The sparrows are back

Sparrow by  Laitche

My home is more than two and a half decades old. I built it in bits as and when I got time off from work in other cities but right from the start I began planting trees around the boundary. Some became too large with the years and had to be removed. They were put to good use. Seasoned and converted into furniture around the home as it expanded. However, the most delightful aspect of the trees was that neighbors too loved the idea and planted more and a variety of birds moved in to nest in them. Their tweets delight the soul all day, beginning well before dawn. A few like crows were irritating but thankfully, they are not visiting the area now and there was that naughty kingfisher that ate all my lovely little fish in a tiny cemented pond in the garden. I stopped keeping ornamental fish since and keep the pond dry most of the year. In monsoons its is used to collect rain water.

Unfortunately, a few years ago I had to remove a large bougainvillea bush that had become much too unwieldy for a small garden and was butting into overhead electric lines. Sadly a lot of sparrows that had made a home in it had to move. Over the five years since, a lot of birds have visited my garden but there was not a sparrow in sight. I was sad because of all the birds, a sparrow had become my first friend in this home and I had learnt to communicate with them. See this older post about it.

I think they were angry with me for having removed their home. I was sorry about it but it was unavoidable. However, today morning to my delight a pair of sparrows returned. They merrily munched away on some of the food I put out for birds in the garden, hopped and danced around me before carrying some food away in their beaks. They must have babies nearby. At last they have forgiven me. Praise the Lord.

Hopefully, next time I make a video recording of some of the birds, the sparrows would join in the orchestra too. here is an older one, without them,

UPDATE May 6th 2018

Yesterday, I woke up very early and recorded a minute or so of bird songs. It was still dark at first, just around the break of dawn, and I could not see if the sparrows joined in, but I think there soft tweets may have contributed to the background jingling sound. They are still only a few, if they become a large flock, they can make quite a racket and it becomes more of rock music than a symphony, but oh well! We shall leave it as always to the wisdom of the Universe.


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