Journey of a Soul – A Poem

Beasts of the forest
Lowly creatures that crawl
Just to survive
Violence is their creed
Poor souls they know not
That is why they steal

Stepping in as a human
Mind begins to think
Lips begin to move
Out pour lies
Or lovely truths

A soul evolves
Giving up on violence
No longer a need
Lies and stealing
Not necessary to feed
Free of Jealousy
That burns one as fire
While flowers must bloom

Clean and contented
With delight and humor
Avoiding the call
Of three lovely maidens
Those stand at the gate
Of a bottomless fall
Lust, greed and anger
The journey proceeds

As humans evolve
Pride threatens
It precedes a fall
Tying to a bosom
Humor and humility
Love truth and simplicity
A soul may reach
Company of the gods

Light surrounds
A god like soul
Joy and beauty
Lie in its fold


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