Most Human problems are because of Greed, some from violence and wrath of God

Wars are fun, you crazy un ? It helps us sell a gun.
There are many problems around the world arising from sickness, poverty, homelessness, refugees, wars etc. It does not take much analysis to deduce that uncontrolled and excessive greed is at the root of it. Take for example rising economic inequalities around the world over the last three decades. At the root of this is the greed of corporations for huge profits and their managers for huge compensations. If one considers wars, at the root of many are the greed of arms industries to sell arms or greed of some countries or individuals to maintain greedy advantage. The growth of large unmanageable cities with poor quality of life is because of greed too. Homelessness is because of the greed of the rich not to release more in taxes to create shelters and the hell that earth may soon be converted into by global warming is because of the greed to cut down  trees that God planted on Earth. 

The use of violence by humans to meet their goals compounds the suffering. While all this is man made suffering, Nature or the Lord is undoubtedly not pleased with this behavior and and is seen by some to punish from time to time with natural havoc and calamities. However it is actually man's own doing. The Almighty Lord is always loving.

What is the solution? The solution is an education system for mankind that includes non-religious and secular human values in the curriculum as an essential part. Ancient humans knew that and therefore ancient education was a part of religion including mankind’s earliest schools and universities. However greed has crept into religious institutions too and perhaps it is no longer the best way.

In the meantime one thing humans can do to reduce their exploitation in democracies is to vote for politicians that appear to be fighting against exploitative greed. Uruguay did this with Jose Mujica and there are politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in USA that have been fighting it for long. It is true that some politicians who come out against big money at first turn out to be hypocrites later on but one must try, not all are hypocrites and the older one is, the less likely is he or she to get corrupted by trappings of power. Power corrupts all but the young are corrupted sooner and the old are too set in their ways for this to happen before their term ends, provided their past has been an honest one. It goes without saying that politicians that are funded by big money interests are not likely to fall in this category.

Some Graphics for education programs here:
Begin education in good human values here:   Feel free to copy and use any of the seven pictures at that link in any school, college or university


Ashok said…
Since this note was written Jeremy Corbyn has emerged on the UK political scene as another hope for the world eager to fight uncontrolled greed.
Ashok said…
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Ashok said…
The reason why India has ended up with the fastest growing economy in the world without substantial increase in inequality over last two years has been again because it has now got a leader substantially free of greed - Narendra Modi. He was earlier the Chief Minister of a large western Indian province. While so he gave away his salary to create scholarship for impoverished girls, has no wealth and his closest most beloved relatives, mother and brothers continued to live in simple two room homes while traveling in public low cost rickshaws, not fancy cars. Compare this to leaders who own and live in mansions traveling first class or by private jets. If people choose them to govern over them, can they blame anyone but themselves if inequality, hunger, homelessness, distress for huge numbers increases?

Similar was the story with a much smaller country that ended up with the poorest President in the world - Jose Mujica. There is a full note on him in this blog, just use search tool on top left to reach it if you like.

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