The Curry Leaf tree

Curry leaf plant
We have talked of several trees in this blog but one important one has been missed so far – The curry leaf tree. It can grow as a small bush and if given enough space develop into trees that are even twenty feet tall. It is a lovely addition to any garden, especially because its leaves are an aromatic and delicious herb that will enrich many recipes from omelets to lentil soups, fish and much more. The interested reader may find its use in many recipes by a google search. We just added some to a delicious dish of spinach puree and chickpea flour dumplings (Besan gatta sag). It is still simmering on the kitchen stove as I write this post.

The tree will grow in any area that does not have sub zero temperature winters. The nice thing about it is that it produces healthy leaves round the years and is available to perk up a recipe at home any time. A small tree of this as well as several other smaller ones has been growing in my backyard for decades. A photo of some that I snapped a few minutes ago is included with this post. As with any tree leaf food, it is the new tender leaves that are most delicious and aromatic. If you live in a area that does not have snowy winters, consider planting one right away and if an apartment it will even grow in a pot. The tree does well in a forest too and is a good addition to one if you live near one. Beginning with a couple its seeds will spread and there will be curry leaf trees all over the forest in times to come. It is not invasive and will let other trees grow too in brotherly companionship.

The curry leaf has numerous health benefits from helping blood, heart, diabetes to liver and much more. It is a good thing to eat. There are several well documented studies on these benefits. If you wish you can read about one here


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