When the World is up for Profit

Inspired by thoughts of God and the state of the world

With the failure of communism, the world was left with an economic system that runs on profit, something called capitalism. However, while killing incentives for humans to strive produces bad results as in communism, the consequences of an unregulated race for profits can be worse and produces huge suffering in the world. While this has led to rising economic inequality in the largest economy of the world USA and despite its riches, hunger amongst some of its children and homelessness for some on its streets, it has also directly or indirectly led to huge suffering in other parts of the world such as the one being witnessed in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Yemen; aside from periodic financial crisis in the largest economy of the world that reverberate around the world forcing more families into poverty and more children into hunger. The solution for mankind lies not in killing free enterprise but in killing greed whenever it becomes filthy and stinks, to sniff out that stench and devise ways and means to eliminate it through simplest of rules and regulations because complexity of regulations often marks either stupidity or deviousness, often worse than the evil it sets out to conquer or make a pretense of doing so.

Can I make a profit if I sell my Grand Ma?
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