How to sleep like a Baby

Sometimes, some persons, especially aging persons, have difficulty in getting a good night's sleep. Here is what this author has learned about improving the situation. Some of this is widely known and some is not,

  1. Ensure that your daily activities include physical exercise. If not, introduce regular morning or evening walks in your routine
  2. Eat as early as possible in the evening, preferably not much after dusk. Have a home cooked meal prepared from basics to avoid the crap that is being dished out in the market today and described in the earlier posts of this blog. Follow it up with a glass of milk or milk and water, half and half just before, or just after you move to bed, especially if you are a vegetarian. You can add spoon of coco powder to the drink and a spoon of sugar if you are not obese. A pinch of saffron, a pinch of ground green cardamom,  a table spoon of ground almonds may also be added, all of these or just one as a great health tonic.
  3. After dinner in the evenings do not think or discuss the next day’s activities.
  4. You may read a book that is interesting but not too exciting before bed if you like.
  5. Ensure your mattress is comfortable and that your pillows are soft and feathery, neither too fat nor too thin. Use two pillows adjusting their positions for maximum comfort
  6. Counting sheep or reciting a mantra after you have switched off the lights are a great aid

So far all this is widely known. Now here are a couple of more points that are not so well known

  1. Change your bed linen at least once a week to keep dust mites in control. Excessive amounts impede
    Lots of dust mites live on dirty beds and pillows
    sleep, block nasal passageways and disturb sleep. Just changing pillow covers is not enough. The dust mites from the sheets will just climb on. Sun your mattress and uncovered pillows from time to time to reduce the dust mite nests. All this is not a scientifically proved thing but my experience. Prefer single size bed sheets to double size ones even if you sleep in double beds to make their frequent cleaning and drying easier and so that they can be yanked in the air easily to shed off some of the dust mites every day when the bed is made. Always take the sheet off the bed and give it a good yank before spreading it again, rather than just smoothing it on the bed.
  2. Ensure that your head is not in the north. The action of earth’s magnetic field appears to disturb sleep in this direction. South appears to be the best and east may be good for some too. This author does not know fully the effect of a head placed west yet.
  3. Wish the world goodnight and a happy sleep and in case the wrongs of someone trouble you, forgive those who have wronged you or if you cannot, say xxxx  xxx  to them, period and let them go.Your guardian angels shall take care of them as necessary, you do not have to. Thank them for ever protecting you awake or in sleep but only if you believe in the Lord and His angels..

May the Lord fill your life with love and a nice restful sleep every single day of your lives !


keiko amano said…

I've been sleeping well, but my head toward the north. I'll try the south tonight. I might sleep even more and cannot wake up. I'll let you know if it makes the difference.

By the way, I've been eating five almonds a day. I wonder if my brain is getting younger and younger. Smiles.
ashok said…
You do sound very young Keiko and no wonder you looked like that in the wedding photos. You have been mentioned in another post of this blog - Beauty and Evolution

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