How to avoid Poop and Pee in your food and save money.

Our wonderful planet has a huge variety of delicious and nutritious foods. It is good to feast on this bounty, provided one can afford it. We also have persons like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the Queen, Bankers who play with our money and their minions the one per cent,  who need not worry about the expenses in case a food is expensive. However, for us lesser mortals, there are times in our lives if not all the time, when one has to look at the price label before throwing the packet in the cart.  During my own life, comfortable with the grace of the Almighty for the largest part, there have been occasions when one had to be very careful with expenses. The first was when I was a doctoral student in Canada, the second occasion arose when I had begun working and started a family at the same time.In later life an occasion arose when I built a home with my savings and also had to interrupt my career because of that and other family issues. However, following are three tips that will help any person who is hard up have nutritious food and yet keep the food budget very low

While many basic food ingredients are cheap, processed food is expensive and therefore an attempt must be made to build one’s meal starting with basic ingredients. For example wheat flour is cheap but bread more expensive, milk cheap but cheese more expensive and so on.

The additional benefit is that the food thus prepared is likely to be healthier. One would be sure that there is no poo in the cakes and pee in the soup, and horse meat in the burgers (that actually happened as you would find in older posts). That is unless you care for these other things. Some persons appear to like the flavor it seems including the eminent judges of the Crown's court in London if one went by all the peeing the cook was doing into their midday soups. :) References are provided in the older post for doubting readers. Moreover, perhaps a chemical used to enhance shelf life, taste and look and the onset of cancer and Alzheimer at an early date is also sure to be absent.

Thus prepare your own bread from wheat. If you do not know how to do it you will learn with just a little practice. Wheat is a good source of carbohydrates for most except a few who are allergic to the gluten in it. In the latter case there are a lot of other grass seeds such as rice on the planet that will do the trick. This would take care of your carbohydrate needs. You can easily add potatoes to that for variety if you wish. There are a variety of pasta fresco, leavened and unleavened breads that are consumed in different parts of the world, some exceedingly simple and quick to prepare at home. If readers were interested I can share the recipes in comments or a new post. The practice of purchasing prepared bread dates back to a time when Almighty greed did not prevail upon the land and it cost only a little more to procure prepared bread. However that is not the case anymore on much of our planet.

For proteins skip meat and the evil karma of killing other life. One can get great protein from eggs and milk instead and some fish that you can catch if there is a creek nearby. That is called Lovegan food described in detail in a much older post of this blog. One egg a day or even two if you lead an active life will not line your arteries with cholesterol but give you good health instead as per my experience and understanding. Some are allergic to milk as such but then yoghurt is made very easily at home and does not cause that allergy. We make that everyday in our own. Just ensure the yoghurt is consumed during lunch or before and not later for reasons that are left out for another post. Yoghurt consumed at night seems to sponsor viral attacks such as the common cold. Good fresh cheese called Paneer is made easily at home by adding a table spoon or two of vinegar to a pot of boiling milk. Just strain out the cheese, add a bit of salt and any seasoning you fancy and store in a fridge for up to a week. This kind of unprocessed cheese, because it is made at boiling temperature does not melt on cooking and can thus be added to a pot of stir fried vegetables or spaghetti sauce to increase taste and protein content. The pasta is made easily fresh at home by mixing equal quantities of semolina and wheat flour. One can also consume things like chick peas and black eyed beans but this poses risks of a phart at the wrong time, especially if one does not know how to handle them with the expertise of the Ikerians who are the longest lived humans on the planet - I meant the beans. There is an older post on them and their food habits in this blog.

For vegetable focus on leafy greens like spinach, celery, cabbage, lettuce and wild thing like goosefoot, dandelion and leaves of edible trees. If you have a bit of gardening space it is easy to grow them around your home. Many do in my small urban garden. These vegetables will provide the balance of minerals and things a human needs to remain healthy.

In the end just a bit more expense would be left for things like sugar, some cooking oil and tea. As regards the wine, that is very easily prepared at home and when it is young with live yeast along with their friendly companion bacteria  will colonize your guts into a healthy flower garden (called gut flora). Enjoy,-- the food :)

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Good advise. Eat simple healthy uncomplicated farm fresh foods & stay healthy.

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