The Blue Rose, A symbol of Divine Love

Blue Rose in light shades of the sky

The present blog is devoted to spirituality as well as many other things connected to the fundamental quality of life and environment we live in. It became voluminous over its life of a decade or so. More recently, while looking for a simple image for my new blog devoted exclusively to spirituality, I looked for a simple symbol that might represent divine love. My mind went to a rose, however through long tradition different meanings have already been assigned to different rose colors. There is an older blog post on that. The pink or blue lotus came to mind but these have already developed associations with existing religious spirituality which my new blog was not. It is based on many religions, not just one, and science as well which has been my profession through much of my life. Therefore what was better than seeking help of science or technology for the new symbol and thus I arrived at the sky blue rose as the symbol of divine love based not just on religions but also science besides direct experience gathered from across the globe and remote Himalayan retreats. Blue roses have been portrayed in literature and art earlier as symbols of love, prosperity, or immortality. Modern plant breeding does not seem to have produced a true sky blue rose yet, at least on earth. Elsewhere in the universe, in planets with a more heavenly atmosphere, such roses must indeed exist as intuition suggests.

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The Sky Blue Rose, a symbol of Divine Love


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