Apocalypse during 2025-2050?

In the modern world, while many do not believe in any Supreme Intelligence, power or God in the universe there are also others that do. If we confine our attention to the educated what is their stand?

Consider the educated of the modern world in two groups. First are the well educated, those who have university degrees like a bachelors or masters and also some who do not have a degree but have an equivalent amount of education through self study or other informal channels. Then there is the second group of highly educated. These are the academics, scientists and people with doctoral degrees from reputed universities of our world. If a survey was carried out amongst these two groups to ascertain how many believe in a Supreme intelligence behind the universe, there would be surprising difference. Many more from the second group, a much higher percentage in fact believe in a Supreme Intelligence and Consciousness as compared to the former well educated group. The reason is that the deeper study of this latter group compels them to accept that the design of the universe and the life within it is far too intricately designed and could not have emerged without a Supreme Intelligence of infinite magnitude overseeing this creation.

While there is perfection in the world there is also much suffering and those who believe in the Supreme Overseer question why He permits it. The only answer one can come up with is that it is a result of the limited freedom of choice and action that has been given to life, that produces both joy and sorrow.. This freedom is limited to the extent that the Supreme intelligence not only continues to control more significant events such as the movements of galaxies and the stars but also overall major events on the planet as a whole.

A major worry for some who view the progress of life on the planet as a whole is the tremendous increase of human population that has been taking place on the planet over the last few decades. It is unprecedented and has never happened before in the long history of mankind. Many fear that it is close to unsustainable levels. While policy makers at times suggest that humans are not doing enough to control this, it must be noted that humans never have for tens of thousands of years but the population never rose like that before. It was Nature that decided. While some assign this to modern things like antibiotics others see that only as an interim thing in a chain that stretches up to the Lord of the Universe, its Supreme intelligence. Populations were low in the past because that is how it was willed and they are rising to unprecedented unsustainable levels because that is how the Universe wills it now.

Huge numbers of humans are being pushed into crowded cities living in deplorable settings and in large parts of the world even those who consider themselves better off have been pushed into high rises that resemble beehives scaled up and they breathe air that is fouled up with urban pollution.

If for a moment we accept as true that universal will is allowing human population to rise to such high levels, one might try to inquire into what its purpose could be. What is the intent or design behind it?

We know that things like human sperm are produced far in excess for reproduction simply so that at least one would survive in its difficult journey to conception and perpetuation of new life. If even this does not succeed in one attempt, it usually does in a few. Drawing an analogy from this, one may hazard a guess that it is because the world is heading for an apocalyptic event and the design behind a large surplus number of humans is so that at least a few survive. so that a human race that evolved after millions of years continues, for a new beginning after an apocalypse just as they were born from the few sperms that survived out of zillions of them.

Whatever has been written in this article is just loud thinking and guesswork but if we were to carry it forward the next thing to do what we to predict when this period could be simply based on sustainability of population. An article along similar lines placed this in the period 2030-2050 (see here). Updating earlier estimates based on more information a better estimate seems to be 2025- 2050.

While the future can be known with certainty only to a Universal intelligence, there have been some amongst humans, the prophets and mystics who attempt to tune into this Universal consciousness. Based on that, they come up with their own prophecies from time to time. Some are inaccurate, some approximate and some have turned out to be accurate in recorded history. Often the intuition of such mystics is triggered by unusual signs and events and one such is happening right now, the appearance of a bright long period comet – Comet Lovejoy. While this comet has been viewed as a comet of joy it has also been viewed as a marker of a destructive comet that would follow in its wake some decade or more later. Some of the associated prophecies are in another blog (here)  that appear to second this estimate of 2025-2050 with the likely year being closer to 2025 rather than 2050.

" Immediately after the tribulations of those days, shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light and the stars (bright comets and asteroids) shall fall from heaven and the heavens shall be shaken"  St. Matthews

Just ten years to the date friends! what are you going to pack for the journey :)


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