Natural vs. Chemical is Health vs. Cancer etc.

A staggering range of commonly used chemicals from insecticides to plastic and chemical additives to some common medicines and foods used even in very low quantities are likely to cause cancer. This was conclusion reached by a massive study involving 174 scientists from 28 countries. See this report.

The paper published in the cancer journal –Carcinogenesis published by oxford University press argues that dominant global approach towards finding out what causes cancer and what does not suffers from serious limitations. Calling the WHO’s International Program for food safety is compromised because it works in collaboration with International life science Institute whose members comprised largely from corporate interests from food and beverage, agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical industries who may in fact be promoting the use of such chemicals rather than warn of their dangers.

While this study has been published only now because scientific research takes time, the followers of this blog have already been aware of such dangers for long because this blog has at all times depended not just on scientific knowledge but also mystic insights that come in a flash and has therefore been ahead of its times every now and then. Read an older article on the topic that has many useful and simple tips for everyone,  here:


keiko amano said…

Definitely, I prefer everything natural as much as possible. But nowadays it's hard to find all natural foods and it is no fun to cook just for myself. So I wouldn't sweat it and just to do my best in food shopping and eating.I also love eating out, which I wouldn't quit. If I die a few years younger than I could achieve the ultimate age with all the right natural foods, that's okay. That's the way I feel about it.
Ashok said…
Right on Keiko, I am the same too. I too avoid chemical to the extent that is possible but not as a fanatic and will take something with a chemical additive at times and eat out at times where one has no control. The most common thing sugar is also necessary on a few occasions for a desert where golden sugar is not just right. This has been the recommendation of saints like Buddha and Jesus too who were against being fanatic about what to eat, Buddha even taking meat at times, and Jesus took defiled food on occasions saying that far more critical then what goes into the stomach is what goes into the heart (the effect of our deeds) while in the main sticking to what is perceived to be good and Jesus said that those who make much noise about food but tell lies and trouble the poor etc. are in the main defiled beings and hypocrites.

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