The Beauty of Coconut

There are two older posts  ( here and here) on coconut in this blog, on the tree and on its health benefits. A great recipe called Mother’s Bounty has also been described. However without mentioning the contribution of coconut to human beauty the information would be incomplete.

Coconut oil is great for adding beauty to human skin and hair. It appears to restore damages to both rather quickly. It tends to solidify in winter but if one takes a spoonful and rubs it in the palms of one’s hands it melts immediately.

The best way to use it for hair is to rub it into the hair and scalp about half an hour before a bath and then wash it off during a bath with a mild soap or shampoo. It will add health to the hair and act as a natural hair conditioner. It may be left on the hair all day too but then a greasy look is not at all fashionable. In India women and men in the province of Kerala use it regularly on hair and the people of this province have the thickest and healthiest of hair in all of Asia, perhaps even the world.

The oil can be rubbed the same way on the face before a bath and it will make the skin healthier and reduce chemical, weather and cosmetic damage in a matter of days while adding a healthy rosy glow to the skin. Many modern chemical cosmetics provide temporary beauty but at times lead to allergy, rashes and unnatural skin tints. Women feel obliged to use these on special occasions but the wise women limits it to just that – just the occasion and wash it off with lots of clean water and just mild bathing soap soon after. However, the use of coconut oil as suggested appears to restore damage in many cases.

The beautifying effect of coconut oil will be enhanced considerably if after rubbing the oil into face, hair and hands you expose it to full direct sunlight for about twenty minutes. However keep your eyes closed or look down so that you do not have to look directly at the sun; that can damage eyesight. In case you are fond of  meditation, if these twenty minutes are spent in mindful breathing and/or mantra meditation an attractive aura will develop around you in a matter of a few weeks (provided your diet is balanced, water pure and the rest of your life is not anti LTS and therefore stressful). Both Mantra meditation and mindful breathing is described in earlier posts of this blog. LTS stands for Love, truth and Simplicity. The only danger in this exercise is that one becomes irresistably sexy and if that leads one to lust the glow shall be lost. Some lusting as a part of romantic love does not damage but lustful indulgence sans love destroys inner and auric attractiveness.
Lust is like the serpent in the board game 'Snakes and Ladder' that sits on square 99 for those on the spiritual or evolving path. After overcoming anger and greed, it is the most daunting challenge, the longest serpent, that created beings have to overcome. It is the apple of the forbidden tree, that causes beings to hide and be ashamed of the clothing the Lord made for them.
The Mother’s bounty Chutney described in the earlier post contains besides coconut some almonds too. Almond oil is another great natural aid for skin but it has to be used very sparingly whereas coconut oil may be used liberally. Almond oil is especially effective in removing dark spots and blemishes. A combination of both may be used on the skin too. A few drops of almonds oil rubbed into the face first followed by a palm full of coconut oil. Do not use almond oil on hair. Coconut oil, especially after heating slightly is great for massage. When cooled it may be used on any part of the body, even lips as a far healthier alternative to petroleum jelly.

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Hari Chand said…
Very informative article...!

The Coconut in the pic is pink, a slightly different variety, as I had witnessed in Port blair...!
ashok said…
Thanks Hari Chand. There must be several varieties of coconut I presume like with other fruits but I have not seen the tree much not having visited warm and humid ocean coasts much.

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