How a three month old baby saved a whole family

Three month old Rudra of Malin Village

A few days ago at a place called Malin Village in Pune, India, a landslide brought an entire hillside crashing down and wiped out over 40 homes. Tens of bodies have been found and the count is rising; 150 are still missing. Earlier in the year the hillside above had been cleared of trees for farming and the hillside that had held solid for hundreds of years came crashing down in the rain because there was nothing to hold the soil together now.

In a small home a mother was feeding her three month old baby Rudra when the crash happened. All around them their home came crashing down and they were trapped in tons of rubble. She screamed for help but none heard and she eventually fainted as did the grandparents of Rudra in another corner of the same home.

But Rudra continued to cry and yell from time to time. His cries were picked up by listening instruments of a rescue team. The rubble was cleared carefully and underneath was Rudra who smiled in thanks and shook his tiny clenched fist in joy at the rescuers. His mother and grandparents were rescued soon after too.

Rudra's grandmother Shakuntala said, "I still don't know how we survived." All four are now at a government hospital. Doctors say they are not hurt badly, just shocked at finding most of their neighbors dead. But God saved them and God appears in little kids at the time of need.

When little babies are slaughtered or maimed with their parents after destruction of their homes by shelling and bombs, such as those in Syria and Gaza; humans must realize what it is that they are slaughtering and destroying. It is an attempt to destroy God and everything He implies, but men may come and men may go, and angels on earth that appear as babies may be slaughtered back to heaven for the profits of the industrial military complex and the mansions of the leaders its funds, to suffer the smell of death and wail of ghosts of children killed, for a while before the universe perchance throws them into bottomless pit, He shall survive as long as the universe does and ever after for He is the Universe and the creator of the Universe.


Indeed a miracle in the midst of a great tragedy !
Ashok said…
Yes Indeed Ramu. The child is very sweet he was smiling and shaking his fists soon after he was rescued as shown on TV

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