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Numerous herbs and trees on our planet provide us with food and medicine but has nature provided a wide spectrum natural antibiotic that does not have any major side effects when consumed internally by humans? That antibiotic appears to be silver - its atoms, ions and some of its compounds.

If the correct form, manner and dosage to consume this natural antibiotic can be discovered, it may be the most powerful one around with least harmful side effects. A way to measure the power and usefulness of an antibiotic is to rank it by the ratio of its positive and negative effects for while an antibiotic may kill harmful microbes in a human body, they also kill good ones and may have other harmful effects besides. In excess dosage silver can turn a person blue, a condition called Argyria, but that is better than losing an arm and a leg or bursting all over the body with a sore or allergy. One may call this ratio the power ratio of an antibiotic and it seems to be silver along with some of its compounds that have the highest potential power ratio based on the patchy historical information on it, and the side effects of silver in the ordinary course do not seem to be life threatening or severe The good bacteria lost in the gut is easily recovered in a few days after treatment in the natural course and sooner if one includes yoghurt, fruit juices and salads in the diet.

According to information on Wikipedia, a prominent case from ingestion of excess silver was that of Stan Jones candidate for the United States Senate in 2002 and 2006. The peculiar coloration of his skin was featured prominently in media coverage. Jones promised that he was not using his silvery complexion as a gimmick. He continues to promote the use of silver as a home remedy. He has said that his good health, excepting the unusual skin tone, is the result of his use of colloidal silver. In ancient human history one hears of famous blue kings and it is royalty that uses most silver some eating and drinking out of silver dishes and cups daily. Silver appears to have protected the European royalty and peerage from the bubonic plague without their realizing it.

While bacteria eventually mutate and develop resistance to modern antibiotics that they go on to share with their entire tribe, they have been unable to do so with silver for four billion years. Silver appears to destroy the very apparatus that helps a microbe to develop resistance before destroying the microbe. The question one may then ask is, while modern drug companies spend millions of dollars on discovering new antibiotics, why do they not do so with silver based antibiotics. The answer to that could be – profits. New antibiotics can be patented and profited from. Silver can not be patented. It has been around since the beginning of civilization.  Silver also appears to work against harmful viruses.

Silver has applications both for external and internal use but the form used is different for these two applications. Many may have had a silver solution placed in their eyes soon after birth to prevent infections including gonorrhea.  This practice began with the German Obstetrician Dr. K.S. F. Crede in 1884 at his university clinic in Leipzig.  Now, the application of these silver droplets seems to be required by law in the United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark. 

Dr. Harry Margraf of St. Louis, as the chief biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough, yet safe to use over larger areas of the body such as those of burn victims.  Dr. Margraf reviewed 22 antiseptic compounds but found toxicity in every one of them.  His conclusions were that popular medical antiseptics could only be used in small areas of the body due to their high toxicity.  Dr. Moyer noted that many of these antibiotics were ineffective against a number of harmful bacteria, including the biggest killer in burn cases – a greenish blue bacterium called Pseudomonas acruginose.  UCLA medical lab researchers found silver to be effective on every virus they tested it on including Pseudomonas acruginose.  As a result of their extensive research, silver in colloidal form is now used in the majority of all major burn centers in the United States.  Silver ointment is also commonly prescribed by doctors for major and minor burns. 

Silver is considered to be one of the most universal antibiotic substances known to man. Jim Powell reported in the Science Digest (1978) that an antibiotic kills perhaps 7 different disease organisms, but silver has been found effective in killing some 650 strains of harmful bacteria and there must be many more that remain to be researched. Powell also reported that resistant strains of bacteria fail to develop from the use of Silver. Silver has potential for use internally and externally in its atomic or ionic form suspended in different liquids or as compounds proven to be safe for internal consumption in controlled quantities. Silver foil has been used for centuries to decorate expensive foods in south Asia and has been consumed by many for centuries as a very thin foil covering such foods.

A compound of silver (silver ash) has been a part of ancient Ayurveda and has been used for some of the most serious diseases that afflict humans for over two thousand year (see for example) Most surprisingly it has been used to cure some severe neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease indicating that silver has applications beyond antibiotic and anti-viral use or that some of these neurological diseases are due to yet undiscovered viral or bacterial causes i.e. due to infection of brain. Some modern medical research is also reaching the same conclusion (see for example)

In the early 1900’s the antibacterial solution - Colloidal Silver was the choice of medical practitioners. It still remains a popular form for medical use of silver. However it does seem that there would be other preparation from silver that are easier to produce, store and use such as silver citrate in citric solution provided more research is done to verify that. In 1917, Dr. Malcom Morris reported that silver would rapidly subdue the inflammation of an enlarged prostate or an infected bladder or hemorrhoids.  In the same year, Dr. Alfred Searle demonstrated that colloidal silver was extremely deadly to parasites and bacteria but had no toxicity to the host animal, including humans. Up until the beginning the World War II, Colloidal Silver was used in medicine as one of antimicrobial treatment but after the invention of other antibiotics it has taken a back seat to drugs and manufactured antibiotics. The Pharma industry or researchers funded by them do not appear to be interested in testing and promoting its use.

In their early years, modern antibiotics were convenient, worked fast like magic, were low cost and widely available and use of silver receded. These early antibiotics did much good for controlling dangerous infections and alleviating pain of humanity, They still do. However, over the years the costs have increased as have profits of the companies that make them and antibiotics are no longer always as effective as some bacteria have developed resistance. Newer antibiotics have been introduced that can be patented for profit but some may be less safe than the early ones at least when prolonged use is required. There is a need now to test and develop the original antibiotic provided to life on the planet from the beginning - Silver - but as mentioned the drug industry does not appear to very interested in it. In some cases they may also have overlooked potential in this direction because while elemental silver and some common compounds cannot be patented there may be new ones yet to be discovered that can be. Perhaps that approach will become necessary in future to fight super bugs.

Water Purification

Ancient Greeks stored water in silver vessels to prevent spoilage and many civilizations have placed a silver coin in their water or milk barrels to protect them from bacteria and algae.

Silver could easily be used to dramatically reduce the tragic numbers of deaths caused by pathogen-contaminated drinking water. For example, in Mexico, where local water supplies are not always safe in rural areas, a colloidal silver product called Microdyn has been used for decades to help keep residents safe from contaminated drinking water. Its use is credited with a dramatic improvement in the health of the residents of the town of Cruz Azul, Lagunas, Oaxaca, Mexico, who for years had suffered rampant gastroenteritis. At the 0.025 milligram per liter (mg/liter) level of Microdyn silver (the United States Environmental Protection Agency suggested limit for silver in drinking water is 0. 100 mg/liter) water charged with 2,700 units per liter of the fecal E.Coli bacterium was completely sterilized in less than three hours. Chlorine to sterilize the same charge of bacterium over the same period of time required 40 times greater concentration. The antibacterial power of silver is so strong that Microdyn contains only 3,575 parts per billion of silver per liter, or less than 2 milligrams silver per liter-sized bottle.

At domestic level a very useful practice appears to be to place an object of pure silver in drinking water storage vessels. In rural India, and even in large parts of urban India, where water pollution is a serious problem, most homes store water in clay pots. Most homes also have silver ornaments. If they began leaving one in the pot a dramatic improvement in health is expected. This author stores drinking and cooking water in a large stainless steal container in the kitchen and has placed a small plate of pure silver permanently in it (sterling silver must not be used). The silver object should be large enough so that it is not lost in the drain or swallowed by mistake.

Antibiotic Use

The wide knowledge of this remarkable and natural antibiotic has the potential of eroding profits of the massively profitable drug industry.  Acceptance by the Food and Drug Administrations require years of documented research and costs millions.  Thus, the healing wonders of Silver remain virtually unknown to many modern humans and the most effective way to consume this as an antibiotic remains undiscovered by modern science. What we have instead in the modern age is various persons claiming their method as the best, at times driven by commercial interest, or incomplete historical knowledge is made use of. Since these methods are not fully tested in the modern environment they could be ineffective or even harm. In the meantime, pending a through development of the silver alternative, humans would have to continue to depend on available mainstream antibiotics in a majority of cases whenever the need arises.

It is therefore up to philanthropic organizations, university researchers or public organizations to carry out the research to determine the efficacy of using silver for different conditions. Information is required for the form of silver to use and dosage for different infections.

As with every other element, including the most common ones like sodium and potassium, some compounds of silver are healthy and some deadly, some soluble in water some insoluble. For example the chlorides of sodium and potassium are a normal part of food but the cyanides of the same elements are deadly poisons, and similar is the case with silver.

While placing silver objects in a container of water may purify the water, the dissolved silver is likely to be too minute for use as an antibiotic in case of an infection. There is an urgent need to test silver in its various forms, ionic, elemental and safe compounds for use as antibiotics for various infections, particularly those that are resistant to modern antibiotics such as the super bug, persistent Lyme disease or other infections that call for prolonged antibiotic use with serious side effects. 

Pending such research many individuals based on word of mouth information or information from the internet are using methods that are not well researched and may be effective, ineffective or harmful. This author has similarly devised his own method – that is filling up a silver cup with drinking water, adding the juice of a fresh lime or lemon to it and leaving it overnight for drinking in the morning with or without a sweetener. The exercise is repeated at breakfast time for an evening drink providing an antibiotic drink twice a day whenever needed. He has not attempted ionic/colloidal silver thinking that there might be much commercial hype behind it and it may not necessary for personal domestic use. The lime juice is added in the belief that citric acid present in it shall increase the dissolution rate of silver as silver citrate, yet would not be so much as to become harmful.

The Silver Flask Method
Silver flasks are expensive but it is not money flushed down the toilet. It stays with you as an investment. Moreover you need just one over a life time.

Presently  the author is exploring a more convenient method of using silver as an antibiotic. On my next trip to the silver market in town it is my intention to get a small flask of pure silver with a silver stopper of around a quarter liter capacity. The idea is to fill with clean drinking water to which a tea spoon of citric acid powder has been added and leave it in the fridge. More research is needed to find the best possible amount of citric acid so as to have a positive antibiotic effect while eliminating chances of any adverse effects. The softest available water as from melted snow or distilled water would be best to use here. If and when the need for an antibiotic arises as it has with me from time to time due to a tooth aches or gastro problem common in Asia, I would take a little of this liquid in a glass and dilute it with water so that it is no more sour than the juice of a couple of medium sized lemons diluted in a glass of water, add a sweetener and consume it from two to three times a days for three days. I cannot recommend this method to others yet without research into its effects but would recommend it to sincere researchers not under the influence of the pharma industry to test its efficacy. The water can be changed every month or so. Even for personal use this method can not be depended on yet when the need is acute since it is an untested one.

There is some research on a similar solution of silver citrate in citric acid online with additional references that has pointed out the usefulness as well as adverse effects of this solution but it is the impression of this blogger that the reported downside may be influenced due to sponsorship from the pharma industry. In any case when a serious infection develops the downside of available antibiotics appears to be much greater or at least that is my impression gathered about them although humans have no choice but to resort to them because the silver alternative is not yet fully developed and tested.

It must be noted that citric acid is a natural component of the healthiest of fruits from the beginning of civilization and some sliver citrate is formed whenever such fruits have been consumed in silver vessels from the beginning of royalty, the closest thing to gods on earth when rooted in good as the present Queen of England, Her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second is or her ancestor Queen Victoria was. On the other hand the new antibiotics are synthetic compounds with some known adverse effects and many possible unknown ones that cannot be discovered in a matter of few decades. Alzheimer's disease, strokes and cancers can take near full life times to develop in many cases. Since many modern corporations work on the principle of maximizing profits rather than minimizing human suffering, in the opinion of this author and one may draw one's own conclusions. A retiring CEO of the Swiss drug Major Novarotis it seems wanted 78 million dollars in severance package as a share of the profits for his personal pleasure and few humans would not compromise ethical principles when it that sort of a deal. Some reports on silver citrate are here,

Water stored for long with citric acid in a silver flask would be able to draw out more silver in solution than just plain water would. Fresh lemon juice cannot be used here because it does not have a long shelf life and even here if there is any discoloration of water it should be thrown away as should all preserved drinks with that.


A new study indicates the role of Borrelia biofilms in Alzheimer’s disease. See:

Borrelia is a genus of a bacteria with several strains and it is transmitted by ticks and lice. This would explain the  efficacy of silver treatment for some neurological diseases in Ayurveda. However if silver is active against some strains of this bacteria it may also then be effective for Lyme disease and this treatment needs to be explored in view of the fact that existing antibiotics do not work quite well for Lyme disease

UPDATE, March 2018
Recent studies have found promising results for use of silver in cancer treatments. See

A silver ore


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