long before I discovered that this was a weed known as Phyllanthus. There are several varieties of it quite similar to each other such as Phyllanthus amarus and Phyllanthus urinaria and it seems from my initial search that the one in my garden is Phyllanthus amarus or P. Fraternus. I immediately snapped a picture of one growing in a rockery in a corner to attach to this note as shown. Further research showed that in Ayurveda system of medicine it is called Bhumiamalaki and it has been used as a very effective liver remedy that has also been used for clearing gall and bladder stones for centuries.

A further quick search, to my amazement revealed that this plant is one of the finest of medicinal herbs there is on the planet, a virtual pharmacy curing simultaneously a host of conditions from liver, kidney diseases, cancer and innumerable other diseases that are hard to cure with modern medicines,  while being a strong anti viral. If you find this unbelievable I shall list some of the scientific references before I wind up this article. It seems this weed grows in warmer parts of the world and would be found in southern parts of USA and Europe but not central and northern ones.

Phyllanthus urinaria is commonly called chamber bitter, gripe weed, shatter stone, stonebreaker or leaf flower, and is herb species in the family Phyllanthaceae. Some species i.e. P. Fraternus, P. amarus and P. urinaria, are closely related in appearance and appear to have similar medicinal value with some variations as regards specific diseases. In Thailand, they have the same local name (Look Tai Bai). All of them traditionally have been used for the treatment of many ailments such as gonorrhea, jaundice, diabetes and liver diseases. The anticancer activity of Phyllanthus species has also been documented. Similarly, P. urinaria has also been shown to possess cytotoxic activity against several cancer cells.

Check out the following reference if you are scientifically minded for that, 

To quote another reference, that has labeled this plant as anti viral penicillin

“The antiviral effects of Phyllanthus urinaria go hand in hand with a protective effect Phyllanthus urinaria has on liver cells. In Chinese and Indian traditional medicine, Phyllanthus urinaria has been used in the treatment of liver problems long before it has been known that hepatitis is a liver disease caused by viruses. The plant compounds that are responsible for the liver-protective benefits of Phyllanthus urinaria have since been identified. Hepatitis B is one of the major diseases inflicting the human population. Conventional treatment with interferon-alpha is very expensive and has many serious side effects. Alternative herbal medicine using extracts of Phyllanthus niruri (amarus) and Phyllanthus urinaria has been reported to be effective against hepatitis B and other viral infections. Aqueous extracts of P. niruri and P. urinaria protect cells from viral infection. In addition, they are not toxic to uninfected normal cells. These findings support clinical studies by others that regular intake of these herbal supplements may be beneficial for chronic hepatitis B patients." 

Well, after reading all this all I can say is that my garden is a virtual pharmacy of the gods. From now on, I shall not pull out this weed from reserved parts of the garden and from the parts I do, it shall be one by one, to chew up every morning.

From my own personal experience with it over the past few days this variety of Phyllanthus appears to be a miracle herb for the entire digestive track from top to bottom. It also kills flatulence and makes urine clear and free flowing from my observation. 

Praise Mother Earth whose love overflows but her children often disregard it or out of their unending greed often try to hide it, even as cannabis another immensely beneficial herb for conditions that inflict the human mind was hidden under schedule I for years

Caution: Though not based on scientific evidence this is based on author's assessment. Although phyllanthus is antiviral it is likely not antibacterial and because it grows so close to the ground, it may be unsafe to just pick and chew the leaves at times. Therefore it would be best to consume this by boiling in a tea or just plain water..The tea thus made is bitter but then many medicines are bitter, however the taste is not unpleasant and one gets used to it.

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Natural vs. Chemical is Health vs. Cancer etc.

A staggering range of commonly used chemicals from insecticides to plastic and chemical additives to some common medicines and foods used even in very low quantities are likely to cause cancer. This was conclusion reached by a massive study involving 174 scientists from 28 countries. See this report.

The paper published in the cancer journal –Carcinogenesis published by oxford University press argues that dominant global approach towards finding out what causes cancer and what does not suffers from serious limitations. Calling the WHO’s International Program for food safety is compromised because it works in collaboration with International life science Institute whose members comprised largely from corporate interests from food and beverage, agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical industries who may in fact be promoting the use of such chemicals rather than warn of their dangers.

While this study has been published only now because scientific research takes time, the followers of this blog have already been aware of such dangers for long because this blog has at all times depended not just on scientific knowledge but also mystic insights that come in a flash and has therefore been ahead of its times every now and then. Read an older article on the topic that has many useful and simple tips for everyone,  here:

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Earth Today - Five Countries in Heaven and Five in Hell

From the Municipality Fusch On Highway, Salzburger Land - Austria

There is much variation in the quality of life on our planet, from hell like conditions to heaven like conditions. At the present time if one went by the findings of IEP one might deduce that five countries are in Heaven. These five are Iceland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, and Switzerland. This conclusion is based on research by the Institute for economics and Peace, a Sydney based global non-profit institute. The same institute has also listed the five worst countries i.e. those that are most hell like – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Central African Republic. There is another part of the world - Gaza -  where the situation is perhaps even more tragic than the worst of countries mentioned here but it does not figure in these lists because it does not have full recognition as a country and this discussion is based on classification as countries. However, whenever such findings are presented there is debate on the methodologies, bias and possibility of vested interests. Even non-profit organizations have to raise funds. Therefore this note will test and revise these findings somewhat based on independent considerations that do not require funding through a simple test as follows.

Infant Mortality Rates

The infant mortality rate of a country is a quick and sure way to assess the quality of life in a country. It is the cumulative effect of a lot of different things that make life what it is. A graph of the infant mortality rate of Austria is included below since this is one of the quick measures of quality of life in any country of the world. It shows the silent change that has been taking place in this country over the last past five decades. 

However referring to infant mortality rates of other countries we find that Japan and Sweden has even lower infant mortality rates (less than three deaths per thousand) but Japan has had severe disasters in recent years. However based on this data this author would tend to replace Switzerland in the list of five with Sweden. There is another reason for not including Switzerland here and that is what aappears to be its extremely dark banking and commercial side.

On the other hand, Niger and Somalia have huge infant mortality rates, some of the highest in the world (more than 100 deaths per thousand) and one may add these countries to the list of hell like countries and could easily replace Afghanistan from the previous list by Somalia. Afghanistan also does not figure in the top ten list here of displaced persons and therefore definitely does not belong to the top ten hell destinations on earth but when Somalia is added instead then all our five chosen destination for a delightful holiday fit in :)

It may be mentioned that there are a whole lot of other countries with conditions close to the best or worst as mentioned here, that would fall within the top or bottom 10 (44 countries) or 20 percent (88 countries) but they have not been mentioned here simply because of the brevity of this note. The focus of the present note has been on the top and bottom five countries of the world (a total of less than 5%). America and India do not fall in top or bottom twenty percent either and are therefore safely away from the distinction of heaven or hell. America is one of the richest and most powerful countries on earth but it seems that just as the richest and most powerful individuals are not the most peaceful and happy ones on earth similar is the fate of nations. Since most readers to this blog are from USA and India it may be mentioned that USA is approximately fiftieth from the top with an infant mortality rate of approximately 6 per thousand and India fiftieth from the bottom with an infant mortality rate of around 46 per thousand, in a list of 220 countries based on 2012 data.

The single most heavenly country on Earth:

Image from:

If this blogger had to choose a single best location of the planet from even these five, it would be Austria because of the Alpine climate and landscapes, the second most beautiful in the world after Himalayas (The third would go to the Northern Andes). New Zealand would have been good too but then Austria has history, is better connected, has been more stable economically and has not had the tragic earthquake that shook Kiwi land recently.  The worst on the other hand would be presently Syria without any doubt.

Individual Variations

While we have described the average conditions in some of the nations of the world so far, the conditions of individuals within nations varies so that even in the best of nations there are some persons in misery and even in the worst of nations on earth such as Somalia or Syria a few have managed to find relative peace.

A Prison building in Austria

Thus even in Austria there are some in prisons and some homeless persons. Certainly there is a difference though. In Austria if a person is homeless he does not have to live in a card box. At the root of Austrian excellence is love and compassion for its needy citizens and they provide reasonably comfortable shelters so that a homeless person does not have to live under the bridge in a card board box or on the street with a bag or shopping cart. As regards prisons they are so comfortable and loving that although gruesome crime is rare in Austria, petty theft just to get to into one is not uncommon for a free five star holiday. The picture above is one of the Austrian prison in Styria. Nevertheless, some are distressed at their prison sentence or a stay in shelters as compared to others. There are also cases of domestic or public conflict at times that can make life far from peaceful. There was news of a conflict in a nude area where some persons entered without taking their clothes off and were unwilling to display their own stuff while enjoying the sight of breasts and dicks of others.

Similarly within the most difficult of countries there are enclaves and regions of heavenly peace and beauty. The most turbulent country of Europe presently -Greece- has heavenly islands like Ikaria where the humans are some of the longest lived and happiest on Earth, and  a country with widespread poverty like India has towns and villages of heavenly goodness and beauty located at various places in the Himalayas from where emanates the voice of solace and reason from time to time for all of humanity when they are in difficulty..

Similarly even in Syria some have refused to participate in violent conflict and succeeded in getting into peaceful corners with relative peace. It is not that they all support their present government but they do not support the use of violence and perhaps would have participated in a peaceful protest of the type Gandhi advocated, if there was one, for at their individual levels they realize that violence in the pursuit of self interest leads to hell and only when it is used in self defense it has any justification.

An individual may not change the world, unless that individual acts as an instrument of the Almighty, for major changes takes place by the will of the universe but an individual may change his own self and then the Universe works to create surroundings of peace for such a person. It is by inculcating the principles of love, truth and simplicity that one finds such peace not by acquiring wealth and power for that often leads one to distress too. When a majority in a nation do this the nation as a whole becomes like paradise but in the meantime individuals may find that paradise of their own if they so decide.

It was said that Major changes take place by the will of the universe. A time may come when a city is so broken down that the Divine Architect feels that the only way to restore it is to pull it down first and build a new one. Such a thing has happened before and may happen again on a planet wide scale if the conditions so demand. At the present time humans are passing through a very unusual period in their history with a huge near unsustainable populations of seven billions, rising wealth inequalities, millions of refugees, the imprisoning, maiming and bombing of the sweetest amongst them – children. Therefore, it is possible that in the eyes of the Universe a major overhaul is on the cards very soon. This author believes it is and more about that shall be found in this other note:


The Message

It must be noted that these things change with time and one country that was heaven like at one time may become hell like at another. An important factor that influences conditions in any country are the laws, rules and regulations as well as the systems created based on these laws for running the affairs of the country. No doubt, the character and nature of the population has an even greater impact but that is something that cannot change in a hurry but laws can change overnight. In designing laws other countries that are not so well off presently would do well to look at the practices of these five countries and then adapt them to their own countries with some modifications to suit local conditions and culture. That would be better than designing an independent faulty law, suffering from it and then changing it with another that might cause even more suffering.

On the other hand, is there a message for the best of countries too? For sure there is, they should look at the hellish countries and note how corruption, disorder and violence has ruined them. There was a time when some of them led human civilization while it was barbarians in skins in winter and in the buff in summer strutting their stuff around the Austrian Alps :). Therefore they must continue to work on enhancing values of love, truth and simplicity if they are to, not just maintain their heavenly status but enhance it even further. Incidentally there is still much nudity in Austria (see) as is there in my novel - Nude besides the lake - Nudity has been the mark of  both barbarians or paradise as in Athens or the mythical Eden.

As regards the worst off five countries, they need not look at the laws of other countries. Unfortunately, they are too far lost into hell now, in many cases not due to a fault of the majority of people of these countries, at least not from their present lives, but perhaps a few other men or few nations that might have pushed them into this state. The only thing that can bring peace to the people of these countries quickly and effectively is not a national law but a new international law called PHICS that has been described elsewhere and is in the public domain here,

When the situation becomes like hell in a country the people who suffer most are the most vulnerable beginning with children, aged and women. People are driven out of their homes and become refugees with very sad conditions, they are the homeless on the streets of the world and when such numbers become huge it becomes incumbent upon the world to do something to help fix the situation in their countries and help restore order. That is what the law termed as PHICS in the previous link is about. It provides a practical and workable low cost plan to restore order  and peace in the life of fellow humans in distress, many sweet children, just as sweet as our own, and many aged in as much need of help as our own aged loving mothers and fathers.
But a time comes when humans as whole fail to solve their problems but rather seem to add to them (The TPP and TTIP may be just passing examples of that) , then it is time for the Lord to intervene and he may pull down a city in shambles first before erecting a new one. Those shall be the last days of the present phase of human civilization, an apocalypse. It shall appear first in the subconscious fears of mankind, but they shall assign every other reason to it from the coral reefs to climate change rather than face the truth, and mankind shall be brought to what has been described here:

Since this note, the author has developed a more precise way of ascertaining happiness levels of different countries and also quantifying them as a percentage. See:

Top Image from:

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Antibiotic of gods – Silver

A banquet
Numerous herbs and trees on our planet provide us with food and medicine but has nature provided a wide spectrum natural antibiotic that does not have any major side effects when consumed internally by humans? That antibiotic appears to be silver - its atoms, ions and some of its compounds.

If the correct form, manner and dosage to consume this natural antibiotic can be discovered, it may be the most powerful one around with least harmful side effects. A way to measure the power and usefulness of an antibiotic is to rank it by the ratio of its positive and negative effects for while an antibiotic may kill harmful microbes in a human body, they also kill good ones and may have other harmful effects besides. In excess dosage silver can turn a person blue, a condition called Argyria, but that is better than losing an arm and a leg or bursting all over the body with a sore or allergy. One may call this ratio the power ratio of an antibiotic and it seems to be silver along with some of its compounds that have the highest potential power ratio based on the patchy historical information on it, and the side effects of silver in the ordinary course do not seem to be life threatening or severe The good bacteria lost in the gut is easily recovered in a few days after treatment in the natural course and sooner if one includes yoghurt, fruit juices and salads in the diet.

According to information on Wikipedia, a prominent case from ingestion of excess silver was that of Stan Jones candidate for the United States Senate in 2002 and 2006. The peculiar coloration of his skin was featured prominently in media coverage. Jones promised that he was not using his silvery complexion as a gimmick. He continues to promote the use of silver as a home remedy. He has said that his good health, excepting the unusual skin tone, is the result of his use of colloidal silver. In ancient human history one hears of famous blue kings and it is royalty that uses most silver some eating and drinking out of silver dishes and cups daily. Silver appears to have protected the European royalty and peerage from the bubonic plague without their realizing it.

While bacteria eventually mutate and develop resistance to modern antibiotics that they go on to share with their entire tribe, they have been unable to do so with silver for four billion years. Silver appears to destroy the very apparatus that helps a microbe to develop resistance before destroying the microbe. The question one may then ask is, while modern drug companies spend millions of dollars on discovering new antibiotics, why do they not do so with silver based antibiotics. The answer to that could be – profits. New antibiotics can be patented and profited from. Silver can not be patented. It has been around since the beginning of civilization.  Silver also appears to work against harmful viruses.

Silver has applications both for external and internal use but the form used is different for these two applications. Many may have had a silver solution placed in their eyes soon after birth to prevent infections including gonorrhea.  This practice began with the German Obstetrician Dr. K.S. F. Crede in 1884 at his university clinic in Leipzig.  Now, the application of these silver droplets seems to be required by law in the United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark. 

Dr. Harry Margraf of St. Louis, as the chief biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough, yet safe to use over larger areas of the body such as those of burn victims.  Dr. Margraf reviewed 22 antiseptic compounds but found toxicity in every one of them.  His conclusions were that popular medical antiseptics could only be used in small areas of the body due to their high toxicity.  Dr. Moyer noted that many of these antibiotics were ineffective against a number of harmful bacteria, including the biggest killer in burn cases – a greenish blue bacterium called Pseudomonas acruginose.  UCLA medical lab researchers found silver to be effective on every virus they tested it on including Pseudomonas acruginose.  As a result of their extensive research, silver in colloidal form is now used in the majority of all major burn centers in the United States.  Silver ointment is also commonly prescribed by doctors for major and minor burns. 

Silver is considered to be one of the most universal antibiotic substances known to man. Jim Powell reported in the Science Digest (1978) that an antibiotic kills perhaps 7 different disease organisms, but silver has been found effective in killing some 650 strains of harmful bacteria and there must be many more that remain to be researched. Powell also reported that resistant strains of bacteria fail to develop from the use of Silver. Silver has potential for use internally and externally in its atomic or ionic form suspended in different liquids or as compounds proven to be safe for internal consumption in controlled quantities. Silver foil has been used for centuries to decorate expensive foods in south Asia and has been consumed by many for centuries as a very thin foil covering such foods.

A compound of silver (silver ash) has been a part of ancient Ayurveda and has been used for some of the most serious diseases that afflict humans for over two thousand year (see for example) Most surprisingly it has been used to cure some severe neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease indicating that silver has applications beyond antibiotic and anti-viral use or that some of these neurological diseases are due to yet undiscovered viral or bacterial causes i.e. due to infection of brain. Some modern medical research is also reaching the same conclusion (see for example)

In the early 1900’s the antibacterial solution - Colloidal Silver was the choice of medical practitioners. It still remains a popular form for medical use of silver. However it does seem that there would be other preparation from silver that are easier to produce, store and use such as silver citrate in citric solution provided more research is done to verify that. In 1917, Dr. Malcom Morris reported that silver would rapidly subdue the inflammation of an enlarged prostate or an infected bladder or hemorrhoids.  In the same year, Dr. Alfred Searle demonstrated that colloidal silver was extremely deadly to parasites and bacteria but had no toxicity to the host animal, including humans. Up until the beginning the World War II, Colloidal Silver was used in medicine as one of antimicrobial treatment but after the invention of other antibiotics it has taken a back seat to drugs and manufactured antibiotics. The Pharma industry or researchers funded by them do not appear to be interested in testing and promoting its use.

In their early years, modern antibiotics were convenient, worked fast like magic, were low cost and widely available and use of silver receded. These early antibiotics did much good for controlling dangerous infections and alleviating pain of humanity, They still do. However, over the years the costs have increased as have profits of the companies that make them and antibiotics are no longer always as effective as some bacteria have developed resistance. Newer antibiotics have been introduced that can be patented for profit but some may be less safe than the early ones at least when prolonged use is required. There is a need now to test and develop the original antibiotic provided to life on the planet from the beginning - Silver - but as mentioned the drug industry does not appear to very interested in it. In some cases they may also have overlooked potential in this direction because while elemental silver and some common compounds cannot be patented there may be new ones yet to be discovered that can be. Perhaps that approach will become necessary in future to fight super bugs.

Water Purification

Ancient Greeks stored water in silver vessels to prevent spoilage and many civilizations have placed a silver coin in their water or milk barrels to protect them from bacteria and algae.

Silver could easily be used to dramatically reduce the tragic numbers of deaths caused by pathogen-contaminated drinking water. For example, in Mexico, where local water supplies are not always safe in rural areas, a colloidal silver product called Microdyn has been used for decades to help keep residents safe from contaminated drinking water. Its use is credited with a dramatic improvement in the health of the residents of the town of Cruz Azul, Lagunas, Oaxaca, Mexico, who for years had suffered rampant gastroenteritis. At the 0.025 milligram per liter (mg/liter) level of Microdyn silver (the United States Environmental Protection Agency suggested limit for silver in drinking water is 0. 100 mg/liter) water charged with 2,700 units per liter of the fecal E.Coli bacterium was completely sterilized in less than three hours. Chlorine to sterilize the same charge of bacterium over the same period of time required 40 times greater concentration. The antibacterial power of silver is so strong that Microdyn contains only 3,575 parts per billion of silver per liter, or less than 2 milligrams silver per liter-sized bottle.

At domestic level a very useful practice appears to be to place an object of pure silver in drinking water storage vessels. In rural India, and even in large parts of urban India, where water pollution is a serious problem, most homes store water in clay pots. Most homes also have silver ornaments. If they began leaving one in the pot a dramatic improvement in health is expected. This author stores drinking and cooking water in a large stainless steal container in the kitchen and has placed a small plate of pure silver permanently in it (sterling silver must not be used). The silver object should be large enough so that it is not lost in the drain or swallowed by mistake.

Antibiotic Use

The wide knowledge of this remarkable and natural antibiotic has the potential of eroding profits of the massively profitable drug industry.  Acceptance by the Food and Drug Administrations require years of documented research and costs millions.  Thus, the healing wonders of Silver remain virtually unknown to many modern humans and the most effective way to consume this as an antibiotic remains undiscovered by modern science. What we have instead in the modern age is various persons claiming their method as the best, at times driven by commercial interest, or incomplete historical knowledge is made use of. Since these methods are not fully tested in the modern environment they could be ineffective or even harm. In the meantime, pending a through development of the silver alternative, humans would have to continue to depend on available mainstream antibiotics in a majority of cases whenever the need arises.

It is therefore up to philanthropic organizations, university researchers or public organizations to carry out the research to determine the efficacy of using silver for different conditions. Information is required for the form of silver to use and dosage for different infections.

As with every other element, including the most common ones like sodium and potassium, some compounds of silver are healthy and some deadly, some soluble in water some insoluble. For example the chlorides of sodium and potassium are a normal part of food but the cyanides of the same elements are deadly poisons, and similar is the case with silver.

While placing silver objects in a container of water may purify the water, the dissolved silver is likely to be too minute for use as an antibiotic in case of an infection. There is an urgent need to test silver in its various forms, ionic, elemental and safe compounds for use as antibiotics for various infections, particularly those that are resistant to modern antibiotics such as the super bug, persistent Lyme disease or other infections that call for prolonged antibiotic use with serious side effects. 

Pending such research many individuals based on word of mouth information or information from the internet are using methods that are not well researched and may be effective, ineffective or harmful. This author has similarly devised his own method – that is filling up a silver cup with drinking water, adding the juice of a fresh lime or lemon to it and leaving it overnight for drinking in the morning with or without a sweetener. The exercise is repeated at breakfast time for an evening drink providing an antibiotic drink twice a day whenever needed. He has not attempted ionic/colloidal silver thinking that there might be much commercial hype behind it and it may not necessary for personal domestic use. The lime juice is added in the belief that citric acid present in it shall increase the dissolution rate of silver as silver citrate, yet would not be so much as to become harmful.

The Silver Flask Method
Silver flasks are expensive but it is not money flushed down the toilet. It stays with you as an investment. Moreover you need just one over a life time.

Presently  the author is exploring a more convenient method of using silver as an antibiotic. On my next trip to the silver market in town it is my intention to get a small flask of pure silver with a silver stopper of around a quarter liter capacity. The idea is to fill with clean drinking water to which a tea spoon of citric acid powder has been added and leave it in the fridge. More research is needed to find the best possible amount of citric acid so as to have a positive antibiotic effect while eliminating chances of any adverse effects. The softest available water as from melted snow or distilled water would be best to use here. If and when the need for an antibiotic arises as it has with me from time to time due to a tooth aches or gastro problem common in Asia, I would take a little of this liquid in a glass and dilute it with water so that it is no more sour than the juice of a couple of medium sized lemons diluted in a glass of water, add a sweetener and consume it from two to three times a days for three days. I cannot recommend this method to others yet without research into its effects but would recommend it to sincere researchers not under the influence of the pharma industry to test its efficacy. The water can be changed every month or so. Even for personal use this method can not be depended on yet when the need is acute since it is an untested one.

There is some research on a similar solution of silver citrate in citric acid online with additional references that has pointed out the usefulness as well as adverse effects of this solution but it is the impression of this blogger that the reported downside may be influenced due to sponsorship from the pharma industry. In any case when a serious infection develops the downside of available antibiotics appears to be much greater or at least that is my impression gathered about them although humans have no choice but to resort to them because the silver alternative is not yet fully developed and tested.

It must be noted that citric acid is a natural component of the healthiest of fruits from the beginning of civilization and some sliver citrate is formed whenever such fruits have been consumed in silver vessels from the beginning of royalty, the closest thing to gods on earth when rooted in good as the present Queen of England, Her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second is or her ancestor Queen Victoria was. On the other hand the new antibiotics are synthetic compounds with some known adverse effects and many possible unknown ones that cannot be discovered in a matter of few decades. Alzheimer's disease, strokes and cancers can take near full life times to develop in many cases. Since many modern corporations work on the principle of maximizing profits rather than minimizing human suffering, in the opinion of this author and one may draw one's own conclusions. A retiring CEO of the Swiss drug Major Novarotis it seems wanted 78 million dollars in severance package as a share of the profits for his personal pleasure and few humans would not compromise ethical principles when it that sort of a deal. Some reports on silver citrate are here,

Water stored for long with citric acid in a silver flask would be able to draw out more silver in solution than just plain water would. Fresh lemon juice cannot be used here because it does not have a long shelf life and even here if there is any discoloration of water it should be thrown away as should all preserved drinks with that.


A new study indicates the role of Borrelia biofilms in Alzheimer’s disease. See:

Borrelia is a genus of a bacteria with several strains and it is transmitted by ticks and lice. This would explain the  efficacy of silver treatment for some neurological diseases in Ayurveda. However if silver is active against some strains of this bacteria it may also then be effective for Lyme disease and this treatment needs to be explored in view of the fact that existing antibiotics do not work quite well for Lyme disease

UPDATE, March 2018
Recent studies have found promising results for use of silver in cancer treatments. See

A silver ore

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Difference between Golden, Brown and White sugars

Sugar Cane

While modern life spans have increased due to modern medicines such as antibiotics and other medical interventions, the quality of life for many is not necessarily better. Many live compromised lives functioning at less than desirable abilities and/or dependent permanently on a drug that further complicates matters through undesirable side effects. Some difficulties of modern living are due to polluted air and water. Some more have something to do with a modern life styles and living conditions that deprive many of adequate sunshine and green spaces. While a modern human may have to make major efforts to overcome these shortcomings, there is one that may be more easily overcome with just a bit of right knowledge - food and medicines.

There is an older detailed post in this blog describing how much better off a human would be if his or her food and medicine were natural. Some of the unnatural foods and medicines are synthetic things that do not exist in nature at all. If the use of such a medicine is for an emergency or critical condition then its use is justified but if it is in the hope of a better life and for regular consumption then the results shall not be good.

Many processed food have some synthetic things added to them if you look through the ingredients. Although such synthetic additives are cleared by the controlling food and drug authorities of various countries, human bodies are so complex that it can never be said with certainty if a synthetic substance is producing an unknown harm when used over the long term. Even a natural substance can be harmful; indeed many are, but the chances of a synthetic one being harmful as compared to a natural one that has been in human use for a very long period of time simply appears to be much greater, just based on common sense. Some foods and medicines exist in nature but have been so extracted and isolated from their original plant source so as to become unnatural and near synthetic, some so common that we may not even realize that they are so. The most common of these is sugar. Its regular consumption is a contributing factor for the development of diabetes type II and other ailments.

Sugar comes from the juice of the sugar cane that is one of the several species of grasses. It is grasses that provide most food for humans and animals on the planet such as wheat and rice and the grass that sugar comes from is from the genus called Saccharum, They have stout jointed fibrous stalks that are rich in sugar, and measure two to six meters tall. Sugarcane is the world's largest crop by production quantity, so widespread is its use.

Sugar is produced from the juice of sugar cane. Although sugar cane juice and refined sugar are made from the same plant, their sugar contents differ. Sugar cane juice is a healthy alternative to table sugar when used in moderation. It contains fructose and glucose. The fructose and glucose from sugar cane juice are absorbed more slowly than sucrose and do not cause wild fluctuations in blood sugar level just as the alcohol in a well aged wine does not compared to a crude one. It is such fluctuations that may stress a system to a point of diabetes type II especially as one ages and vitality of the body begins to decrease. 

Sugar cane juice is a health drink that can cure several chronic ailments afflicting modern humans. Sugar cane juice as opposed to refined sugar also contains trace amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, thiamine and riboflavin. Sugar cane juice may offer antioxidant benefits because it contains flavonoid and phenolic compounds. According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, flavonoids may provide antiviral, anti-allergic, anti-platelet, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant benefits to the human body. The Brazilian National Institute of Medicine concluded that crushed sugar cane leaves are comparable in flavonoid content to other foods that are considered high in that nutrient, making sugar cane juice a good source of antioxidants, especially when the crushing is done along with the leaves. Most important is that when the body is exposed to sugar along with its companion food elements in sugar cane the body is exposed to a more natural food rather than something unnatural and thus can cope with it more easily. However once a person develops diabetes type II then even golden sugar or honey may become poison for the body, but the hope is that by avoiding white sugar and maintaining a reasonably healthy life style one may never encounter it.

Do note that if one is unable to consume any sugar due to diabetes, please do not resort to a chemical sweetener even if the controlling food and drug administrations has cleared it as safe. To assess the state of such drug administration note this fact. The FDA has declared cannabis, an essential natural medicine for some, as schedule I when it has cleared alcohol that kills far more and made opium schedule II that kills at the first chance of an overdose. Government organisations often end up serving the need of corporations with those of the nation. Corporations may sponsor researchers to produce results that favor them and in turn influence the FDA of various countries while the FDA can also be directly influenced by governments that have been lobbied by corporations.  It seems cannabis was first made illegal in the 1930s to ensure profits for nylon to which hemp was a threatening competitor. In this murky world driven by greed for profits, the best bet for an average citizen is to stick to natural. If you are not allowed even natural sugar, go for the natural healthy sweetener stevia instead, described here older detailed post.

The difficulty with sugar cane juice is that it does not store as well as sugar. However its shelf life increases when it is dehydrated to solid form as Jaggery. Jaggery can be crushed and the resulting sugar called Shakker in South Asia may be called Golden Sugar. This new terminology is introduced to differentiate from brown sugar available widely in the western markets. Some people think that it is healthier and use that but brown sugar is not much different from white sugar in composition; it only has a slight amount of other additives to change its color and texture. Therefore, it is not a healthy alternative. Golden sugar is the real natural alternative. It has a somewhat different but more natural taste that one begins to like after use. If its use becomes more widespread, one may expect better quality control in its production and sale.

A problem with jaggery is that standards of hygiene and quality control in its production are not as rigorous as with the more developed modern sugar industry. However if one can locate good quality jaggery, it would seem to be a far better alternative than refined sugar. There are other sugar containing natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup but these are expensive and not widely available. If one consumed table sugar on rare occasion such as in deserts but a natural sweetener for daily consumption such as in the daily cup of tea or coffee one is likely to be better off and safer on this score. Do not purchase the golden sugar from the market; it may be adulterated with waste of the sugar industry. Instead break up Jaggery to make your own. That is easy to do.

However, although Jaggery has a much longer shelf life than sugar cane juice its shelf life is not as long as that of white sugar. If it begins to change color to white or dark, start becoming much too hard or smelling different, it has begun to spoil and should be discarded. Recently there has been new research in producing spray dried sugar cane juice powder without the use of any chemical additives. The product has yet to come to the market but offers promise of becoming the very best and convenient way to consume sugar cane as food.

The message in all this is that even though modern science and industry are impressive, nature is far more so. Moreover when greed of a manufacturer comes in. we may have false claims from them or silence on possible harm. Whenever a human has a safe natural alternative compared to a modern synthetic or unnatural one, it is wise to prefer that in the opinion of this blogger.

Enjoy this drink

In the meantime to enjoy sugar in one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, whenever you can find fresh cane juice filter it through cloth right away and mix with cold milk, add ice cubes for an extremely satisfying and healthy drink. One may also freeze it as ice cubes. Later add lots of these sugar cane ice cubes to a glass of cold milk or cold freshly churned yoghurt  for a real healthy drink. if you are unsure of the purity of the juice, if it is from the street, heat it to near boiling, cool by placing pot in cold water before straining through cloth.

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Some plants for medicinal drinks in milk

Cornus Sericea
 Herbal Cures

Whenever a human suffers from a health problem that is not an emergency such as chronic ailments, or when modern medicine has failed to cure it, or when modern medicine requires near perpetual consumption of  a drug that has side effects, exploring a herbal cure is a worthwhile and wise alternative. In this brief article three herbal drinks shall be described that have the potential to cure many such conditions. The first is a drink of cannabis that can cure many conditions that arise from the mind and for which one may head to the shrink ranging from mild depression to other severe conditions. The second drink described is those that involve infection and fevers as well as rashes etc. of the skin that are frequently not cured by modern antibiotics. One such is Lyme disease. The third category of ailments are those that fall in neither of these categories but are nevertheless troublesome such as chronic fatigue, stress, insomnia etc. For this a third drink of sugar cane has been described in this article. 

All of the three drinks described here are based in milk or in its place yoghurt and they are not just a medicine but also food so that they are also consumed by healthy persons to become even healthier. One may wonder how milk appears as a base in all these three drinks that are some of the most powerful health drinks offered by the planet. That is not surprising because life begins with milk and returning to this first food offered by a mother out of love to a child is most appropriate at a time of need.

This blog has articles on several medicinal herbs. Two magical and medicinal ones described in earlier posts were Cannabis and a plant that appears to be somewhat like the ancient Soma. This is brief additional note on both considered together. Both are used for tonic, spiritual and recreational purposes by the healthy and for medicinal purposes by those suffering from a range of ailments of the mind and body. Modern medicines used for some of the ailments treated by these herbs, even when they work, create dependence and debilitating side effects such as Parkinson's disease and liver damage compromising the very basic quality of life. Moreover modern drugs are very expensive whereas natural ones have been planted by mother earth on different parts of the planet and are available to mankind just as long as we take care to protect the flora and fauna and not over exploit or pollute the planet out of carelessness or greed.

It may be emphasized that both these plants contain potent compounds which if isolated and consumed in isolation may cause grave harm and produce dangerous side effects. That should never ever be done as compared to the consumption of several plant compounds together derived through a simple process. Nature has put in hundreds of organic compounds in single medicinal plants for a very good reason. They are required for life. An individual organic compound can not promote life or its processes without causing damage. The argument given by modern science that this helps to control dosage seems to be a weak one especially if long term use and not just emergency use is required. The additional argument that it has been tested as such even weaker. The human body is so complex that tests over a period of even a hundred years are insufficient to determine all possible effects. Moreover when the companion compounds have been removed and not tested for their combined effect even this statement is not a valid one. The same thing happens with several other foods and medicines extracted from plants e.g. sugar (as compared to sugar cane juice that contains many more compounds) or the individual omega oils of mustard oil, or compounds of the medicinal holy basil described in an earlier post. There are other simpler ways of controlling dosage than isolating compounds. The reader can test this principle for himself rather quickly with a simple experiment. Consume a couple of glasses of wine produced entirely from fermented fruit juice. On another day consume a couple of drinks of pure ethyl alcohol diluted in water to the same percentage. The first is likely to make you feel good and comfortable while the latter may give a sharp headache and hangover besides.
Other isolated compounds such as sugar from sugar cane juice, because they are less potent than alcohol take longer to show adverse impact and that may not be discerned quickly. Pure extracted sugar may take several years before producing diabetes type II. The primary motivation for extracting compounds as medicines may be the possibility of patenting and then profiting from them. Giving great importance to profits even at the cost of human suffering is a great evil that some humans and organizations managed by them are driven to out of greed.

Himalayan Cannabis


Cannabis was in wide use by humans for several thousand years. It has been made illegal in much of the world over the past century. It is not fully clear why when a far more dangerous alcohol that seems to kill far more is not. However certain vested interests gain by keeping it illegal. First is the illegal drug industry that makes huge profits and gives kick-backs to some administrators in some countries. The second is the legal drug industry that rakes in  huge profits on certain alternative drugs that ineffectively cure certain conditions arising from the mind and seems to make huge profits out of it. What is most ridiculous and completely beyond even the IQ of an imbecile is that cannabis has been made a schedule I drug even preventing research on it while a far more dangerous opium that easily kills in an excess dose is schedule II.

Human personality is vast and even though few take to crime many may harbor a criminal tendency. It seems that when a healthy person with criminal tendencies uses cannabis for relaxation and recreation the tendency to commit crime is suppressed as opposed to consuming alcohol that removes inhibition for committing crime, even gruesome ones such as rape.

It seems keeping cannabis illegal has denied mankind its medicinal and spiritual benefits while spawning an illegal drug industry that supplies far more dangerous and addictive substances instead and it has caused an increased use of alcohol causing many more road, home and crime deaths. So gruesome have been the crimes committed because of illegal drug wars that it has even driven children to flee from their homes in Latin America while stuffing prisons in USA with inconsequential drug violations and making convicts and criminals out of a large proportion of its population. The world must urgently consider if all this is worth it and legalize cannabis to its earlier peaceful times of thousands of years of civilisational experience with it.

Cannabis has also been used by meditating Himalayan sages for centuries as an aid to meditation


While cannabis will cure many conditions that emerge as faults of the human mind, it does not seem to work much for conditions that afflict the rest of the body such as those caused by viral, bacterial and parasite sources. In ancient times there was another herb far more powerful than cannabis known as Soma described in several thousand hymns of the sacred Sanskrit book – Rig Veda.  So powerful was Soma that it was given the status of a god amongst plants. It helped warriors to become strong in battles and others to be become happier and more profound and its beneficial effects were on mind, body and soul. This plant was also medicinal and cured many diseases.

Unfortunately this plant became extinct in ancient times from the Himalayas. Many modern attempts to identify it have gravitated towards intoxicating plants which this herb was not. The most recent attempt is an exciting identification with a widely growing plant in North America, the Cornus Sericea and further work is required to explore its effects. Like Soma, it is a plant with green, yellow and red stems that grows in cooler wetlands and river banks. It is both medicinal and tonic like Soma. Much more modern research is required to explore it effects. See the following link about it,

Cornus Sericea may not be Soma but if it has even some of the benefits of Soma, it shall be wonderful


While meditating sages have smoked cannabis, its most effective delivery mechanism is through a drink in milk based on centuries of Himalayan experience. Some westerners simmer cannabis in milk but the traditional Himalayan recipe is different. Similarly the native Americans have either smoked Cornus Seicea or used decoctions of its bark, the recommended method of consuming Soma was also in milk and the use of the entire stem and bark rather than just the bark The simplified recipes for both are given next based on a study of ancient and modern practices


In order to prevent possible harm it is better if these drinks are prepared and consumed under the supervision of experienced medical or herbal medical practitioners. Also make sure cannabis is legal in your area before attempting to acquire some and prepare its drink. It is never worth it to break a law. If you feel a law is not a good one, campaign to have it changed.


Cannabis Milk:

The  process as described here is slightly more tedious than the modern one of simmering in milk. However it is the traditional process determined as best after many centuries of experience. It seems simmering for long in milk, although it draws some the active compounds, also destroys some other balancing compounds on reaction with milk compounds, whereas this recipe called Bhang Ghota produces a more wholesome and balanced drink. In modern times people have begun to add various spices or fruits to the mix but these are neither necessary nor desirable with the exception of almonds. The following recipe has been used for long on festive and religious occasions.For example see this report:

1 cup of good quality drinking water
2 cups warm full cream milk
10 almonds soaked overnight (optional but recommended)
1/4 cup honey, maple syrup or sugar cane juice (diabetics may use Stevia extract)
10 gms cannabis leaves and buds wherever legal


1.  Clean the cannabis leaves and buds by removing any stick and seeds. Wash it thoroughly

2. In a pot, boil the water and cannabis. Let it simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and keep aside the liquid.The water will dissolve the water soluble compound so necessary to make a wholesome drink while the rest dissolve in milk and milk solids. Boiling would soften the cannabis to make later extraction in milk easy.

3. The solid part along with presoaked almonds is  ground in a grinder by adding 1-2 tbsp warm milk.After it is ground to a pulp add the rest of the milk and continue blending for some more minutes.
4.Strain the milk through a cotton cloth piece, in the end squeezing the pulp to extract the best portion out.

5. Mix the extracted milk and boiled strained water which was kept aside. Add remaining milk and sweetener. Chill and serve.

Cornus Sericea in Milk


1 cup of good quality drinking water
2 cups cold full cream milk
1/4 cup honey, maple syrup or sugar cane juice (diabetics may use Stevia extract instead)
20 gms chopped Cornus Sericea stems with barks.


1. Chop and wash stems thoroughly.

2. Grind to pulp by adding one or two table spoons of water.

3.  Press through woolen cloth between palms, extracting the liquid into vessel. Ensure hands are thoroughly clean before pressing.

4. Repeat the previous two steps a few more times

5. Mix the extract with milk and sweetener and any remaining water. Chill for 2-3 hours or add ice cubes and serve

Note: This is work in progress and more experience is needed to refine this recipe. this blogger would appreciate if others share their experience in comments. We need to keep this in the public domain before big pharma grabs and patents it for profit.  Presently it may be regarded merely as a preliminary or default recipe. It may be mentioned that while cannabis is a drink for internal consumption, Soma may be used both internally to drink or externally as a beauty aid and to treat ailments and rashes of the skin.

Use of Curd instead of Milk,

Some adults either do not like the taste of milk or do not digest it well. In that case milk should be replaced by curd prepared from full cream milk. It shall be digested well by most.

Consuming a mixture of the two drinks has not yet been attempted in the knowledge of this author

Urgent need to explore for curing some modern diseases

Modern humans are suffering from a variety of ailments of the mind and body that cannot be handled well by existing modern medicines e.g. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Lyme disease. While modern medicine has several useful medicines for many conditions that afflict the human body, when it comes to conditions that afflict mind and emotions the results appear to be more than horrible. (see an older post on - some dangers of modern medicine - for this) In such cases there is an urgent need for exploring these alternative herbal medicines. While there has been some research on effect of cannabis on PTSD in the opinion of this author this research suffers from a serious limitation. What is being tested is a compound of cannabis i.e THC and not the matural extract of compound that contains several other compounds. This sort of isolation will not lead to correct results.

An Additional Health Drink

While some would consider the previous two drinks a bit tedious to procure here is a default one that is also one of the healthiest one's on the planet. Enjoy this drink: Whenever you can find fresh sugar cane juice filter it through cloth right away, mix with milk half and half, add ice cubes and drink. If one adds 5% vodka by volume to it, it shall become a cocktail named Jenny Penny.  Health benefits include - curing several chronic conditions, relieving stress, calming mind, promoting good sleep, slowing aging and increasing physical vitality while clearing body of accumulated toxins and poisons. Appears to act as an organic chelating agent.
Since fresh sugar cane juice spoils rapidly, one can also freeze juice as ice cubes to preserve. later add lots of these sugar cane ice cubes to a glass of cold milk or cold freshly churned yoghurt  for a health drink.  If the juice has been procured from a street vendor and you are unsure of purity, then heat it to near boil, cool by placing in water bowl and then strain. The operation has to be as fast as possible because sugar cane juice spoils rapidly.

NOTE: More information on both these plants can be found by searching in this blog

UPDATE: For a herbal cure to viral diseases such as Hepat. B see:

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