How Modern Humans are missing Sunshine and Good Health

Prehistoric humans full of sunshine
With advance of human civilization human clothing has increased not just as a protection against the elements but also as a statement on life. The result is a reduced exposure of the human body to sunshine. With invention of large homes, apartment style living, motorized covered transportation this exposure has reduced even further. The result is that human bodies are not getting sufficient exposure to sunlight as required for the best possible health nature has destined for man and woman.

While all realize that plants cannot survive without sunshine, few realize that animals including humans too cannot. It is not just vitamin D that is produced through sunlight but a host of other hormonal and chemical changes are induced by sunshine not all yet discovered by modern science that is far too young for this sort of discovery. It is true that an excess of sunshine, especially in wrong weather can produce health problems, even cancer, which is true for an excess of any good thing, its deficiency on the other hand could lead to serious health problems ranging from depression to arthritis and a plethora of other conditions modern humans suffer from. It is for this reason, modern man has to depend on modern medicines that bring along with a cure a side effect leaving the human worse off in the long run in very many cases. Therefore, whenever a human attempts to sun the body ensure that the experience is not painful but joyful and pleasant i.e. to the right extent in the right climate.

An indication of excess sunshine is if the body undergoes visible and significant color changes. A Famous BBC business reporter and friend Aaron Heslehurst, when he visited Sydney sometime back for a holiday returned looking like an African and I communicated my concern to him. His reply was that it was just a bit of holidaying in Sydney.  While persons who visit a beach and sun their bodies eliminate sunlight deficiency, very few humans get to do that. In either case they must be careful not to overdo it. Further few beaches are nude beaches and there are parts of the body that could go without exposure to sunlight for a near lifetime. Common conditions like crotch itch due to fungi and bacteria that survive in moist dark spaces) and certain other maladies associated with private parts would be reduced if it was not so. In the west there are some nude beaches and in the East Mystic sects that dress in nothing but the sky as brought out in my novel ‘Nude besides the lake’ ( it is available with Amazon and most online retailers), but these are mere exceptions to what is considered civilized modern behavior. There was a concept of nudist health camps introduced in some countries but the preponderance of lust on the human mind has caused such camps to produce more health harms than benefits in many cases. A better option for a modern human is to find a private space for the same.
"Would you that you could meet the sun and the wind with more of your skin and less of your raiment, for the breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind" Khalil Gibran
May the Sun, the most visible symbol of Gracious Divinity on the planet, bring health and happiness to  readers of this post. To bring more benefits of the sun in your life and to the world, try the 'Sun Inspired Yoga'


There must be a major drive to set up nudist camps at strategic locations all over the country. Government should introduce an "Exposure of vital parts to sunshine" bill in Parliament followed by extensive debates and discussions.Samajwadi party should be invited to tear up the bill in the well of the house. BJP and Congress must then come to some clandestine understanding to support the bill. Congress agrees to give up one vital part to the BJP while Congress retains the other part.The bill must be passed in both houses and sent to the President for his assent. If necessary we should get Anna Hazare to do an "Anshan" in front of Parliament House dressed like a Naga Sadhu. Kejriwal can get his army of cahoots for a mass agitation with brooms and threaten to clean up the system...........
Jokes apart the article makes a lot of sense. Exposing ourselves to morning sun is good for health. The traditional "surya namaskar" ensures that your body is exposed to ultraviolet rays present at sunrise.
ashok said…
Love both your responses Ramu :) This bit about morning sun adds value to the information here.
ashok said…
that should read undressed as a Naga Sadhu or the Digambar Jains. Wonder which vital part Congress gave to the BJP :)
Naga sadhus wear rudraksha beads around their necks and colored strings around their waist - you can call that dress :)
ashok said…
Right on, and a lot of ash too.
I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!
ashok said…
Thanks Jerry. Hope the same for you.
Abdullahel Kafe said…
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