Off on a trip again

It has just turned warm here in Jaipur and the cool mountains of Himalayas are calling once again. There is a direct and comfortable train from here to the foothills and over there in Kathgodam there are kind and enthusiastic associates and friends waiting to pick me up and ferry me deeper into the hills. Internet access would be sporadic and intermittent while I am up there although I would try and check the emails every now and then. It is good to get away. In case you are a regular visitor to this blog and miss my presence, I shall be back. In the meantime you will find a lot of older posts to read in this blog.


Rebb said…
Sounds like a nice trip, Ashok. Those mountains look glorious.

Have a safe and happy trip. : )
ashok said…
Thanks Rebb. Appreciate your nice wishes.

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