The Human Journey

Monkeys, 1889, Gabriel von Max

One may find in this world most beautiful and good looking persons yet find hidden within the depths of their being an evil and cruel soul. On the other hand, one may also find some fierce looking and ugly humans yet discover that they harbor a kindly and gentle soul within.

External looks of a human are largely a matter of genetics that is inherited at birth. Eastern mystics believe that a soul acquires a body at birth that is in keeping with its character. Compassionate beings inherit a beautiful body while cruel souls inherit beastly ones. What we acquire at birth is a direct consequence of our past in other lives in our near endless journey through the universe. As a human, one acquires considerable ability and choice to mould character and determine one’s destiny. It is entirely within human capability to change from a kind compassionate being to a foul and cruel one within the course of a life time or vice versa. This explains how a beastly looking person can turn out to be kind while a beautiful looking one evil. The most divine of humans can become foul by succumbing to pride, greed and anger. If violence is adapted then transformation to a beast is rapid. On the other hand, adapting things like love, truth and simplicity the foulest of humans can begin transforming to lovely ones. Adding things like laughter and beauty, that includes cleanliness and order, hasten the process. In all this, external appearances cannot change much since only a little is possible within the constraints of what genes dictate but a soul may transform. Just giving up the most animal like instincts of violence, lying and stealing, can transform a barely human soul to a fully human one rather rapidly.

While some humans change much during the course of a life time, for many, the change is slow, spread over many life times, especially in modern times when physical sciences rather than spiritual sciences dominate. Physical sciences are effective in making major changes in the external material world just as spiritual sciences can in the inner self. It is for this reason that practices such as yoga when done holistically, not just physically hasten evolution of the self.  Aside from exceptions mentioned in the previous paragraph where a human has transformed inherited tendencies with education, experience and evolution, looks do often indicate the shape of a soul within. Nations full of beautiful souls are full of beautiful looking humans and those full of violent and crude souls are full of beastly looking ones. It goes without saying that nations with lovely souls are frequently also the happiest ones on earth over long periods of time while those with violent and lying souls are the miserable ones.

An earlier note described how to ascertain happiness levels of different nations on our planets through simple calculations. It was found that a few Scandinavian nations were the happiest ones on the planet currently. This level of happiness and beauty reduces gradually as one moves away from this part of the world, at different rates, depending on the direction one takes, until one reaches the depths of Africa and a beast of a human, like a foul creature from the infernal regions, pounces upon another to chop off heads and limbs shouting, hoola hoola hoo.

However as mentioned at the outset, external looks are not always an indication of character. The earliest recorded human civilization started by Sumerians were by people who were not the prettiest, They were broad nosed, thick lipped, with rough wavy hair, short and dark Australoid people who came to establish cities and rule over much better looking Akadian and other people at the dawn of civilized human history in what is now Iraq. A companion blog of this author has several posts on ancient prehistory here

Branches of the same ancient Australoid tribes also seem to have established other ancient civilizations such as Indus valley, Elam with another offshoot from Sumer the Nile valley civilization. These early humans had discovered the essence of evolving. They were fanatic adherents of cleanliness and order, shunned violence and upheld moral truthful behavior and simplicity backed by their ancient religion. So devoid were they of greed that Indus valley cities persisted without change for over a thousand years. They had thus discovered the essence of sustainable and peaceful living.

It seems founders of these ancient civilizations had developed their concepts in what is now the southern tip of south Asia, the southernmost and warmest part of the old world, then expanded because oceans had receded,  where humans from different parts of the world had sought refuge during the last glacial period. The dominant original population of the area was an Australoid race having come out of Africa and settled there much earlier and together these early settlers developed the first aspects of civilized existence. All this can be deduced because it has now been shown that language of Elam and Sumer were ancient forms of Archaic Tamil. This has been discussed in more detail in the earlier linked blog. As the inter glacial period began some ten thousand years ago and cities of these ancient humans began to get submerged from rising ocean levels and as snows of the North melted, groups of these people migrated northward to establish ancient civilizations in Indus, Elam and Sumer. Some migrated eastwards too and the last flickers of these ancient people shone in places like Angkor Vat until recent times.

Since the time of ancient Sumer, many different human civilizations in different parts of the world have excelled whenever values of Love and Truth have been upheld and declined when lies, violence and greed have dominated. In the past good human values were inspired by divine personalities such as Jesus and Buddha. Under the compassionate teachings of Buddha that insisted on avoiding violence to all life, nations of South Asia excelled some 2000 years ago, the first International University of Nalanda was established from which students from far flung corners of the then civilized world, from Greece to Japan arrived to study here and carry back the message of Buddha to their nations. However, the prosperity such progress brings often tends to corrupt humans into a new cycle of decay.

In the modern world very many humans having moved away from mystic values i.e. all that cannot be verified for them by science depend more on their basic instincts, much of which they inherit at birth. All this however shows that even more important than what we inherit is what we can develop as we journey through life. Individuals can achieve their personal Nirvana through simple things Love, truth and simplicity. When these values excel in a nation as a whole then a nation may excel.

Evil of Racism

However, argument such as presented in this note may never be used for racial prejudice. The reason is that while it may be true that on the average a race is doing better than another at any given period of history, within each race, there is great diversity with individuals varying from most degenerate ones to the most evolved. Thus nothing can be said of individuals and one from a race doing well on the whole may be a much poorer specimen of humanity than another of a race not doing so well on the whole.

The truth is that it is degenerate humans of a race that attempt to flaunt racial superiority, not having much of any other human ability that they may be proud of. A proof of this is that those who indulge in racism often express it as hate, a tool of the lowest amongst humans. Further flaunting superiority is not a habit of truly superior souls but rather of degraded ones. Evolved or good humans on the other hand, even if they genuinely realize that another human is in need of improvement in some ways, express love and care for such individuals because of it rather than hate and assist them to evolve too.

The essential message of this note is expressed as a poem here:


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