Preschool Arithmetic and a New Counting out Nursery Rhyme

One, two, three, four, five, is a popular nursery rhyme and counting-out rhyme. However when it came to Golu my grandson mentioned in some earlier posts of this blog it appeared to be a bit complicated for an under five preschooler. Therefore I decided to create a new simpler one called One, two, three, cat on a tree –  this is how it goes

One, Two, three, Cat on a tree, nursery rhyme

One, Two, Three
Cat on a tree
Four, five, six
Cat in a fix
Seven eight nine
Cat now fine
Zero after one makes ten
Cat climbed the tree again

New Preschool Aritmetic
Feel free to copy the rhyme and use anywhere, if you like. This was only some of the content I gathered to take Golu, my god-grandson up to a count of twelve (so as to cover the clock). Must admit though that I found the task of teaching a preschooler more challenging and in the end more delightful as compared to many engineering students I have taught in three of the finest universities on our planet. To make my attempt available to children everywhere, I have included the matter in a small illustrated book, called New Preschool Arithmetic that is available available at Amazon and elsewhere around the world. The drawing of children on the cover is a modified version of one by Martha Freud, niece of Sigmund Freud. Because of its age it is a public domain image now. In the original image, too big for the book cover, the girls were on a lower story of the house, but in this modified version the house has been reduced to a single story and the girls shifted to a new room there. Very appropriately the naughty cat has now climbed on the roof as originally drawn by Martha.

Elementary School Arithmetic

UPDATE: A set of five books for different age groups of preschoolers and elementary school children based on new age thinking that includes 'New Preschool Arithmetic' and intended to strengthen arithmetic knowledge of elementary school children is described at


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